Dr. Cahill believes Alex and Jackson are both strong candidates to be the new face of the hospital, so she assigns PR representatives to follow them for the day. Although the two are competing against each other, they successfully operate on a patient who wants to remove her breasts.  Interns Stephanie and Jo spend most of their day as prospective cheerleaders for their guys, resulting in continuous mocking from the other doctors. Alex insists nothing romantic is going on between him and Jo, but his fellow roommate, Cristina, tends to disagree. She explains to the group that Alex and Jo are “canines in heat.” I mean, they do bark and howl together…

The doctors learn that Dr. Cahill and Owen have invited prospective buyers from Pegasus Horizons to the hospital for a walkthrough. After reading up on the company, who’s slogan is “Racing to a Brighter Tomorrow” (gag), Callie and Richard decide to take a road trip to Portland to visit one of the hospitals owned by Pegasus. Upon arrival, the two pose as Julio and Calliope Plantain, a couple seeking medical attention. After a brief meeting with a doctor, Callie and Richard were shocked and saddened to learn that doctors only have a fifteen-minute window to examine their patients. In addition, the doctors rely heavily on technology, including tablets that constantly freeze or act up. Uh oh.

After breaking free as "patients," the two pose as representatives from Pegasus, asking the doctors from Portland General for their feedback. Callie and Richard are heartbroken to find out the doctors are unhappy with their jobs and everything is run using technology. One doctor in particular, who recognizes Callie, asks if there is an available Ortho opening at her hospital. After seeing the demise by Pegasus at Portland General, Richard tells Callie he's considering taking his early retirement package, inspiring Callie to stop this mess before it starts.

April spends her lunch break with her new hunky paramedic friend in the squad car until the date gets interrupted by a 911 call. She decides to play hooky for the day and rides along with the paramedics, who were dispatched to a nearby hit and run victim. The 10-year-old boy needs medical attention fast, but as fate would have it the closest available trauma center is now an hour away. April decides to call Jackson for help. When Owen and Dr. Cahill refuse to take the patient, Jackson takes matters into his own hands - literally - and opens the ER for April.

Jackson recruits a handful of interns to guard the doors while Meredith, Cristina and Alex work on the patient. The three would know how to run an unauthorized procedure, given their experience with Denny Duquette during their intern years. Derek saves the day by providing the doctors with the necessary medications and deterring the potential buyers away from the abandoned ER. Yes, that’s right, when Derek finds out that Dr. Cahill plans to bring the buyers down to the soon to be “hernia clinic,” (the former ER) he tries to distract the suits. After Derek buys more time with group, Dr. Cahill steers the prospects back towards their original agenda – the “hernia clinic” visit. Once downstairs, Derek is amazed to find that the doctors made it out of their makeshift ER in time. Not so fast! On the way out, Dr. Cahill notices fresh blood near her shoe. Somebody’s got some explaining to do!

Dr. Cahill and Owen prepare to interview the doctors about their involvement in the rogue surgery. Although the doctors managed to save a life, they broke the rules. Before Dr. Cahill and Owen have a chance to get to the bottom of things, Alex and Jackson admit that although they were involved, they saved a life. After the confession, Owen lets them leave, irritating Dr. Cahill. She unloads her anger out on Derek, explaining that things like this will close the hospital for good. But, she couldn’t be too angry at Derek, considering he was selected to be the new face of the hospital.

The day ends with clarity for most of the doctors. After her chaotic day at Portland General, Callie assembles most of the plane crash victims and proposes they buy back the hospital. Meredith tells Alex that Jo “kicked ass” today, delivering her subtle sign of approval. Jo later steals Alex away and gives him a box of his favorite donuts, causing Alex to see her in a different light and April shares her first kiss with the paramedic right in front of Jackson. Seems like there are lots of big changes in store for our favorite docs.

Do you think the plane crash victims will buy back the hospital? Do you want Alex and Jo to finally get together? What do you think will happen to Seattle Grace Mercy West? Sound off below!