During this episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Derek and Callie team up for a project, Meredith dives into research, the interns struggle with their personal problems and Alex finds out more about his distant father. Check out some of the highlights below:

Map it out - Derek and Callie team up on a brain mapping project that was initially started by Callie for Arizona. Derek learns that his patient, a quadriplegic named Mickey, has a tumor so he has to take the sensors out of his brain. Mickey refuses to let him do so, unless Derek tries to take his life threatening tumor out at the same time. After a heart to heart with Mickey, Callie convinces Derek to operate. Derek pages Shane to scrub in but Shane declines. Derek believes he still feels guilty about Heather's death so he tries to console him, but Shane explains that he just doesn't want to work with him. Mickey eventually dies in surgery, but the loss helps Callie get inspired about the project once again. The two decide to fully commit to it, allowing Derek to step back so that Meredith can spend more time at work.

Intern struggles - The interns move into their new digs but their happiness is cut short once they see Heather's lab coat in an unoccupied locker. Shane abruptly exits causing Stephanie, Jo and Leah to wonder if something's wrong with him. Stephanie learns that her patient, who came in with a suspected ankle fracture, also has a life threatening tumor in his heart. Jo continues to struggle with Alex, who remains distant after learning about his father. She also initially struggles to diagnose her important patient: Dr Webber. After several tests and some guidance from Webber, she's eventually able to figure it out. Speaking of guidance - Arizona catches Leah blabbing to her friends that she's in love with Arizona, forcing her to harshly set the record straight between the two. Leah admits that she went overboard and rushes off in embarrassment, but Arizona ends up texting her later that night.

The ugly truth - Alex becomes a fixture at a bar where his dad's band plays in hopes of getting to know him from afar. When Alex offers to buy Jimmy a drink, he recognizes Alex as one of the doctors from the hospital. He shares an endearing story about his son and expresses his appreciation for doctors. Jimmy and Alex play guitar together but their bonding time gets cut short once Alex learns that Jimmy was talking about his other son. The two begin arguing and Alex punches his dad before he gets kicked out of the bar.

Stuck like glue - Stephanie takes over on an ER patient who has a suspected ankle fracture. After running several tests, she's devastated to learn that her patient also has a life threatening tumor in his heart. Cristina and Stephanie begin to tell the man and his wife about the tumor but are surprised to learn that they already know - and they've come to terms with the diagnosis. Shane hunts Cristina down and suggests she uses glue for her AVM patient, an idea he picked up from Derek's service. The couple decides to let the doctors operate - mainly because they've been traveling using their life savings and have nothing left to lose. Cristina and Shane end up saving the man's life.

Bring your girlfriend to work day? - Owen invites Emma to the hospital to observe one of Arizona's surgeries. Emma later runs into Cristina before her AVM surgery and compliments her for attempting the risky procedure. Cristina takes this opportunity to tell Emma that she's Owen's ex-wife. (Awkward!) She later sees Owen and Emma in the halls together and it obviously bothers her enough to run to Meredith, who she's on shaky terms with, to vent about it.

"I'm going to do both" - Meredith decides to apply for a research grant but can't decide what to focus her research on. After juggling several possible ideas, she decides to go in the direction of her mother's research. As she's typing her proposal up, Cristina comes in to vent after seeing Owen and Emma together. Meredith shares that she's going to 3-D print portal veins but stops Cristina before she can voice her opinion, assuring her that she'll find a way to make it work. It's obvious their relationship is still strained.

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