Okay. Jumping right in... Christina gets nominated for a Harper Avery award, and while everyone else makes a big deal, she tries to play it cool. Meredith is seething with jealousy, but she covers it well, going overboard in showing her support by planning a champagne toast. Bailey is also very jealous, and at first refuses to talk to Christina about the nomination. Bailey has been stuck on her genome mapping project, and is just waiting for a breakthrough, hopefully one that can save the life of the boy with no immune system, who still hasn't been able to come out of his isolation. While working on a surgery with Webber, Bailey has a breakthrough about the genome project and rushes off to start working on it. She also finally tells Christina congratulations.

Christina tries to help the family with three kids with heart defects. It looks like the son might die, but Christina finds a possible solution. The only problem is, it's still in trials and doesn't have FDA approval. Owen calls the FDA and when he name drops Christina Yang, future winner of the Harper Avery, they get permission. It looks like the boy is doing well with the experimental treatment.

Alex decides to take the private practice job, to Jo's delight. Stephanie uses Shane as a swap monkey so she can work with Christina on the heart trial, and Shane will get stuck with Bailey. Derek and Callie get exciting new equipment that can map out emotions in the brain. This machine helps Callie realize that she wants another kid. She tells Arizona, and although they're both excited for Sophia growing up so they can get their lives back, they also decide they really want another kid. Owen and Christina celebrate her nomination, and Owen reveals that he thinks Christina will win. Christina agrees. April is overwhelmed by Jackson's extravagant spending. It seems she's not used to being married to a rich guy.

I realized when writing that summary that it was sort of a confusing episode to follow. Lots of twisting in and out of different plot threads. But that's not a bad thing at all. Sometimes it can make everything more interesting when it's all tangled up like this. What did I not like?

April and Jackson have just been sort of rubbing me the wrong way ever since they got married. I can't tell if we're supposed to think all these newlywed squabbles are adorable, or if they're the sign of larger problems to come. What's the endgame, here?

Really random little subplot that I didn't even mention above: Leah wants to see a picture of Ellis Grey with her first Harper Avery award. Richard has one he carries around in his wallet. Are we supposed to think that's sweet? It's just weird! Richard and Ellis had an affair that broke up a marriage, traumatized a little girl, and did countless other damages. I don't really look back on that whole thing with fond memories...

But ultimately, this episode was about Christina, and the stuff with her, I loved. Her attempt to be nonchalant about the award was really neat. I love the fact that she notices all of the extra attention, and really doesn't know how to process it. The moment when she was in the OR practicing for the surgery and the intercom was on, so she could hear everyone heaping lavish praise on her... that was priceless. And the scene at the end with Owen! That took me back to early days of their relationship. I hope she actually does win the award. It would be a fitting and positive way to say goodbye to this character that's stuck by us for so long.

Other things I enjoyed: Alex is taking the job! This should be an interesting change. Arizona and Callie want another baby! I loved it when Callie was getting her brain scanned and her pleasure centers lit up when Meredith walked in with Baby Bailey. At first, Derek thought Callie had a crush on his wife. Ha. The little girl, Frankie, running around the hospital and being friends with all the doctors. All of this stuff was delightful.

I'll leave it there! Despite a few less-than-perfect moments, I still overall enjoyed this episode quite a lot, especially for the way it explored Christina's character.