During this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith and Derek return to work, Callie tries to heal, Catherine Avery returns and Alex continues to ignore his father. Check out the highlights from last night’s episode:

“I shouldn’t have to choose” – When Meredith returns to work she’s surprised to see that Cristina will be operating on her former patient who needs a heart and liver transplant. Even though she’s just getting back into the swing of things, Meredith asks to scrub in on the complicated procedure. Cristina agrees to let her, as long as she prepares herself. Throughout the day Meredith’s focus shifts when she’s forced to juggle her maternal duties, including tending to Zola, who took a nasty fall at daycare and had to get stitches. She makes it back in time to scrub in but Cristina decides it’s best to have Bailey take her place. Meredith later confronts Cristina, who assures her that she understands and respects Meredith for her new set of priorities, but her choices are affecting her skills. Meredith takes her frustration out on Derek, who spent the day schmoozing and scrubbing in with visiting neurosurgeons instead of supporting her. The saddest part? Poor little Zola didn’t get to have her tea party!

How Callie got her groove back – Arizona gives Callie the mortgage slips to her apartment and instead of letting Arizona stay, she decides to kick her out. After taking care of Arizona for a year, she decides to shift the focus back on herself. The effects have her feeling good – and dancing in her underwear again!

First impressions – Catherine Avery is back in town to visit Richard, meaning she’ll have time to officially meet Jackson’s new girlfriend. Catherine and Stephanie immediately get off on the wrong foot after she finds Stephanie and Jackson fooling around in the on-call room. To make matters worse, Stephanie is forced to work with Catherine and Jackson on a patient who put his junk where it didn’t belong – in a hornet’s nest. (Ouch!) Stephanie later approaches Catherine at Joe’s. After a sincere and heartwarming speech, Stephanie excuses herself once Jackson arrives but Catherine asks her to stay.

The morning after –Arizona is mortified when Leah brings her coffee the morning after her long night of drinking with April. Even though the details are hazy, Arizona believes Leah ended up at her apartment the night of the gala. Later at Joe’s, Leah learns that Arizona was kicked out of her apartment and offers her a place to stay. Arizona demands to know what happened that night. Apparently the two hung out, danced, made grilled cheese sandwiches and watched Derek’s procedures – which is when Arizona asked her to scrub in. After an awkward pause, Leah asks Arizona to go back to the part when she called her “pretty.” Things just got a little more interesting.

Father issues – Instead of staying away like Alex, Jo finds herself emotionally invested in his father’s case. When Jo goes out of her way to get Jimmy into a good rehab facility, he shuts her down, even though she pulled strings to make it work for him. He doesn’t want to let her down. She tries to talk to Alex, who demands her to back off. Jimmy and Alex share an elevator on his way out, but Alex never says anything to the man.

He’s back – After reuniting with Webber, Catherine confesses to Bailey that she was expecting a better recovery. Bailey assures her that these things take time. Catherine feels that the staff, who all adore Webber, are coddling him but she won’t do the same. Instead, she asks him to come back home with her to recover, but he later declines, citing that “these fools need me.”

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