This week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, “This is Why We Fight,” did not shy away from the usual suspense and drama we're used to. Between the secretive meetings, heartwarming moments or the huge gift to the hospital, the doctors of Seattle Grace Mercy West spent most of this episode preparing for their futures as well as the hospital they call home.

Meredith visits Cristina at her old house, reassuring her that once Owen realizes what the group is doing everything is going to be alright. Alex walks in and tells the two he knows something is going on because the nurses walked out, too. Before Cristina has the chance to offer Alex an explanation, Meredith stops her, causing Alex to angrily walk off.

You know things are bad at Seattle Grace when even Bailey wants to jump ship. Owen is stunned to see Bailey wearing a suit, preparing for potential job interviews. He assures her she can’t leave since she’s the “heart of the hospital.” He better be right or else she’ll come after him. Her words, not mine.

Jackson unexpectedly runs into Richard and his mother, Catherine, in the hospital. Once Catherine found out about the state of the hospital she thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get Jackson to come back to Boston to run the Harper Avery Foundation. Jackson insists he wants to stay. This is his new home. Richard backs Jackson up and tells Katherine that they need to slow down and wait to see what happens.

Jo is once again on Alex’s service, but this time it’s not as pleasant. Jo realizes that Alex seems to be annoyed with her ever since he learned about her date with Chest Peckwell. Alex insists he can careless about her and “her new boyfriend,” but it’s obvious that his emotions are getting the best of him. The two work on a 6-year-old patient to remove his tumor, nicknamed Phil.

While panic spreads throughout Seattle Grace, the plane crash victims meet at Crest Capital, hoping to find an investor to help them buy the hospital. While in the waiting room, Meredith calls her intern, Heather “Mousey” Brooks. Although she’s no longer a doctor at the hospital, she wants to be informed about her patients. Bailey and Brooks assist one of Meredith’s former patients, a woman in a coma who probably will not wake up again.

The group speaks at Crest Capital. After an elaborate speech by Derek & company, the young company executive in front of them responds to their proposal with “Neat.” Neat, that’s all. It turns out he was just the first of many interviews ahead for the team. As they wait outside, Meredith takes a call from Brooks and suggests an artery rebuild article to help with Bailey’s patient. Outside, the group’s financial advisor, Stan, gets a call that the group has a follow up meeting.

The group presents for the second time to more professional executives who seem to care more about the numbers than the vision of their plan. After the executives review the group’s portfolio, one executive runs it by Julian Crest via text, who agrees to meet with them this afternoon before he heads off to Dubai.

Owen finds Dr. Cahill, who steps out of a meeting between the hospital board and Pegasus to inform Owen that she secured a deal that will happen tomorrow. It’s either Dr. Cahill’s really, really good at her job or something isn’t quite right. Unfortunately, she failed to disclose that the hospital was only sold to liquidate its assets.

Jackson and Stephanie discuss what his future holds if the hospital were to close. Although his mother wants him to go to Boston, Jackson doesn’t want to leave. After he learns Owen cancelled his surgery, along with all other non emergent surgeries, Jackson utters “Maybe my mom has a point.”

April works with Owen and Shane to treat a patient. The docs have cleared out the patient’s scar tissue, but it seems like they’re just making things worse. Owen reassures the patient they’ll try something new today that “will work.”

After his strange encounter with his mother, Jackson finds Richard in surgery to discuss what led that discussion on. Richard tells Jackson he has a feeling something is going on behind the scenes ever since he found Meredith, Derek, Callie, Arizona and Cristina hidden away in a room together. Although he wasn’t able to get any information out of the group, he became suspicious. “They slammed the door in my face like I was Diane Keaton at the end of The Godfather.” An hour later, the group resigned. Seems that his gut feeling was right!

Pegasus is, in fact, buying Seattle Grace. It turns out they just want the parts, nothing else, not even the staff. A woman from the board tells Cahill she never imagined a deal would get done but the board will meet in an hour. Cahill informs the board member that Owen knows about the sale, but nothing about the specifics behind it. She's waiting for the right time. As the two walk inside, we see Brooks was outside and overheard the whole conversation. Brooks calls Meredith, who’s preparing for the group’s meeting with Mr. Crest in two hours, to tell them that the liquidation of the hospital is happening – today! Meredith tells Stan to give them as much information as possible so that the group knows everything possible before their big meeting.

Brooks tells Bailey about the conversation between Dr. Cahill and the board member. A confused Bailey insists that although she called Seattle Grace a sinking ship earlier, she never thought it would actually sink. Although Bailey tells Brooks to keep her mouth shut about this, she continues to tell all the interns. When Jackson, Webber and Karev see the interns babbling about something, they head over and overhear Brooks. Richard: “Don’t say anything about what?” Busted.