Here comes the sun superstorm!

During this week’s episode, the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial began to prepare for the massive superstorm heading their way. Prior to the storm, havoc crept up on the doctors while Alex defended Jo’s honor after her domestic dispute with Peckwell, April made a life-changing decision, Arizona kissed a girl (and liked it!) and Meredith went into labor. There was also a flash mob. It seemed like the perfect plotline to storm into a season finale. (See what I did there?)

Alex takes Jo in after finding her battered and bruised on his porch. She explains that things escaladed between her and Jason, leading to a physical fight. Alex reassures Jo she’s safe now but eventually leaves her to chase after Jason.

Back at Grey Sloan Memorial, Owen prepares for the upcoming superstorm headed their way. He takes this time to speak with his staff, declaring that all elective procedures are cancelled until the storm passes. During the meeting, Alex asks Derek to come with him. Alex brings him into a room with Jason, who’s badly beaten. Derek brings Mousey in to consult as Alex pleads “You can’t let him die!”

On a positive note, Bailey has emerged from her lab, but she’s still not operating. Instead, she volunteers to prepare the charts in case the hospital loses power. Ben looks on, advising Richard that she’s still scared to enter an OR.

Arizona and Lauren are reunited when the two speak to their patient’s parents before their upcoming surgery. After their meeting, the two flirt until Lauren asks Arizona out for coffee. She declines. The two reunite again when they both begin to scrub in early. Lauren continues to flirt with Arizona until Jackson comes in. Lauren asks Arizona and Jackson to do the reconstruction and graph, the two biggest parts of the surgery.

Owen brings Ethan to his father, who’s still in critical condition. During this time, Owen explains to Ethan that his grandmother can’t take care of him. If his father ever wakes up, Ethan can stay with him, but it doesn’t look like will happen. After his chat with Ethan, Owen advises Cristina to page him if there are any changes. She explains that Nancy, Ethan’s grandmother, asked about pulling the plug, which angers Owen. He walks away. Once Owen gets into the elevator, he asks Meredith about her adoption process. Before Meredith has a chance to respond, Owen shares that it’s best to forget he ever said anything.

Owen heads down to the ER to find a April’s patient, a construction worker – nicknamed the human shish kabob – who’s in bad shape. After Owen applauds April for her great effort with his ER patients, he attempts to take her patient. April fires back, insisting she needs to take this case because it would be perfect practice for her boards. He agrees.

Meredith and Callie scrub in with April on her human shish kabob patient. Owen and Ben run into the OR before the doctors even attempt to cut the poles inside their patient. Instead, Ben strategizes a plan to cut portions of the metal at a time. Meredith is advised to leave because she’s pregnant, causing her to angrily walk off. She meets Derek outside and begins complaining until Derek shares the news about Jason. She storms off to get Cristina so that the two can find Alex, who they think is responsible for this. The two hunt him down and criticize him for hurting Jason, even though he didn’t do it. Jo comes in and defends Alex. It wasn’t him. Jo’s surprised to learn that Jason is in critical condition, considering he was “fine” when she left. Alex advises Jo to get out of here before anyone else sees her.

Derek and Mousey operate on Jason. Derek keeps forcing Mousey to talk because she’s “weird and hiding behind it,” blocking her natural ability from showing. After his initial request, Mousey continues to awkwardly small talk. Maybe not the best idea.

After continuously working on their patient together, Owen advises April to go down to the ER. When she starts to freak out on him, he demands that he won’t ask her again. It’s nothing personal, he just needs more hands on deck to prepare for the storm.

Meanwhile, Shane is under the impression that Bailey selected him to help with charts because Derek dumped him from his service, even though that’s not the case at all. Richard comes over and asks Bailey to help Owen in the OR, but she denies. Richard becomes upset with Bailey’s answer and insists he’ll just do it himself.

Derek advises Cristina that Jason’s bleed is bad. Cristina asks about her patient, Ethan’s father, who may be able to undergo surgery for a blood clot in his brain. After speaking with Derek, Cristina provides Nancy with information about the surgery. Before she responds with an answer, Nancy asks what Dr. Hunt thinks. Cristina reassures Nancy that this is her decision, not Dr. Hunt’s. She agrees to it.