In this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy, Owen struggles to assemble the board together to talk about the storm ravaged hospital. His initial attempts are overlooked as the doctors try to deal with their own personal issues. Meredith and Derek start to adapt to life with their newborn, Arizona and Callie still aren't speaking to one another, Cristina and Owen have reached an awkward level in their on and off again relationship and Webber proves to be a difficult patient. Read all about "Everyone's Crying Mercy" below:

Baby blues - Meredith and Derek initially struggle adjusting to life with their new baby but the pair, who are home on leave, get a lot of help from Callie, who's still crashing at their McMansion. It's obvious the two are sleep deprived when Derek falls asleep in the store parking lot and Meredith dozes off while on the phone with Cristina.

Fallen chief - Although Webber is steadily losing weight, Bailey reassures Meredith she doesn't need her help. Instead, she advises Meredith to go spend time with her baby. When Bailey and the interns round on Webber, it's obvious he's not happy with his situation and refuses the feeding tube. Bailey respects his decision but Shane disagrees and calls Meredith for advice. She tells him to order the tube anyway so that they are prepared if things go south. Bailey barks at Shane for ordering the tube without her permission while Webber demands for him to bring him soup. After watching Webber struggle, Shane scolds his superior before inserting the feeding tube. Although this upsets Meredith and Bailey, Shane gives the two a piece of his mind, insisting "he did what had to be done." At the end of the day, Meredith remains at Webber's bedside but instead of being thankful he criticizes her for keeping him alive. He shares that he didn't pick Meredith as his family but instead as someone he could "trust" as someone who would let him go.

Seal the deal - Cristina jumps into bed with Alex (no, not like that) to vent that she's bored and can't sleep. She can't call Owen, so she takes the opportunity to harass Alex about Jo, who for the past few nights has been sleeping downstairs with the other interns. After an unwanted interrogation from Cristina, Alex lashes out that he and Jo will eventually sleep together, prompting her to ask if Jo has a "secret penis." Alex wants their first time to be something special but Jo finds it strange that he won't make a move. Eventually the pair end up with the house to themselves and the two seal the deal.

Breakin' up - When Cristina grabs Owen's arm to try to comfort him, she realizes that they can't be left alone together. She proposes that they need to begin dating other people. Although it may be hard in the beginning, Cristina thinks it may help. Owen agrees to try.

Calzona - Callie still refuses to talk to Arizona, who dresses up for work as she plans to invite her partner to marriage counseling. Callie initially accepts but when she arrives to the session she realizes she can't go through with it. Even before Arizona cheated, Callie realizes the two were not happy together. She confesses that she can't get over Arizona's infidelity and suggests Arizona should do therapy - alone.

The surgeries - April, Leah and Callie work on a patient who took a part of a baseball bat to the chest. Ironically, the woman shares that she cheated on her husband with his brother and wants Leah to break the news to him. After losing the woman in surgery, Callie interrupts Leah before she's able to spill the truth to the husband. Jackson and Stephanie team up to work on a pro-bono patient set for a facial surgery, which Owen later cancels due to budget problems. Jackson lashes out at Owen to find a way to make it work and he assigns Jackson to several liposuctions that later pay for the pro-bono surgery. Cristina and Alex work together on a young boy who'd rather undergo a risky surgery instead of waiting on the transplant list for a new heart. Cristina agrees to do the surgery but Alex is hesitant. During surgery Cristina realizes Alex was right. Instead, they need to put the boy on the transplant list to give him the best chance to survive.

Easy A - April tells Jackson that she still hasn't heard back about her boards. Later, the two cross paths when Jackson finds April in the hallway after she loses her patient. During their talk she gets the results of her test, which she makes Jackson open. When he lets her know she passed, April leans in for a hug but Jackson opts for a high five. The two walk away from one another smiling.

Budget woes - Owen struggles to assemble the board members together to fix the hospital. After his plan of omitting the truth works on Jackson for his pro-bono surgery, Owen and Jackson decide to page the board members to outpatient surgery for a "trauma" so that they can all finally meet. Owen and Jackson inform the board that they're going to throw a party to raise money for the hospital. They set up a table in the middle of the ruined area so that the board can meet while everyone is in the same place at the same time.

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