As doctors, and especially as surgeons, our favorite residents are always calculating. Calculating the risks and calculating the advantages, weighing all their options scientifically and rarely, emotionally.  Or so they would like to think. Truth is, even the best surgeons have emotions. They’re human, it’s natural.  On the latest episode of Grey’s, that nature was put to the test.

For some, it was more lighthearted and playful. Avery, Mr. Eye of the tiger with boards coming up, was a little stressed out, snapping at paramedics and even at patients. Noticing his ‘bro’ might need a little, ‘distraction,’ Sloane sets out on a mission to find the perfect midnight study buddy. One of his picks was Kepner, leading to this hilarious exchange: 

Mark: (about Avery to April) “He's an attractive guy. Good bone structure, hypnotizing eyes.” 

April:” This is sexual harassment, you know that right?”

Mark:” I think of it as sexual encouragement.”

After several avenues, Sloane discovers his protégé is still in love with Lexie, which is the real reason for his tension.

Meanwhile, Meredith is getting her ‘mind blown’ by Callie’s study tricks. Unfortunately, since she is meeting up with her new mentor at 4am, Derek is left to tend to Zola. Glares and shocked faces ensue from the staff when the two are seen together. Initially he thinks it is because they’re an interracial family, but Bailey eventually sets him straight: “Daddy's hair is nice, maybe even perfect. And his daughter's hair is 31 different flavors of wrong. Your daughter is black. Do her hair!” Apparently he is not yet world class in this department.  Later feisty Bailey shows the man how’s it done.

Of course, no episode is complete without an IV of heartache and drama. Teddy is still reeling from the loss of her husband and it is beginning to show. During her grant pitch for a stem-cell generation of a heart, she is unfocused and ill-prepared. Stressed, she turns to Callie and Arizona for support. Callie suggests she ask Owen to step in and say a few words on her behalf, which she quickly rejects. Callie then turns to Owen on her own asking for his support. He agrees and Teddy receives 4 million for research. However, Teddy is not told of his good deeds and is still resistant to any relationship with him. In surgery, Owen is called in and attempts to assist her, to which she replies, “back the hell off!” Yikes! Going to need a little more anesthesia before this repair happens.

Despite the attempts to mend his relationship with Teddy, the Chief is not interested in such measures when it comes to Christina. Fearing the worst, she believes Owen might be having an affair. Her suspicions lead her to delusions and she begins to target an attractive nurse, following her around the hospital. When Christina gets home, she frantically searches for evidence around the apartment to no avail. 

In even more heartbreaking drama, Adele Alzheimer's continues to advance. While Richard believes he can care for his ailing wife, it becomes more and more clear that he cannot. Adele sets a kitchen fire that causes Richard an arm burn and then attacks the home nurse. In the end, she is coherent long enough to realize she is sick and decides to go to the same treatment facility Mer’s mother went to. 

For the final pull of the heart strings, let’s check in on intern Morgan’s premi baby. Despite a few setbacks, the little tike was a trooper and made it through. Even getting the nickname, “Ali’ for his tenacity, by Lexie (who was on Peds rounds). The same could not be said for his father, who recently arrived from Chicago where he is a fourth year. The two parents go over all the options debating the outcomes, even using an app to calculate survival right (seriously? I guess there really is an app for anything). Initially, Morgan sides with her boyfriend, thinking maybe they should not put the baby through so much. However, thanks to Lexie’s input, Alex delivers this beautiful line: “He's got a lot of doctors in his corner, just make sure he has a parent.”  Once the intern takes off her scrubs and reacts like a parent, she is committed. The boyfriend disagrees and walks out.

Sometimes love is painful. It takes you to uncomfortable places and puts you in difficult decisions. “And when it's time to act and you're all alone with your back against the wall, the only voice that matters is the one in your head. The one telling you what you already knew. The one that's almost always right,” Meredith concludes.

Grey’s Anatomy’ airs Thursdays on ABC at 9pm.