After a week long hiatus, our favorite doctors are back with a bang. Well, more like a roar. The episode begins with a free roaming lion, who turns out to be a pet of one an incoming patient. Yes, pet. Then, attentions quickly turn to the gaping emotional wounds left by Henry’s passing and Owen’s infidelity. 

Stricken by grief, Teddy and Christina throw their focus into building new hearts as part of their stem-cell heart research. After strong avoidance of personal issues, Teddy is forced to confront her denial when the wife of a patient dies. Meanwhile, Christina has a breakthrough of her own via tossing cereal into Owen’s face. This incident marks her first contact with him since the admission of his affair. 

In the pediatric wing, Intern Morgan becomes more and more dependent on Alex. Noticing this, Alex decides to turn on his “cold charm” and begins to ice her out, asking for Keptner to replace him on the case. Sadly, the preemie baby takes a turn for the worse and Morgan is left to make a decision on how to proceed. Initially, she seeks Alex’s advice, but when she is shut out, Morgan gives Robbins the go-ahead to proceed with elevated surgery. While Alex feels horrible, it is agreed he made the right decision.

On the left side of the lion’s paw, Lexie discovers Mark is contemplating asking Julia to move in with him. Despite Derek offering her the lead in a major surgery, Lexie is focused on her former love. After refusing to discuss the topic, Derek tells Lexie he will not interfere in the situation and that she should make sure she wants him for love and not for jealousy. Lexie ultimately concludes to say nothing.

In lighter topics, Callie begins to wonder about Arizona’s past loves when a nurse who is moving gives a Arizona an extended hug. After repeated questioning, Robbins gives up the goods and names names. For the rest of the episode, Callie has tunnel-vision and is completely distracted. Finally, its uncle Mark to the rescue when he reminds her how awful it must be to see the Sloan-Torres love baby everyday. Callie then realizes how much Robbins loves her and all happiness is restored with some good ‘ole fashioned make up sex.

More of a lead-up episode than a dramatic classic Greys. I foresee next week as much more enticing.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9PM on ABC