Many Clevelanders are heartbroken by Season 12 and grieving after watching Episode 2. Last week's season premiere showed fans where all the cast members were a few months after the infamous plane crash. Tonight's episode was slightly different - the entire hour was flashbacks showing how each cast member's medical condition improved or took a drastic turn for the worse.

Grey's Anatomy creator and writer, Shona Rhimes, certainly knows how to draw in fans with a fantastic storyline. For years, no stone has been left unturned, no detail left out. Unfortunately, tonight during Episode 2, that changed. Specifically, in regards to Dr. Mark Sloan.

Last week, many fans were left in tears when Dr. Sloan (Dr. McSteamy) was removed from life support. Tonight, the preceding months were shown but without much detail. Dr. Sloan was in drastic shape when rescued, however, his condition improved. He was actually sitting up and joking with all the residents and doctors. Dr. Weber even commented that he felt this was the "surge." A period where patients get better before they get worse. As the hour passed, eventually, Dr. Weber was sitting next to Dr. Sloan helping him fill out his Living Will, indicating that if he was unreponsive after 30 days - he wanted to have life support discontinued. But the main question remained, what exactly were his injuries and why was Dr. Weber so convinced that Dr. Sloan was going to die?

Dr. Derek Shepherd regained partial use of his hand. However, in order to be able to operate again, he needed additional surgery. He demanded that Calli Torrez perform the surgery. Calli agreed but was fighting her own demons.

Arizona Robbins, Calli's wife, had a massive infection in her leg. While amputation was recommended, Arizona refused and made Calli promise not to let anyone "take her leg."