This week's "The End is the Beginning is the End" episode marked a significant day for our beloved Seattle Grace Mercy West-ers. "The big day is here," we're told during Meredith's introductory voiceover. In the beginning of the episode the plane crash victims are dealt their lawsuit verdict and we learn that Meredith successfully made it past her first trimester, but the biggest question remains - What will happen to Seattle Grace?

Derek and Meredith establish that today is a big day: the judge can now potentially make a decision and Meredith can finally share her big news with Cristina. Later that day at the hospital, Cristina snags some rejected cookies meant for Richard, sent to him by Catherine Avery. Cristina calls April out when she asks about Jackson, insisting she's still not over him and explains to her that her life is currently "All about the cookie." When Meredith asks if Cristina's whole life is about the cookie, she says she doesn't know what's going on between her and Owen, but things are so much more fun now that they're not married. (Twisted, but I guess that's why you can call them the Twisted Sisters.) Cristina asks if there's something that Meredith wants to tell her. She declines, but it's obvious that Cristina knows Meredith is hiding something.

Derek and Owen have an awkward encounter on the elevator. Owen: "I heard there might be a judgment today, I hope it works out for you." Derek denies he feels that way, explaining that if it does goes their way the hospital is liable, along with Owen.

Alex and Cristina, currently rooming together in Meredith's old house, talk about their current relationships. Cristina teases Alex about the awkward situation in the house that morning - Owen feeling Jo up, thinking it was Cristina. He confesses he doesn't understand what's going on between him and Jo: she's hot, around a lot, but he's not into her like that. Alex calls Cristina "a messed up broad" as she describes Owen sneaking in and out of the house, even though the pair are divorced.

Jackson walks in on the interns discussing Jo's awkward encounter with Owen earlier that morning. He unenthusiastically allows Stephanie to join him on his service today with Leah while Shane runs off to assist Derek, Jo tends to post-ops with Cristina and Heather remains on Meredith's service. In the hallway, we see that was just an act by Jackson and Stephanie. The two are still sleeping together but it's something they'd like to keep a secret.

Callie enlists Shane for Derek's physical therapy, consisting of ping-pong. Derek and Shane begin a competitive match while Derek's phone continues to ring off the hook. After several missed calls, Arizona walks in to stop the game - the lawyer needs the plane crash victims at the courthouse immediately. Callie rushes out of surgery to find Arizona, Derek, Meredith and Cristina after the ruling. The hospital was ruled negligent, therefore the victims are awarded $15 million - each. Pending an appeal, the insurance company will issue the victims a check, but nobody seems too enthusiastic about the reward. As everyone packs up to head back to the hospital, Callie proposes that they go out for a fancy dinner to "celebrate."

Bailey treats a married couple after a home stripper pole accident goes wrong. The woman fell off of the pole in her house that was recently installed to spice up her sex life. As if that wasn't enough, it turns out the woman also vajazzled her vajayjay. Bailey considered this to be foolish and idiodic, wondering if anyone just had "regular old sex" anymore. Later, Bailey admits to Callie she only had sex once on her honeymoon after a beach rendezvous with Ben went horribly wrong. The problem: Sand fleas, infections and irritations - TMI?

After the court's ruling, Derek, Meredith and Cristina are in the elevator with Alex in the background. The three continue to spout fictional plans about what they're going to do with their award money, proposing to buy houses with huge yards or even football teams to play on them. Cristina: "Mo money mo problems." Karev, who seemed to have enough, said: "I shoulda been on that damn plane." Sure, he didn't mean it exactly the way he said it, but nobody really wants to hear people discuss what to blow their $15 million checks on.

Jackson takes on one of Mark's former patients, James, who needs facial reconstruction surgery. After assessing his new patient, he goes against Mark's plan and decides to go with a more cutting edge procedure. Arizona and Derek advise Jackson to stick with Mark's plan. Avery later walks in on his patient with his girlfriend. Once she leaves, James explains that Mark helped him gain confidence to develop his own moves to get the ladies. Jackson knows deep down James deserves to have the better surgery.

As Meredith, Cristina and Derek walk to the nurses' station, Meredith is immediately met by her intern Heather, who needs her assistance with a 19-year-old patient. The patient has a large mass on her stomach, but insists she's not pregnant. Meredith: "Everybody always says that then they always end up pregnant." Cristina shoots Meredith a suspicious look behind her back before she goes to assist Leah. Cristina: "Yeah you know, that's really a problem, people claiming not to be pregnant when they really are." Cristina shoots a look at Derek, who's shocked to learn Cristina knows about Meredith's pregnancy. Apparently Cristina noticed that "her [Meredith's] boobs got huge about two weeks ago and she's eating everything in sight." Cristina insists Meredith didn't tell her, but she knows... and Meredith knows that she knows. Regardless, Cristina congratulates Derek and insists that Meredith will tell her when she's ready to be happy about it.

Cristina and Owen meet in an empty on-call room. The two discuss the judgment - Cristina admits it "hasn't really sunk in yet." She invites Owen along to Callie's dinner, but he declines, knowing Derek doesn't want him there. Owen confesses he's partially to blame for this mess. Before Cristina has a chance to respond, Owen kisses her, encouraging her to just live in the moment.

Meredith finds Richard, who's stashed himself away in a room Adele called his "Hall of Horrors," filled with medical objects collected from his past patients. Meredith asks Richard to scrub in with her on her 19-year-old patient with the large, unknown mass. Richard, who hasn't operated in a month since Adele died, declines, stating he's busy. Meredith respects his wishes and leaves him alone, but insists she's worried about him.

Alex and Jo decide to bet on Derek and Shane's match. Callie interrupts the game to tell them to take it down a notch, since it's only a game to strengthen Derek's wrist. As she walks out, she tells Derek to respond to her e-mail about the dinner tonight because if he goes, everyone else will. Alex informs Jo about the ruling of the case. Cristina takes Shane's spot in ping-pong to talk to Derek about Owen. He needs to let go of his grudge against him. Cristina reminds him that they won and everyone just needs to move on.

After Cristina leaves, Derek and Shane continue to play ping-pong. When Derek wins yet again, he catches on, realizing Shane is letting him win. Shane admits Derek's suspicions are true, explaining that beating him would not be smart on a professional level. Derek makes it more interesting and puts a surgery on the line, bringing out Shane's competitive side. A crowd gathers outside to watch the remainder of Derek and Shane's game. Alex finds Jo in the crowd, who informs him that it's game point. Shane wins, but Derek continues to challenge him to additional games.

Catherine comes to visit Richard at the hospital. She knows he hasn't been operating and tells him she's worried about him. Richard: "You're not my wife. My wife died." Although Catherine just wants to offer her support, Richard shuts her down. He feels guilty that he was involved with her while Adele was sick. After yelling at Catherine that he doesn't want her here, he leaves to join Meredith in surgery. In the OR, Meredith, Richard and Heather realize the patient's mass is a hairball. It turns out that their patient suffers from a disorder and the patient's mother was too blind to even realize something was wrong.

After Meredith and Richard's surgery, she finds him back in the "Hall of Horrors" room. Richard explains to Meredith that he has to throw everything into medical waste because it reminds him of all his failures with Adele. He switches over to the judgment ruling, reassuring Meredith she must be happy about the outcome. Meredith insists the $15 million is just "blood money" since her sister is dead.

Callie, Arizona, Meredith, Derek and Cristina all go out for their fancy "celebratory" dinner. Callie proposes a toast for everyone's recent victories: Arizona stood for five hours, Derek played ping-pong with his recovering hand and Cristina's trying to make it work with Owen. "Don't you see that, we're all trying," said Callie. "I miss Mark and Lexie and I'm heartbroken that they're not here tonight but I'm also grateful that all of you are and I'm going to celebrate that." As the five are about to toast, Callie insists that Meredith must have the celebratory champagne. Meredith insists she can't have any because she's pregnant. Cristina was right, Meredith would share the news when she was ready to be happy about it. This was the perfect moment for the big news.

Richard later meets Catherine, explaining he should've been there for Adele. Catherine says he shouldn't have to grieve alone. She wants to be there for him, that's all.

Jackson decides to go back to his original readvancement plan, going against Arizona and Derek's wishes. It turns out his surgery goes great. As Stephanie and Leah watch Jackson deliver the good news, Leah accuses Stephanie of sleeping with him. Stephanie asks how Leah knew: "I didn't, but now I do." Jackson walks over to April and informs him he's sleeping with Stephanie. He wanted to tell her before she found out about it from somebody else. A sad April tells Jackson she misses him and just wants to kiss him, but she can't. In fact, they can't be friends.

At the end of the episode, Jo buys Alex a couch with her reward money, along with some beer. Alex is confused about Jo's intentions. She quickly shuts him down, insisting that he's "like a brother" and the two "drink beer and hang out." He admits he never had a girl who wanted to just be friends. Back at the celebratory dinner, Derek tells Owen to come by for a drink. They're moving on. Cristina explains everyone is moving forward - and the restaurant's bathroom is locked. He declines, but tells her to have fun. Instead, Owen heads back to the hospital's conference room where he learns there's a loophole with the insurance company. No more than two attendings were allowed on a mini plane, so now the hospital is left to foot the payout. The hospital doesn't have the $60 million to pay for this, therefore the hospital will be forced to shut its doors. "Enjoy the time you have before the news comes. Yep, ignorance is bliss." Right on, Meredith.

What did you think of this week's episode? Do you think Seattle Grace will really close its doors? What was your favorite part of the episode?