“We're trained to be vigilant, to chase down the problem, to ask all the right questions, to find the root cause until we know exactly what it is and we confront it. It takes an extreme amount of caution or we can't overstep ourselves. We can create problems that don't exist,” introduces Meredith. 

Thursday’s episode of Grey’s was definitely one of the best of the season. Derek asks Meredith to come back to neuro for a day, Christina finds out if Owen is cheating, Avery’s mom is back for another visit and so much more! Here are the highlights:

Hesitant, but willing, Meredith agrees to indulge Derek’s request of returning to neuro for a day in order to spend more time with him. At first, you can see little Grey is not to keen on the arrangement, but she pushes through. As usual, there are several surgeries happening simultaneously and during their operation Derek is called into another O.R. and leaves Lexie to close up with Meredith to supervise. The two sisters are almost done when they see a benign tumor and Mer decides to let little Grey remove her first tumor. The patient’s stats are perfect, no visible complications arise and big Grey is a proud sister. However, this does not last long- Derek is furious when he finds out! When the patient awakes, it is discovered that Lex has caused irreparable damage to the speaking center of the patient's brain and now leaves the hospital open to be sued and a 27 year old patient unable to speak.  Lexie is crushed as well, but Mer tells her to stand strong, take her lashings from Derek and move on- learning from her mistake.

Mini highlight! Remember Karev’s intern with the premie baby? And remember how the 4th year father resident walked out on them? OK, well Karev has taken it open himself to look after the little family and provide support/have Morgan (the intern) continue to grill him for boards. However, everyone seems to think there is a little more than studying and emotional support happening. “This is going to turn out like Rebecca,” says Meredith. “ Oh, smashed up face? That was bad,” replies Christina. “ She's going to fall for you, then go crazy, then pee on my couch,” Meredith replies. To date no romantic endeavors have developed, but Morgan is definitely “smitten,” Torres says. 

In other news, Avery’s mom is back in town and she has brought along one of her esteemed fellow’s to act as a spy and pry information from Avery. While her spy is at work, Mrs. Avery has taken on a mission of her own- to flirt with Richard every second she can, much to Miranda’s dismay. Got to love those side glances and eyebrow raises Bailey is known for. In the end, Avery converts his spy into a rebound and finally moves on from Lexie. 

And now, drumroll please: The event of the evening- Slutty nurse Emily vs. Christina Yang. The drama between Chief Owen and Yang has been growing ever since  Zola’s party. Owen does not come home, call and often leaves Christina sick with worry. Her grief has turned into suspicion and when she see’s slutty nurse Emily flirting with Owen she begins to lose it. She is able to maintain herself, until Emily repeatedly inserts herself into Yang’s case and Owen supports it. Finally the IV blows:

Emily: Dr. Yang, can I do anything?

Cristina: Can you stop screwing my husband?

Yikes! That’s going to leave a mark. The poor girl almost begins to cry as she explains she is not having an affair with the Chief and that she flirts with everyone to get through her shifts. Embarrassed and upset, Christina walks away with no explanation and goes home to wait for Owen. When he arrives he is surprised to find his wife still awake. The conversation quickly turns into a heated argument and breaks Yang’s heart.

Cristina: Do you love me anymore?

Owen: I love you so much that it hurts.

Christina starts to apologize and explain about the Emily incident when he interrupts and rephrases to say” it hurts to love you. I didn't cheat on you with Emily, but I did cheat on you.”

Where does this leave them? Will they be able to move on? Do you agree with Owens's harsh words for Christina?


Grey’s Anatomy’ Airs Thursday’s At 9PM On ABC