During this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, the honeymoon is officially over for Jackson and April, Derek takes on more than he can handle, and the winner of the Harper Avery Award is revealed. Check out the highlights from this episode below.

Jackson and April encounter a young deaf patient in the ER. Jackson believes that the girl is a perfect candidate for a cochlear implant, but the girl’s mother, who’s also deaf, doesn’t want her to get it. Later that night, Jackson criticizes the mother for not wanting her daughter to get the surgery, but April reprimands him for constantly judging the alternative opinions of others. The newlyweds exchange blows over their personal beliefs, including religion. It’s obvious that their beliefs are on different ends of the spectrum, especially when Jackson shouts that God isn’t real. April breaks down and says she pities him for not believing in anything. After their fight, April shows up at Callie and Arizona’s house and asks to stay with them for a while.

Meanwhile, Meredith’s forced to cancel her plans with Cristina after Richard swindles her into staying overnight with their gastric bypass patient. After her patient begins to bleed out, she’s forced into emergency surgery, but becomes infuriated when she learns that Derek is still in the hospital instead of at home with the kids. Although Derek’s overloaded with work, Owen tells him he needs to step it up, so he decides to pull an all-nighter at the hospital to teach the interns. During the shuffle, he neglects to tell Meredith that the kids are with Callie and Arizona, throwing Meredith into a panic. The two later agree that their current situation isn’t going to cut it, but they’ll find a way to make it work.

After Meredith finishes her surgery, she meets up with Cristina and Alex. The group discusses their last time pulling an all-nighter together in surgery. Ah, the memories. Alex takes this opportunity to tell them about his new private practice gig.

Elsewhere, Bailey decides that she’s going to inject the HIV virus into Braden, her “bubble boy” patient. Although Braden’s parents are apprehensive with this approach, Bailey is certain that this is the best solution moving forward. Ben tries to convince Bailey to leave the genome lab to go home and sleep, since he can’t, but she declines.

The interns are all set to go to a karaoke bar that night until Derek cuts their plans short. Instead, the group pulls an all-nighter to attend “night class” with him in different surgeries. Ben falls asleep sitting up during one of the procedures, but the group leaves him there. In one of the other surgeries, Leah makes a big mistake that almost impairs a woman’s ability to speak, but luckily, the woman makes it through without any complications. As Leah walks out of the patient’s room crying, Derek stops her and tells her to remember this feeling so that she doesn’t make this mistake again.

After they put all the kids to sleep in their house, Callie and Arizona talk about who’s going to get pregnant this time around. They agree to flip a coin to decide. As Callie starts to flip the coin, Arizona stops her and says that Callie should carry the baby instead.

After Meredith cancels on her, Cristina tries to find another person to help her write her acceptance speech. Since Alex can’t and April is a definite no in her book, Cristina decides to visit her patients on her way out. She’s surprised to see Link, Ivy and Frankie’s parents arguing in front of the children, so she breaks it up and tells them to separate for a little while. Cristina stays with the kids until Ivy spikes a fever and she’s forced to take her to the OR. In surgery, Owen offers to go with Cristina to the Harper Avery Awards ceremony, but she insists that she’s fine going alone. Ivy’s mom returns but her husband isn’t picking up her calls. To make matters worse, nobody knows where Frankie is. Alex and Owen find out that she was playing hide-and-seek with Braden but hasn’t returned yet. Alex and Owen find her passed out against a wall in the hospital. Frankie’s heart is failing on her, so she desperately needs an LVAD. As Ivy’s father returns after accidentally falling asleep in the car, the parents learn that they now have three children on the transplant list.

The next day, Cristina arrives in Boston for the Harper Avery Awards. When she enters the lobby, she’s approached by several people praising her for her work. As the crowds start to make their way in for the ceremony, Cristina calls Meredith in a panic because she doesn’t want to do this alone. Luckily for Cristina, Meredith and Owen made the trip to be with her. What seemed to be shaping up into a perfect night turns into a nightmare when Catherine Avery takes the stage to announce the winner – and it’s not Cristina.