Grey's Anatomy returned from its winter hiatus this week, picking right back up with Ben patiently waiting for a nonexistent Bailey at the alter. To Ben’s surprise, Bailey is still at the hospital, franticly trying to fix Adele's aneurism. Leah, one of the new interns, asks Bailey if she should call Ben for her. Bailey insists that she didn't forget about the wedding, if that’s what she’s thinking. Leah runs off to call Ben.

Elsewhere, Cristina and Owen are laying together after their make up session, discussing their future. "Maybe everything will be fine," says Cristina. Owen slams that idea down, insisting he doesn't want to talk about things right now. Before Cristina can respond to that, Owen is saved by the bell (in this case, a page). Cristina insists she doesn’t feel like going to a wedding, especially if she’s going to be signing divorce papers. That problem is solved when a biker gang rides up to Seattle Grace Mercy West. Owen informs Cristina it might be best for her to stay.

Ben calmly informs their guests that Bailey got pulled into a surgery so the reception may be delayed a while. He insists that everyone should go eat and drink in the meantime. At the bridesmaids table, Callie tells Arizona and Meredith she’s the worst maid of honor, ever. She offers to go back to check on Bailey, but Meredith offers to go instead.

Arizona approaches Callie, who’s raving over the mac & cheese cupcakes on the buffet line. Arizona explains she got a room for the pair, but she’s not tired. When Callie finally understands what Arizona means, she puts her food back in the buffet trays only to pick it back up in case the two work up an appetite. When the two head upstairs, they realize they’re both extremely nervous. Arizona asks Callie to go into the bathroom so she can get settled into bed. While Callie waits in the bathroom, she calls Derek to “check on his vitals.” Instead, she squeals that she’s finally going to have sex for the first time in months. Derek awkwardly tells Callie he’s going to hang up. She walks out to find Arizona sitting on the bed, pleading with Callie not to be mad, since she’s not ready yet. Callie instead orders room service – to get some champagne for their mac & cheese cupcakes. “Callie, please don’t run,” says Arizona as the two watch TV. Callie recounts how Arizona never left her side after the car accident and vows she won’t leave hers.

Meredith walks into the hospital to find a distraught Richard, who’s yelling at the nursing home representative. Richard practically attacks the man when he tells informs Richard he never comes to visit Adele. Meredith tells Richard they need him in OR 2 while she gets the nursing home representative out. She then checks back in on Richard, asking if this is the reason Bailey isn’t at her wedding.

Back at the reception, interns Jo, Stephanie and Shane are huddled around their table, keeping their distance from their dates. Jo catches Stephanie eyeing down Jackson (Can you blame her?), explaining that she needs to stay away or else she’ll be just like the other interns. Shane said it best: “Interns are like sexual cat nip at this hospital.” The six are paged to the hospital, but Jo is forced to stay behind because she’s been drinking. Alex stays with Jo and buys them another round of drinks. Alex and Jo continue to go back and forth, playing the who’s had it worse game. We later see Jo at the bar crying after Alex called her a “garbage eater.” Jo lifts her head up laughing, explaining that she was just pretending to be crying. According to Jo, people only get freaked out when men cry, not women. Later she makes Alex prove that point when the two fake a fight at the hotel’s reception desk. Alex starts to fake cry to the receptionist, who falls for it and gives them keys to another guest’s room. The two run off laughing.

Back in the OR, Meredith tells Bailey she will assist her with Adele, who’s already on the table. April, Shane, Jackson and Stephanie arrive to the ER and begin to help out the bike crash victims. Owen is called over to restrain a woman from the biker gang who goes by the name of Gasoline, insisting that the doctors are just trying to do their jobs. She eventually backs down, allowing the doctors to check her out. The doctors split up: Jackson takes Stephanie on his service and April takes Shane, proclaiming to Jackson “Shane’s my guy.”

Bailey and Meredith continue to work on Adele as Richard watches in the gallery. Meredith asks Leah to go up and comfort him during the surgery. Richard tells Leah that someone should have been there with Adele, paying attention to her. When Meredith and Bailey look to Richard because they’ve run out of options, he shouts an idea down to save Adele’s life. Soon after, they realize Richard’s fix may have saved Adele’s life.

Shane and Stephanie are both struggling to deal with Jackson and April. Shane is convinced that April is putting the moves on him, especially after she assists him with his stitches on a patient in the ER. When April grabs his hands to teach him, he can’t help but awkwardly look away. After Stephanie examines and compliments Jackson’s technique, which he learned from Mark, she receives the opportunity to work on his patient. The two bashfully gaze each other down until Owen walks in, interrupting their moment. (Awkward!) He then realizes what he was doing and assures himself he needs to stop. “You’re not gross, you’re not Karev.” Good advice, Jackson.

When Cristina tells Gasoline she has fluid around her heart, the woman informs her that she doesn’t want surgery. “I can’t be out of commission when my boys need me,” she says. Gasoline continues to ask about Stewart, demanding that if she gets the chance to see him she will let them operate. Cristina walks outside to find Owen in the hallway. When the two discuss Gasoline, Owen realizes that she might be after Stewart and immediately pages security. They run to her bed to find no sign of her or her posse. Cristina and Owen find her by the elevator, demanding to see Stewart. Before she has the chance to do anything, she faints on the ground. Owen continues to ask about Stewart’s relationship to the group and learns he started out as the group’s accountant, stayed with them and eventually became part of the family. When Gasoline finally gets to see Stewart, she gives him his decal, making him an official member of their crew.

Bailey tells Richard, who’s in the recovery wing with Adele, that he saved Adele’s life. He tells Bailey to go to her wedding. When Adele wakes up, she begs Richard to stay with her. Meredith finds Derek and gets in his bed with him, asking him to promise not to put her in a home if she gets Alzheimer’s. “I promise,” says Derek. As Bailey rushes out to get to her wedding, she runs into Ben in the hallway. He assures her she needs to calm down, even after she explains she forgot about him while she was treating Adele. She explains the situation and confesses that her ambition killed her last marriage. Ben assures her he understands because he’s in the same field. “Do you love me?” Bailey: “More than I can hold in my heart.” The two eventually make it to their wedding and tie the knot.

Callie and Arizona sneak back into the reception, but Bailey catches them, yelling that she hopes whatever they were doing in the meantime was worth it. Outside, Avery tells Stephanie they arrived too late and missed the ceremony. The two vow they can’t sleep with each other. Once they clear that issue up, the two break the rules and hook up in the car.

Cristina finds Owen, who’s sitting with the divorce papers on the table in front of him. Cristina explains they don’t have to sign them right now since it may be better for them to take some time to think about this. “I’m done thinking about this Cristina. We shouldn’t have gotten married in the first place.” He insists that all the two do is tear each other apart (He’s got a point.). After signing the papers, the two cry, but kiss after.

While Jackson and Stephanie are enjoying each other’s company, Shane is fighting off the awkward tension with April, telling her that he’s worked too hard to get here and has to decline her passes. April is mortified to learn that Shane misinterpreted her intentions. “I was just being nice!” Shane ensures her the situation is cleared up. (But is it? Awkward.) Elsewhere, Alex and Jo made their way up to the hotel room, but it’s not what you think. As the two are raving over the room’s amenities, the room’s original guest comes in but quickly leaves after Jo throws something at him.

To everyone’s surprise, Richard shows up at the ceremony. Bailey is thrilled, but asks how Adele is. Before he has a chance to respond, Bailey and Ben are called up for their first dance. When Bailey scoots away, Meredith comes over. She quickly realizes that Adele passed away and asks when it happened. She passed away earlier from a heart attack. The two tear up but Richard insists they did everything right. As Richard watches Bailey and Ben during their first dance, he flashes back to his first dance with Adele at their wedding.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Did you have a feeling Adele was going to get the axe? Do you think there’s still hope for Cristina and Owen? Sound off below.