During Dr. Shepherd's surgery, Arizona took a turn for the worse. Alex Karev rushed into to the operating room and told Calli that Arizona's heart kept stopping and she repeatedly was "crashing." Calli instructed Alex to remove Arizona's leg, a decision that was quite literally, life for death.

Christina Yang, who has always been the strongest willed of the cast, suffered great emotional and psychological effects from the crash. While her medical condition improved, she remained awake, responsive but did not speak for weeks. Once recovered, she immediately packed her car and drove to Minnesota stating to Meredith Grey that she wanted to get as far away from Seattle Grace as possible. She did reveal some distressing moments during the 4 days she waited for a rescue plane:

She stayed awake for 4 days to care for Dr. Sloan whose medical condition was life-threateningShe drank her own urine in order to surviveShe listened to animals fighting in the darkness waiting for them to come and attack her until she realized the animals were fighting over Lexi's body

While fans knew of Lexi's death from Season 11, Dr. Sloan's death during the premiere of Season 12 took everyone by surprise. As a Grey's Anatomy fan, having to re-live his death 2 weeks in a row, was quite stressful. And to not know what he actually died of, well, that was almost cruel.

Fans, stay tuned to next week - will it be a continuation of tonight and will fans have to re-live Dr. McSteamy's last 30 days?  Can't get enough of Grey's?  To view a slideshow, click here or for a video, click here.

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