Drum roll please! After much ado and several sneak peaks, one of the most anticipated (and overly hyped) episodes of the season aired this week. ‘If/Then’ was the making of Meredith’s imagination as she laid down to sleep pondering life’s choices. ‘What if one little thing I said or did, could have make it all fall apart?’ she wonders. 

In Meredith’s twilight zone, her mother Ellis is still alive (and Chief for that matter) and Richard is her father. Alex is her fiance (and a preppy Chief resident), Christina is her arch enemy and of course, Addison is back. This time she is still married to Derek and finally pregnant. (Side note: Shonda Rhimes, we get it. You have a lady crush on Kate Walsh, the rest of us do not. See ratings for ‘Private Practice.’)  April, is Mer’s ‘person’ and Dr. Webber is hospital counselor (and father of the year) attending to everyone’s emotional wounds, mostly inflicted by his wife, Chief Ellis Grey. 

Most of the other residents and interns were on hand as well, with a few exceptions. Callie is straight, head of Cardio and married to Owen. Lexie is a drug addict who O.D.’s several times before being saved by Mark and of course, Meredith. Teddy, gets a brief mention as a military friend who is helping Owen with his P.T.S.D. Arizona is herself: a feisty Pediatric surgeon fighting for her patients health, sans Callie.  The highlight of the ‘ bizzaro world’ Seattle Grace, was Mandy. Most of you know her as Dr. Bailey.  Shy, soft spoken and resident push over, Mandy is not the Bailey we know, but definitely one we still love.  Also, she has corn rows and wears glasses. Adorable.

At around the fifteen mark the M.D’s start to unravel. Addison and Derek have a blow out post surgery over their loveless marriage. Turns out she still cheated on Derek with Mark and Jerry, he is not the father! Christina and Owen have a special connection. Callie gets a twinkle in her eye every time Arizona is in the room and Alex gives April a special examination in his office. You never let us down Alex. Mandy gets fired by Dr. Webber for embarrassing the Chief during a press conference surgery. What? This is Ellis Grey, she has surgeries with the Press in the gallery. 

The big surprise: Charles is back. If you are saying who, do not bother to look it up. He does not make a huge impact on this episode (or the show for that matter). Sorry Shonda, I would have gone with Izzy as a special guest.

Besides Mandy, Ellis (Kate Burton) was the true highlight of the episode. While she was a tryant, and a bit of a bully, her acting is superb and addicting.

In the end, we learn some things will always be. Meredith still has mommy issues: ‘She wants everyone around her to be ordinary, so she can be extraordinary. She wants everyone around her to be small and I’m not going to let her do that to me,’  Meredith says to her father, Richard. Mandy drops the braids and becomes Miranda, fearless in the face of job loss. After outing Alex’s infidelity, Christina and Mer end up at the bar sharing tequila (circa season one) and becoming each other’s ‘person’ again. Of course, no episode is complete without some good ole fashioned romance. After learning of Addison and Mark, ‘McDeary,’ ‘bizarro’ McDreamy, is just a guy in a bar across from Mer, who is just a girl in a bar. Sound familiar?

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursday’s at 9pm on ABC.