Soooo…. the anticipated reveal. What really transpired out there in the woods? How did they get out? What happened to Sloan, Arizona, Yang? Here is a recap of the episode that promise more of an explanation than episode 1. Read on to see how many answers we all get. 

The episode opens with Grey giving her usual monologue – this time about memory – and shows flashbacks of Grey’s memories in the wilderness after the crash and waking up in the hospital, dazed, confused and asking for her sister, husband and other friends. Grey talks to Yang at her hospital bedside, expressing her anxiety about having to travel from the hospital, back to Seattle. All of them are sedated during the plane ride home. Luckily for them, since the plane experiences turbulence.

Flash back to after the crash, while they are back in their scrubs at SG, but before the time of the last episode, even after the crash, Grey and Shepherd argue about his desire to accept a position at Harvard and leave Seattle Grace. Grey is convinced that they all will be fine, Arizona’s leg will survive and Sloan will be okay. Though Grey is up and at ‘em, Yang is still in a hospital bed, restrained and in a dazed state. A doctor argues she belongs in a pysch ward, while her husband fervently argues otherwise. Grey begs and pleads her to say something so she’s not shipped to psych. Karev expresses guilt.

Shepherd is consulting, since his hand has yet to fully recover. A surgery he consulted on went awry, he gets upset, feels as though the surgery would’ve been successful had he done it himself and vents all of this to Sloan, who is awake, alert and seemingly functional, sitting upright in a hospital bed. Sloan reassures Derek he will recover 100% and things will all work out. While there seems to be a bit of frustration, there also seems to be a lot of optimism and hope amongst everyone’s attitudes – other than Yang, of course.

Callie performs innovative, but very risky, surgery on Derek’s hand only after expressing both enthusiasm about the approach but leeriness about Derek’s request for her to perform the surgery herself.

Yang, still in a trance, lie in a hospital bed until her husband takes her home. The shot opens with Yang in a tub, while her husband bathes her with a sponge. Suddenly, Yang begins to speak, recounting all the events during the course of the 4 days she stuck in the wilderness. She claims that, though the others occasionally slept, she stayed awake the entire 4 days and remembers absolutely every second of that time. As she tells her story, her voice is monotone and she stares straightforward at the wall, glossy eyed and spellbound, still in a trance. During her story she mentions especially compromising and horrific situations such as her drinking her pee after the water ran out and wild animals loudly fighting over Lexie’s deady body.

The scene cuts to the next shot, seemingly a flashforward, of Yang back to her feisty self, box in hand, ready to make a trip across state to her new job – by car, of course. Grey argues with her that they should stick together after what happened. Yang seems to think Seattle is cursed and urges Grey to follow suit, attempting to convince her by recounting all the tragedies that have transpired: her sister’s death, her mother’s death, her husband getting shot, O’Malley’s death. Grey is still determined to stay, convinced that things will be okay and there’s strength in numbers and comradery. Meredith angrily denounces Yang as her “person” and retorts that Yang’s only “person” is and has always been herself.

After commercial, the scene shows Sloan in a helicopter as he wakes up, being transported out of the wilderness, with the EMT asking “what the hell did they do to this guy out there?” after pulling back his blanket and looking at his chest. Sloan goes in and out of consciousness. The scene cuts to him awake, with his girlfriend at his bedside. Sloan sighs and claims she deserves better – pronouncing his love for Lexie and apologizing. Scene then cuts to Callie waiting tired at Sloan’s bedside while he’s in a coma. Scene cuts to a flashback of Callie rushing to Seattle Grace to see Sloan after first hearing the news of his arrival after the crash. She is anxious and scared and runs to be greeted by an energetic Sloan sitting upright, jollily asking her, “Where ya been?!” The team comments on his “pretty amazing recovery,” while the audience is still wondering what happened and what prompted his turn for the worst? But quickly the old chief engages in a conversation with the team explaining that the thinks this to be “a surge,” when a terminally ill patient has a sudden surge of energy before s/he takes a turn for the worst. The others defensively claim “this is not that!” Sloan energetically tells Avery to sneak Sophia into the ICU so that he can visit with her. Then, during a talk with Webber, the old chief, Sloan rambles about lessons learned and sentimental things, then asks him, “listen to me! Is this the surge talking?” We finally learn get insight into how the turn for the worst happened.

Another flashback sends us to Arizona lying in a hospital bed, then doctors discussing her condition, one recommending leg amputation. Cut to Callie examining her leg and talking to Arizona as Karev walks to the door, making conversation with Arizona with guilt written all over his face. Arizona admits that she only went on that plane because she was “pissed” at Karev and while trapped in the wilderness she kept thinking how she wished he was there instead of her and that he has no wife and no baby. She continues her speech and ends up emotionally kicking him out, admitting she is still angry at him with blame. Callie promises Arizona she won’t let them take her leg.

Scene cuts to Callie and Hunt arguing about Callie risking Arizona’s leg, Hunt recommending amputation to save her from years of rehab and chronic pain. Callie is hellbent on saving her leg, knowing that if it gets amputated, Arizona will become bitter and change for the worse.

As Callie operates on Derek’s “million dollar hand” and Karev gives a very heartfelt apology to Arizona one last time before he leaves for Hopkins, Arizona starts crashing, in septic shock. Karev delivers the news to Callie while in the middle of surgery, tool inside Derek’s opened hand. They both conclude it’s her leg that’s causing her to crash and all the damage. Callie sternly tells Karev, “cut it off” as the scene snaps to commercial.

Callie asks Karev to do his best, Meredith asks how she can help during Derek’s surgery and leaves after Callie says she’s fine. The old chief and Mark go over his directive should he become incapacitated and close to death. Sloan’s eyes are glossy and face filled with fear as he initials each directive.

Meredith calls Yang and leaves a voicemail. Says “you were right about all of it. You were right.” The tone becomes very sad. Just as Avery walks quickly down the hall headed toward Sloan’s ICU room, Sloan crashes and goes into a coma. Meredith’s final monologue begins, also her message currently being left on Yang’s voicemail, “this is a place where horrible things happen, you were right to go. You’re probably escaping disaster…”

Meanwhile, during the monologue, Karev slices Arizona’s leg with a scalpel. Avery rushes to see Kepner at the bar, only to not find her there since she’s already on a plane back home. Shepherd wakes up after surgery with his arm in a cast. Meredith continues her monologue:

“Look at me. I practically grew up here. And you’re right it’s hurt me in ways I’ll probably never get over. I have a lot of memories of people – people I’ve lost forever. But I have a lot of other memories too. This is the place where I fell in love. The place where I found my family. This is where I learned to be a doctor. Where I learned to take responsibility for someone else’s life. And it’s the place I met you. So if figure this place has given me as much as it’s taken from me…”

Yang is listening to the message. Calls Meredith back, tells Meredith, “you are my person. You will always be my person. Episode ends.