As we all slowly prepare to say goodbye to Dr. Cristina Yang, it’s only fitting that this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy revolved around her uncertain future and how life could be with Owen if things were just a little bit different.

Cristina begins to imagine different scenarios of her life after an encounter with a patient. The patient, Jason, was in a severe car accident. Cristina flawlessly operates with Shane to fix Jason’s heart, but he’s paralyzed from the neck down. After surgery, Cristina speaks to Jason’s wife about his condition and reiterates that he will never be able to breathe on his own again without the ventilator.

In the first possible scenario, Cristina asks Jason if he wants to be taken off of the ventilator. He says yes, with his wife looking on. Cristina leaves the room and sees Owen in the distance, so she approaches him. As she walks over, Jackson injures his hand while moving a machine. Cristina tells Owen that they need to be together and they share a kiss. The couple buys a house and adopts a dog, Mrs. Rodriguez, who Meredith playfully calls Cristina’s “dog baby.” Jackson also learns that he’s not cleared to operate, even after two years.

Owen and Cristina have an intense fight after he brings up a possible job offer with Teddy in Germany. He’s upset that Cristina doesn’t acknowledge his feelings, only hers. Flash forward and Cristina and April are both pregnant, at the same time. When Cristina gives birth, Owen and Meredith are by her side. It should be a happy occasion, but Cristina says she screwed up. Due to her new responsibilities as a mother, Cristina’s forced to hand over the next stage of her research to Shane. Cristina later becomes pregnant with her second child. Although she’s not happy, Owen is. This is what he always wanted. In the future, Cristina presents Shane with the Harper Avery Award for their research. After the presentation, Meredith finds Cristina crying in the bathroom, upset that it could have been her receiving that award.

In the second possible scenario, Jason decides that he doesn’t want to remove the vent. After she walks out, Cristina sees Owen by the elevators, like she did in the first scenario, so she approaches him. (Meanwhile, Jackson injures his hand again.) She feels incredible after her surgery so she wants to celebrate with him. Owen insists he’s fine keeping things casual but eventually it catches up to him and he tries to reopen the discussion regarding their future together. Cristina tells him to look elsewhere for what he wants, leading to her ranting about Owen to Meredith (yet again.)

Owen invites Jason to come back to the hospital because he’s eligible for Derek and Callie’s research project. Although Jason’s still alive, his quality of life seems diminished and he appears to be depressed. Jason’s wife asks for Cristina to join them, but when Owen informs Cristina of their presence, she’s too busy with her research to meet with them. After Jason passes out during the project, Owen consoles Jason’s wife who believes she’s to blame for everything and the two kiss.

Cristina finds Owen posted up in Joe’s bar – with Dr. Bailey’s show airing on a TV in the background (Awesome!) Owen confesses he needs more from her. Cristina and Owen continue their consecutive patterns of make ups and break ups, so she enlists Meredith to help her not to go back to him. As a result, Cristina’s career flourishes while Owen turns to alcohol for help. In a drunken state, Owen asks Cristina to marry him but she declines. Owen becomes miserable and lashes out at his coworkers. In the future, Cristina goes on to win her fourth consecutive Harper Avery Award as Owen loses his job for his reckless behavior towards his patients.

After Cristina envisions the two possible scenarios for her life, she asks Jason for the third time (in present time) if he wants to remove the vent. He says yes. As she walks out of the room, she sees Owen near the elevators and advises Jackson to watch his hand. Before she has the chance to walk over to Owen, she’s sidetracked by Meredith, who requests her help with a patient, leaving the fate of her future uncertain.

What did you think of this week’s episode? What do you think the future holds for Cristina and Owen? Let us know below.