According to Meredith, “There’s no such thing as magic, as far as we know.” She’s clearly right after a magician’s assistant turns up in the ER after being cut in half. Yes, the patient got cut in half with a chainsaw after the group’s magic act backfires. There’s nothing magical about that.

Arizona shares a flirty, yet awkward, moment with a woman named Lauren (Hilarie Burton) after she accidentally takes her coffee from the coffee cart. After their initial encounter earlier that morning, Arizona is surprised to learn that Lauren is actually Dr. Lauren Boswell, the craniofacial specialist that’s here to assist Jackson with an infant patient. Arizona becomes on edge when Callie joins her consultation with Lauren. But as Lauren says, “The more the merrier!”

Owen believes it’s time for Ethan’s grandmother, Nancy, to have a serious conversation with him about his father, who isn’t showing any signs of improvement. After a game of soccer, Ethan tells Owen he’d like to stay at the hospital instead of the hotel. According to Nancy, her grandson is nervous that he’s going to miss something if he’s not there at the hospital. After some convincing from Owen, Ethan goes with his grandmother. Owen promises to call him if anything happens.

Cristina begins ranting about her patient in the elevator to a not-all-there Alex, who’s currently reeling after his fight with Jo by blasting the music in his headphones extremely loud. According to Alex, he can’t escape her; she’s everywhere. Jo tries to hop on the elevator with Alex and Cristina at the next floor until Cristina stops her, encouraging her to take the stairs. Instead of offering support, Cristina mocks Alex about his music, dubbing it “the soundtrack of your broken heart.”

April is unhappy when she has to treat a bunch of drunk college girls in the ER. Two of the three girls seem to be in good physical shape, but are heavily intoxicated, except for one. The girl’s friends can’t focus long enough to share what the girl may have ingested that night. Instead, the two girls attempt to flirt with Jackson but get interrupted when their friend begins vomiting blood. April is forced to take the patient into emergency surgery after she ingested “smoking nipple” drinks, which burned her stomach. Jackson offers to scrub in with her since Bailey won’t return any of April’s pages. She accepts. Afterwards, April apologizes to Jackson for how she treated him after her breakup with Matthew.

Bailey hides in her research lab, locked away from the rest of the doctors who are vying to get her attention. Callie is convinced she’s upset that everyone called the CDC on her. Even though Bailey’s cleared to scrub in again she’s still reeling from her diagnosis and continues to test herself, ignoring the fact that all of her tests are coming back negative.

Heather “Mousey” Brooks is back on Derek’s service again this week. The two round on a young patient whose parents are preoccupied by her wild younger brother. Derek decides to let Jo scrub in for Mousey when she appears bored with their upcoming surgery. Alex chooses to scrub in but becomes annoyed once he realizes Jo will be there, too. Now that they’re both stuck in the ER together, Alex knows there’s no way to escape her. After their surgery, Jo uses a computer in the same room as Alex, forcing the two to finally hash it out. Jo insists they need to at least be able to speak to one another, but she continues to scold him for telling Jason personal things about her.

Elsewhere, Meredith knows it’s going to take a lot more than just magic to ensure her patient, the victim of the magic show accident, becomes stabilized. Richard steps in for Bailey, who declines to scrub in for Meredith’s emergent patient. The doctors decide that their patient is too unstable to keep operating, so they choose to wrap her up and will continue the remainder of the surgery when she has more strength.

While Meredith’s patient remains in stable condition, the interns huddle together by the doctors station to watch the gruesome magic show accident video. When Meredith, Cristina and Alex walk past the group, Alex shows his disgust with Jo, causing Meredith and Cristina to mock him about his “little broken heart.” Cristina rushes off to Bailey to strategize about her patient, Ethan’s father, even though Meredith believes she’s going to try to get Bailey out of the lab. Cristina begins talking to Bailey through the door but eventually comes up with a course of treatment for her patient. Moments later, Shane pages Richard and Meredith because their patient is crashing. During this crisis, the doctors learn that the young assistant is the daughter, the magician is her father and their patient is his wife.

Callie keeps encouraging the doctors, mainly Richard, to speak to Bailey, who remains locked in her genome lab. Richard finally snaps, assuring Callie that he is certainly not the person she wants to speak to right now. After Bailey’s rant towards Richard last week, he knows how badly he’s hurt her. Callie finally accepts his request and leaves the room. Eventually, the doctors line up and corner Bailey after she takes a trip to the bathroom. They all continue to blame Jackson for the investigation involving the CDC. “Bailey, we need you,” says Derek. “The hospital doesn’t work without you!” Bailey continues on, ignoring the doctors.

Owen is taken off guard when Ethan gets rushed in for an apparent overdose. His reeling grandmother, Nancy, becomes flabbergasted: “He can’t die, too!” Owen takes this opportunity to blame Nancy for not keeping a close eye on him, even though they were both supposed to be asleep. Cristina consoles Owen, who continues to watch over Ethan. She decides to give her patient, Ethan’s father, sleeping medicine to counteract his current diagnosis. Owen storms out when the treatment doesn’t work.

Owen decides to speak with Ethan, who confesses he just wanted to go to sleep. He knows he shouldn’t have taken the sleeping pills without permission, but he doesn’t seem to think he has parents anymore. Cristina walks in, reassuring him that nobody has given up on his father yet. He shouldn’t give up, either. But it seems as though Ethan’s grandmother has given up. Nancy confesses to Owen that she can’t take care of Ethan. She points out what happened earlier that day as an example. Unfortunately, there’s nobody else that could take care of him, either.

After her surgery, April criticizes her patient’s friends, encouraging them to “aspire to greatness.” Jackson and April share a cute moment after her speech as Jackson pokes fun at her. She asks him to go to Joe’s for a drink, but he declines. It’s safe to say he thought about going! April insists it’s fine since she has to meet up with Matthew anyway. Sure…

Alex and Jackson are set to depart to Joe’s for food and drinks. On the way out, the two stop and stare when they witness Jo and Jason engaged in a heated discussion. Alex knows it’s best not to get involved. He apparently is done with the “crazy chicks.” Once they get to Joe’s, Jackson realizes he forgot about his date with Stephanie. She’s convinced it’s because he’s now the head of the hospital. When Stephanie demands to be treated better, Jackson kisses her.

After an interesting day together, Arizona gets into the elevator with Lauren, who wastes no time complimenting her “pretty eyes.” Arizona reassures her that she’s married, a fact that Lauren’s well aware of. That doesn’t seem to stop her.

Bailey finally opens the door for Ben, who arrives at the hospital after a call from Richard. Although they’re currently residing in different geographical locations, they’re still married. Ben insists his main job is “being there for her.” Regardless of the CDC’s findings, Bailey still believes she’s to blame for her patients’ deaths.

Later that night, Cristina tells Owen he’s changed. “You want a kid, don’t you?” Although that’s exactly what he wants, Owen insists he wants her. Meredith and Derek spend their night at home with Zola discussing the impact the new McBaby will have on her. But the biggest shock of the evening came when Alex found Jo on his porch, battered and bruised after a fight with Jason.

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