The newly named Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital finally opened its ER’s doors prepared with a new machine – the LODOX, a full-body scanner that can complete x-rays in 13 seconds. Not too shabby, right? As Owen, Jackson and April unveil their new cutting edge machine to the staff, they receive a call about an incoming patient who was in a serious ATV accident, so they’ll have to wait before they can test out their new toy.

That same morning, Derek talks to his unborn child about his first fly fishing experience in order to calm the baby (McBaby?) down. Meredith expresses her concern over possible complications with the baby to Derek, who assures her that everything is going to be fine. "If anybody's going to have a baby with two heads, three arms, and eleven toes, it's going to be me,” according to Meredith. Can you really blame her for thinking that way? Later at the hospital, Meredith lists off possible conditions her unborn child can have to Alex and Cristina. Both parties insist they’re doctors and they’ll be able to fix whatever problems come along with Meredith’s baby. Cristina seems more engaged with the medical magazine she’s flipping through, especially when she sees a former classmate who’s doing more than her at the moment. Cue Cristina’s competitive side.

Alex and Jo perform a check up on their 12-year-old cancer patient together until Jo’s boyfriend, Jason, comes in and ruins the moment. Alex’s patient encourages him to mess with Jason on purpose, leading to a series of hilarious pranks throughout the day. Richard realizes what Alex is doing and pulls him aside, stating his actions are “pathetic.” Richard offers to help Alex out – “You need to up your game.”

Bailey makes the rounds pitching the new board of directors – her former interns – with a human genome project proposal. Her first target, Jackson, denies her, insisting that he’s busy working and there’s not enough money because it was all spent to restore the ER. Cristina also denies Bailey but tells her that she needs to complete more research herself. When Dr. Russell overhears their conversation, he invites Cristina to scrub in with him. Arizona and Callie discuss the possibility of sex later that night until Bailey storms in, demanding that the two hear her out. When Callie shares what they are talking about, Bailey backs off and exits the area.

Meredith treats a school teacher, Madeline, who she believes has gallstones. During her initial examination with the woman, Owen and Jackson hover, eager to use Meredith’s patient for their first LODOX scan. No luck. Meredith takes her patient into surgery to remove the gallstones as Bailey corners her about her human genome proposal. Meredith tells Bailey to stop talking because her patient doesn’t just have gallstones – she has gallbladder cancer. After closing her up, the patient holds off on telling her students that she won't be back, even though Meredith insists she needs to tell them the truth.

April spends most of the day mulling over going to the “carnival,” a term she uses to describe sex. April regretfully asks Meredith for advice about Matthew the paramedic, who’s never had sex. Meredith doesn’t give her the answer she’s looking for, causing her to storm off.

Derek and Shane operate on the ER patient who was in the ATV accident. Shane exits the OR to update the father, who goes ballistic on him for not having set news. The father is frustrated because he doesn’t have a solid update from Shane, which he can’t provide at this time. Shane goes back to the ER rattled so Derek takes time out to calm him down. Later, Shane finds the patient’s father who gets in his face but Derek breaks it up. Derek explains his daughter's alive – they don’t know what’s going to happen next, but they’re going to find out. He calms down the dad, who’s now crying, as Shane looks on from afar.

Owen, Jackson, April and the interns are disappointed there are no patients to use the LODOX machine on. Intern Heather, also known as “Mousey,” informs her coworkers that she once ingested a marble but doctors were never able to get it out. You know, just in case they need a volunteer.

Elsewhere, Cristina is mesmerized with the experimental work that Dr. Russell’s doing. Cristina believes she’s finally found the cutting edge research that she was looking for. But there’s a catch – Dr. Russell needs more money to keep the project going, which is why he enlisted Cristina for this project. “You’re pitching me?”

Cristina later airs her frustration out to Meredith, who asks Cristina to talk to the baby to calm him or her down. Bailey enters the lounge and explains the human genome project to Meredith Meredith’s baby bump, which ends up working. Well, for Cristina, that is.

Alex and Richard somehow get Jason to believe that Bailey is now in charge of the drug tests. After placing a urine sample beside her, she threatens him, causing Alex and Richard walk off hysterically laughing. Jason has the last laugh at the end of the day when he tells Alex: “Have fun while I’m nailing Jo in the bathroom of the bar.” Ouch.

Callie congratulates Bailey on the good news – her research project was approved for funding. This all happened after Cristina took matters into her own hands and cut the Cardio Department’s budget, eliminating practically four jobs that Cristina will now happily take on by herself. Dr. Russell is not impressed by this move, but now he’s stuck with her and she’s “taking control.”

As the night dwindles down, Callie believes she’s not having sex with Arizona since she witnessed Arizona struggling with her heels earlier in the day. She finds Arizona, who’s visibly upset about the whole situation and tries to help her feel better. After some hesitation, she takes Arizona’s prosthetic leg off and puts her arm on Arizona’s stub, massaging it. Arizona thanks her.

Meredith meets back up with her patient to deliver a get well soon poster created for her by her students, patiently waiting to see her. She lets them in her room and explains she won’t be coming back to school after all, so they’ll have to adjust accordingly. Meredith finds Derek and the two walk out together, discussing their bad days. Derek tries to calm Meredith down about the pregnancy and insists it’s better to just know, so they head off to get an ultrasound.

In the end, Jackson, April, Owen and the interns finally get to test out the LODOX for the first time. Owen states it’s worth waiting for, which is music to April’s ears in regards to her personal life. Or should we say "carnival" life. Callie and Arizona end up rekindling their romance later that night. Bailey eventually catches up with Jackson to say the board made a smart decision by helping her with her project. She promises the board will not be disappointed. Cristina shares her excitement with Owen over the excessive cardio workload she has coming her way. Leah finally locates Mousey’s marble after she gets scanned in the LODOX. Last, but certainly not least, Meredith and Derek finally get an ultrasound and find out that they’re having a baby boy – who’s doing just fine!