On the latest episode of "Grey's Anatomy" Bailey's got her little kid in the hospital, and he is adorable. Meredith is with her therapist talking about Derek's tongue, which comes off just sounding creepy. The therapist suggests accepting reality as a way to deal with her feelings. They have to deal with another clinical study patient, a soldier with a tumor. The solidier is there with his father and commanding officer, and who shows up but another soldier who happens to be a "friend" of tumor soldier. I think we all know where this storyline will go.

Bailey finds Mark in one of the closets getting his groove on with Callie. Bailey tries to get Mark a new nurse for his surgery, and we'll find out why in a few minutes. Christina sees a nice article on the bulletin board about Burke. No, it isn't a "Have you seen me" ad. He won some kind of award.

Alex wants Eva to move into the frat house for the week. Izzie sees it as a bad idea, and Alex doesn't listen.

Hahn yells at Christina who is obviously distant due to Burke news. Hahn sends her to the morgue and shows the rest of the doctors a woman in a bubble who needs a heart.

No nurses will work with Mark anymore, and they've sent their union rep over to talk to him about it. Wouldn't you know it, the rep happens to be Adel. She institutes a "date and tell" policy at the hospital, which I'm sure will lead to hilarious results.

Christina and Lexi are in the morgue, and Yang starts singing "Like a Virgin" as she opens cadavers. Lexi is clearly uncomfortable until she tries to join in. It does not go well. The Chief and Adel have a little go round about each of them wanting to change. The Chief seeks out George and turns him into his own personal intern. Poor George is back to having the deer in headlights look he had during the first season.

Derek and Meredith are talking about surgery but saying so much more with their eyes. She's saying, "Why won't you love me again?" while he is saying, "Made of Honor bombed at the box office." Alex tells the heart woman's kids that their mom will be dead for a few minutes, and they flip out. Heart woman tells him he'll know more about kids when he has one.

Izzie wants to tell Alex that Eva isn't pregnant, but Bailey won't let her, and George is going around making everyone fill out a form listing everyone they've slept with. Hahn is mad at Burke and says it's because she doesn't have a penis. She's still pining for Callie and gets pissed when Mark reveals that they're a bit closer than friends.

Meredith witnesses the clearly more-than-friends soldiers talking about how they love each other and watches them doing some serious making out. She thinks it is adorable, but the dad walks in and doesn't agree. He throws the boyfriend out while his son tries to hold back tears. Yeah, way to go to commercial break on a downer.

Mark appeals to Rose to get the nurses not to hate him. He then disses are about not sleeping with Derek because she's afraid he won't want her. Mer's patient talks to her about how his boyfriend, whose name I learn is Todd, should just forget about him. Meredith is really understanding especially when he talks about how he can't bring his relationship to work. Meredith tells him she understands that it is hard, and he says, "The gay part or the tumor part?" She responds ",The whole part." I love Meredith.

George keeps trying to get everyone's forms and has to remind Alex that he forgot he had sex with Lexi. She is less than thrilled about this. Meredith seeks out Christina and talks over her singing about how Christina will eventually win an award and then one ups her messed up life revealing she's in therapy.

Bailey is exempt from the form filling out and is not happy about it. Hahn puts Alex on babysitting duty to teach him about families. Meredith tries to give the soldier a moment with Todd before his surgery, but his father is still being an ass and the soldier just tells them to keep him moving. I think commercial breaks only occur when soldiers get teary eyed.

Hahn is waiting outside for the donor heart and shares her Burke hate with Christina. Yang remains silent, and Hahn takes that to mean they should take the high road and not trash Burke. I want Hahn to win an award for being the only character on the show who acts in a realistic manner in her relationships with the staff.

Bailey hands over her form to the Chief in which she says she slept with half the hospital. She flips out on The Chief for not thinking anyone would sleep with her, and Adel agrees that Richard has singled her out unfairly and in fact is harassing her. Alex acts like a jerk to Izzie. I stopped caring about 6 episodes ago.

Back to Hahn and Callie, where Hahn is kind of mad at Callie for hiding her Mark fling and telling Callie that she doesn't make friends easily, we can see why, people suck. Post surgery on the solider Derek says he'll stay with Meredith to watch to make sure the dude recovers and even tries to blow Rose off. Meredith sends him home with his new gal; she's trying to show growth.

Callie demands sex from Mark, who is not in the mood because everyone hates him, which got all his surgeries cancelled. Alex's heart patient begins to flat line, and I think we may know who is going to die this episode. While the woman is on death's door Alex also has to deal with her scared kids and manages to get her back to being alive again. George delivers all the forms to the Chief and then chews him out for making George look like a "brown nosing perv" and tries to quit his fake job as the Chief's intern.

Meredith keeps watch over the soldier, Mark stews in regret, and then Todd picks the wrong time to confront the mean dad. The soldier passed away. Bailey smacks Mark for being a pity parade, and this all happens in a montage which is why it is even more disjointed than normal. It slows down a bit for Derek to comfort Meredith and brings her champagne that will be opened when their treatment saves a life.

Christina is called into the principal's office and has to formally say that she and Burke slept together. She finally says that's what is bugging her is that she is stuck in the hospital with no credit for Burke's award even though she performed his surgeries while he had his tremors. She even tells on Hahn for treating her like a ghost and not the skilled surgeon she is. She is pissed, and she finally says that she does not wish him well. Hey Isaiah, how's Bionic Woman going? Yeah, I thought so!

Bailey calls the nurses together to talk about Mark. She tells them he's a nasty whore, but they all knew that and they need to close their knees and get back to work cuz he's a damn fine doctor and doesn't hide being a whore. Unlike the nurses of Seattle Grace who are dumb enough to sleep with him and then complain about it.

Alex and Izzie yell more about how he wants to be a good dad, and we still don't care. Todd sees his boyfriend's body, and the dad actually lets him say his goodbyes. Meredith says in voice over that it was a good day, maybe even a great day. The Chief and Adel talk, Izzie and Bailey talk about how Bailey's husband is on a date, Lexi is still bummed Alex forgot sex with her. George one ups her with all the inappropriate things he has done at the hospital. Callie tells Hahn at the bar that Addison said they might be lesbians. They share a laugh that turns uncomfortable when it becomes obvious she was half true. Mark and Derek compare whore notes, and Christina gets to lay on a couch.

Mer's therapist tells her that she just told her a load of crap, that Meredith is alone and not heroic and she tried to make the soldier heroic even though he was just like her, alone and scared. It doesn't end well as Meredith walks out on her therapist after insinuating she is a coward. Drama!

Story by Dan Chruscinski
Starpulse contributing writer