Lights, camera, action!

Grey’s Anatomy celebrated its 200th episode in style as the doctors exchanged their scrubs for formal wear to raise money for the hospital. The party is cut short after a freak accident takes place in front of the guests but Jackson finds a way to save the night, as well as the hospital’s bank account. Check out some of the highlights from the episode:

Not so ‘ritzy’ – Jackson is horrified when he learns that the “tasteful, sophisticated, conservative” event he asked for turns into a spectacle of sorts, compliments of his party planner. The gala takes a turn for the worse when one of the hired acrobats falls off of her rope and on top of the party planner (for all to see.) The two women are rushed to the hospital, which coincidentally is down the street, prompting Jackson to invite the potential donors there for a unique show and tell in the OR gallery.

Let it be – Meredith distances herself from Webber, leaving Bailey to persuade him to fight for his life. Richard literally shoves Bailey aside until she decides to move Gene, her terminal cancer patient, in with Webber so he can try to talk some sense into him. Although Gene’s words may have rubbed Bailey the wrong way, they helped inspire Webber to try to get better.

When the doctors are away, the interns will play – With most of the doctors busy rubbing elbows at the gala, Shane and Stephanie are left to take on a busy ER.  Shane uses this opportunity to run an advanced procedure, which Cristina later praises him for. All of the craziness in the ER helps Stephanie forget the fact that Jackson didn’t invite her to the soirée. Shane and Stephanie share their highlights of the night with one another  until Shane takes it too far and kisses Stephanie as  Jackson enters the room. Stephanie chases after Jackson, explaining that he’s the only one she wants to kiss her.

An unexpected visitor – Before Alex heads off to the gala, he encounters three junkies brought into the ER after smashing their car into a tree. He spends most of his time at the gala avoiding Jo, but later opens up to her that he believes one of the men may potentially be his father. After completing a paternity test, Alex realizes he might not want to know – but it’s too late – Jo accidentally spills the beans that the man is in fact Alex’s father.

Always a competition  – Meredith tells Cristina that while she’s on maternity leave, Derek can’t work either. Callie chimes in, adding that the pair are “bored out of their minds” to the point where everything between them transforms into a competition. Things really heat up between Meredith and Derek when Jackson announces that he’s giving 10 percent of the night’s take to the department that raises the most money – causing Derek to juggle and Meredith to put on the charm. The two playfully bicker over their fundraising techniques (one involving their baby!) but later make up when Meredith asks him to scrub in on her unexpected surgery. See, competition can be fun.

Arizona and April bond as Callie “grieves” – After an awkward encounter from across the room, Arizona decides to leave the gala early but Callie stays, explaining to party goers that she lost her wife in the plane crash. April later stumbles in on Arizona crying in the storage closet and decides to leave the party (armed with lots of champagne) to comfort her. The two spend the night talking and drinking until Leah sends them home in a cab.

Breakin’ Up? – Cristina thinks the gala would be the perfect place for Owen to test out his charm, especially if he’s going to have to start dating soon. She wastes no time chatting it up with a wealthy potential donor when Owen meets Emma, a doctor from Seattle Presbyterian who’s trying to snag potential funds for her workplace, also impacted by the storm. Later on at the hospital, Cristina’s possible donor finds her, asking to pick up where they left off. She immediately shuts him down, explaining it was all about the money. Cristina invites Owen to Joe’s but Emma arrives looking for him. Before he has a chance to respond, Cristina decides to leave. It looks like she’s finally getting what she wanted… or is she?

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