And here we have Part Two of the premiere. Oh boy.

Heather doesn't make it. Shane feels responsible for her death, and the other interns are all stunned. The four of them are told to think of good Heather memories for when Heather's mom arrives, and as they try to think of something, they realize that none of them had been a very good friend to her. Throughout the course of the episode, they share secrets and bond like they never have before. I find myself really enjoying the intern characters, and I like the way this show is setting itself up to keep on going indefinitely. I would keep watching, even if the show shifted its focus to Jo, Stephanie, Shane, and Leah. In the end, they tell a story to Heather's mother that actually came from Meredith - it was the same story that she told George's mom after he died.

Richard is in surgery, as Meredith had decided in the last episode, when suddenly Catherine Avery shows up and demands that he be taken out of surgery. She is upset that Bailey would undergo such a risk, and says that her behavior is all because she feels guilty for telling Webber off earlier. Meredith makes the decision to put Webber through surgery again, and it pans out, since Bailey is able to find dead tissue and save him.

Jackson tells April that her statement to him before was nothing more than a freak out, because she's scared about Matthew. He (probably rightfully) says that none of this has anything to do with him, and April needs to make a decision. April goes to Matthew and proposes to him, thus sealing their intent to get married.

Owen and Christina lament the fact that the last time they had sex was nothing special, and so decide to give each other a better last memory. After they hook up twice, Christina tells Owen that she doesn't think they should be friends - she knows that they will inevitably fall back into bed together. She then breaks down, saying that even though it was her decision to end things, this isn't easy for her.

Probably the most heartbreaking of all the plots this week, however, was the continuing Arizona and Callie drama. The woman Arizona slept with is nowhere to be found, which I like. She's not still around to cause more problems. However, Callie moves out of the house and takes Sophia to Meredith and Derek's house. Arizona is freaked out because she doesn't know where her baby is, and Meredith tells her what's going on. Arizona goes to Callie and yells at her for leaving. Later, Callie says that they can have Sophia on a two day rotation. That night, a whole group is hanging out at Meredith's house. Derek, Zola, Christina, Callie, Sophia... when suddenly Arizona shows up, crying, just begging for five minutes with her daughter. Even though she did something very wrong, it was still heartbreaking to see her so upset. Christina convinces Callie to let Arizona have the five minutes.

The episode ends as Richard wakes up. He has had the voice overs for this premiere, and he talked about indecision and how people make a lot of mistakes. But as he wakes up to Meredith vehemently defending her right to choose Richard's care, he knows he made the right choice about one thing. It was an enormously touching ending and I really loved it.

This episode was a great continuation from the first part of the premiere. Things calmed down a bit, but it was still really tense and still dealt very nicely with all the pain these people are going through.