You've got to have faith. If that little gem wasn't pounded into us enough during this latest episode of Grey's Anatomy then just sit through the commercials and see George Michael singing it to the guy from Hackers.

What I Enjoyed:

-Just give Chandra Wilson an Emmy now. Bailey's voice over in the beginning was a light hearted contrast to the blows the doctor was dealt this entire episode, from her son's injury (possibly caused by her negligence) to her crumbling marriage. My friend told me once that an estimated 80% of marriages end in divorce when one spouse is a medical resident. I'm guessing the other 20% are having affairs. Bonus points for Bailey telling Hahn off, though it pales in comparison to when Callie called Izzie a "traitorous bitch," honestly I think I cheered.

-Doctors Hahn and Torres are really giving BFFs Derek and Mark a run for the money in the buddy department. Especially funny was the girls talking about recovering from a night of drinking and the boys talking a walk to see where Derek wants to build his dream home. Oh gender roles, you sure are hilarious when you go all fluid!

-George's mom finds out half a season's worth of information in about 15 seconds. Now she knows how we felt for the past few months! Still, Callie has moved on and now maybe George can take baby steps towards a healthy life. Wait, what show am I watching? I smell trouble if George and Lexi become roommates as George seems to get more action than any other guy on the show.

-Glenne Headly guest stars as the new age healer. She's an actress you can't place in a specific film but you're always glad when she shows up somewhere.

What Made Want to Reach For The Remote:

- Hey Guess what? Meredith and Derek broke up again. I was shocked, appalled, and I think I cried a little. Not because they broke up, but because I know that we're going to have to go through this about six more times before "Grey's" ends its run.

-Lexi was relegated to getting hives from Meredith's cooking. It's nice that she is part of the Kappa Gamma Grey frat house, but either use her or lose her.

-Meredith yet again becomes unwatchable whenever she is near Derek, and yet she's likeable and fun when she's near anyone else.

-We get it, Christina's a robot and Alex is a jerk. Just put signs on them so you don't have to remind us every episode.

In The End:

We get constant reminders why we love this show and constant reminders why it drives us insane. A stellar performance by Bailey and the cast working as an ensemble far outweighs the Meredith-Derek drama we've grown so tired of.

Random Thought:

How many patients at the hospital died while the entire staff was focusing on Tuck?

Recap by Dan Chruscinski
Starpulse contributing writer