“Patients say it all the time. Tell me straight up, I just want to know what’s going on. Tell me. I can handle it.” At least that’s what Meredith thinks, but her emotions change when she gets her genome results back. As it turns out, Meredith tests positive for more than one of the genetic markers of Alzheimer’s. Meredith and Derek later discuss her mapping results, but Meredith just wants one thing – an updated will – considering Lexie is still Zola’s guardian.

Meredith later suggests appointing Cristina and one of Derek’s sisters, whomever he chooses, to be guardians of their children. Derek takes this opportunity to remind Meredith that Cristina doesn’t want to be a mom, which she reaffirms to Meredith when they go for a walk together. Regardless of what happens, Cristina asks Meredith to have the kids for three weeks of the year to travel, teach them lessons (like putting a condom on a cucumber) and to take them for their first tattoos, at a “clean place,” of course. Oh, Aunt Cristina. “I’ll be the coolest aunt in the world. I just can’t be a mom,” she said.

Speaking of Cristina, she’s convinced there’s something going on with Owen because he’s acting “crazy” and blew off their plans the night before. His concern over the status of Cristina’s patient, Ethan’s father, has turned into an obsession that she’s become tired of. Ethan’s mother, on the other hand, awakens and remembers her son, which Owen feels better about.

Leah spends the day as Bailey’s intern, a gig that she unsuccessfully tries to get out of. The day starts badly for the pair when Bailey scolds Leah for leaving a pizza crumb on her laptop. The two work together on one of Bailey’s recent patients, Joyce, who had a dialysis graph put in a few weeks ago. Her husband brought her back after a few fevers. The doctors discover she has an infected insertion site so they run more labs and discover that Joyce has a high white count and her electrolytes are off. When they decide to admit her, Leah informs Bailey that there was also another complication with Bailey’s other patient. Although Bailey shuts her down and tells her to “fix things,” Leah’s convinced she’s responsible for this mess because she came in sick.

April, Owen and Arizona spend the morning preparing to host two Syrian doctors from a warzone. When Stephanie comes in to give Owen Jackson’s recommendation on his burn patient, April asks if she rounded on Matthew yet. She advises April that he’ll probably leave this afternoon, since his mom is supposed to pick him up. When she asks him about this, he insists that he’s fine but he just wanted his mother to meet her.

When the Syrian doctors arrive, Owen, Arizona and April are shocked to learn that the doctors operate with very little instruments in the dark. Owen decides to recruit Richard, Alex, Callie, Jackson, Meredith and Cristina to assist with teaching exercises for the doctors using little or no instruments. When the group starts working together, Arizona informs Owen that Ethan’s grandmother’s plane was delayed, so she recommends calling social services for the night.

Shane spends most of his day following Derek around, buttering him up with coffee and assisting to help wherever possible, even though he’s no longer on his service. He also runs off from his duties in the pit when he gets a page informing him one of Derek’s patients is scheduled to get an MRI. Richard takes over for Shane in the ER. His patient is a man suffering from a severe post-op infection. He’s surprised to learn that Dr. Bailey was his primary doctor.

Derek reassures Meredith that their guardianship search is more like a disaster plan. “We have survived an unusual number of very bad things.” You think, Derek? Regardless, Meredith knows what Alzheimer’s is like, considering she experienced it firsthand, reminding Cristina “I don’t want my kids to go through what I went through.” Meredith asks Cristina to promise to kill her before she has her lethal injections. “Mer, you had me at lethal injection,” said Cristina.

Meredith and Bailey scrub in together and Meredith insists she doesn’t want to talk about the genome test, considering she knew what she was getting into when she asked her. Well, at least she thought she did. Bailey begins talking about how sloppy the crop of interns are until Richard comes in, revealing there’s another  post-op infected patient in the ER.

Inspired by her day with the Syrian doctors, April decides to tell Matthew the truth about her virginity. He’s not impressed, noting that she tried to cover it up with comparisons to warzones. April passes Matthew’s room as he’s packing up to leave with his mother, but he just waves at her without asking her to come in.  This results in an enraged April giving the Syrian doctors multiple pieces of expensive medical equipment without anyone’s permission.

Cristina’s patient is still unconscious so Owen continues to give her a hard time. Before they can discuss this matter more, Bailey interrupts Owen with what’s turning out to be a crisis. When he walks off, Cristina explains to Meredith that she thinks he’s burdened being chief. “Or he’s just mad because Russell isn’t supervising you,” said Meredith.

Later that night, with help from Richard, Derek finally tells Shane to stop trying so hard. He needs to move on and find another specialty he’s good at. According to Derek, Brooks has an instinct that Shane lacks, regardless of how hard he works or tries. Afterwards, Derek meets up with Meredith to show her that he was mapped, too. According to his results, he has a high chance of getting liver and prostate cancer, baldness and a heroin addition. Say it isn’t so, McDreamy! The two laugh about his results, but he insists these aren’t definite possibilities – they’re just maybes.

Ethan gets upset when he realizes he has to go with social services for the night. Owen tries to rectify the situation by asking Arizona to admit him to Peds, just for one night. Alex even tries to back him up, but their efforts fail. After speaking with the Syrian doctors, she has a change of heart and admits him. Once Arizona leaves, Cristina watches as Owen has a heart to heart with Ethan. She tells Meredith that this is the reason he’s been acting crazy. “Kids will make you crazy,” said Meredith.

Richard asks Jackson out for dinner so he can run an idea past him. Great, another idea for Jackson to listen to, right? Instead, Richard shares some wisdom he learned when he was chief: If someone wants to talk to you about something over dinner, you say yes!

Leah pulls Meredith aside to reassure her she’s not getting fired. The two find Bailey after she loses her patient, Joyce. As she begins to take her anger out on Leah, Meredith stops her because she only touched two of the three infected patients. Bailey was the only person who touched all three patients. A ferocious Bailey quiets down, stating she’ll look over her notes, but it’s too late – Owen tells her to sit down while Jackson calls a legal consult.

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