Wow, what an opener. This show has a lot of characters and a lot of plots, so I'm going to do my best to recap everything important that happened in Part One of the premiere. I'll put Part Two separately.

So, it's after the storm. Meredith has just had her baby and remains in bed for the entire episode, getting updates from the other doctors about what's going on. There were some cute moments where Alex and Callie both come in to hold Meredith's baby so they can calm down for a bit.

Richard is still unconscious in the basement. Shane was supposed to go find him, but he passes the task to Brooks so that he can work with Derek in a surgery. Brooks also gets electrocuted in her haste to go to Webber. Shane finds them both and they are both rushed to surgery.

Derek and Shane work frantically on Brooks, but as the episode ends her fate is still up in the air, and even if she survives it will be with severe mental deficiencies.

Meanwhile, Webber is circling the drain. Christina and Bailey get into an argument about how to treat him. Christina says they need to wait, and Bailey says he needs surgery right away. The decision falls to... Meredith. Richard had made her his next of kin without telling her. She's not sure what to do at first, and then she says to trust the labs. They take Richard to surgery.

There's been a huge mudslide because of the storm, so there are tons of patients in the ER. They were supposed to close it down due to lack of supplies, but there are people flooding in with injuries. A lot of first responders on the scene have been hurt, and some of the plot follows them. (Completely unrelated side-note: one of the guys' names is Brian. And the actor who plays him was really attractive. I could not stop staring at him. Okay, I'm done now.)

In other subplot news, April is acting all weird around Jackson, who is still with Stephanie the intern. Arizona is trying to repair things with Callie, but Callie tells everyone what Arizona did, and is not hearing any of the apologies or explanations. Christina is upset about breaking up with Owen, but the two of them manage to keep their cool as they work together. Bailey is very worried about Webber, obviously, which calls into question her ability to treat him objectively. Jo and Alex are happy after their recent declaration of love, but they can't find a moment to be alone in all the chaos.

In all, The Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital is a mess. This was a good, strong opening. I like how it bleeds directly through from the finale of last season. In the next installment, we'll learn the fates of Brooks and Webber. That's sure to be super depressing, one way or another.