Actors in Hollywood must change their look quite frequently depending on the roles they play in movies. Sometimes they must shave their heads, dye their hair, or grow it out. Most actors can pull this off and look hot, but some definitely cannot. Here is a list of male celebrities who'd be hotter if they changed their hair.

There's something about Bret Michaels that makes him hot. It may be his rocker style, the eyeliner, or the bandana, but those long blonde locks have got to go. Maybe a shaved head would look hot. Because honestly, take off the bandana and he definitely has a bald spot underneath.

Jared Leto needs to get rid of the messy mop on his head and maybe go for a short, spiky do. He has the face, now he just needs the hair to complete his hotness.

Colin Farrell is an attractive guy, but his hair always seems to be greasy and quite messy. Buzz it, Colin and you'd be extra yummy!

Another older rocker type that we'll give the benefit of the doubt to is Richie Sambora. Get rid of the highlights, and trim the locks. The girly style on men will never be attractive.

There's something about Billy Ray Cyrus that makes him a cutie, but just like Richie Sambora, highlights are very feminine. Get rid of the bob Billy, but don't go back to the mullet. EVER!

John Travolta is a very attractive guy with his bright blue eyes and butt chin. But there's something about his hair plugs lately that aren't cutting it. And when he showed up to the Oscars last fall, he looked as though he painted his hair on. Au natural is the best to go with him. Short and neat John!

Owen Wilson's locks are a little wild and crazy just like his personality. Maybe a little shorter, and we can take the attention away from his crooked nose.

Pete Wentz has a cute face but looks a little gothic with his black, slick hair. Way too much pomade! Short and spiky but not too spiky like Ashlee's ex Ryan Cabrera. Yikes!

American Idol cutie, Jason Castro has the most piercing blue eyes on television. But his dreads are distracting us away from his beautiful face. Get rid of them! We need to focus on your face, not the rat's nest coming out of your noggin!

Hair Makeovers Won't Help These Guys:

Then there are some men who wouldn't have a chance at hotness, even if they did change their hair. There is no hope for Carrot Top and his bright orange fro. He could shave off his locks and he'd still have the pale skin and overly expressive eyebrows.

Take the comb-over off Donald Trump's head and he'd still be puffy cheeked and pouty lips with overly tan skin. There's no quick fix there.

Back in the day, Axl Rose may have been hot for a rocker, but he has since gone overboard with the plastic surgery. Even without the dreads, he doesn't have a chance being that Sweet Child of Mine ever again!

Michael Jackson could do nothing with his lovely locks to distract us from that hideous nose. Nothing. Period.

Next, there are the little Hollywood tykes that don't have control over their hair but certainly need a cut. The top picks for the young Hollywood kids that need to change their hairdos are Ryder Hudson (Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson's son) and Rene Charles (Celine Dion's son). Even though Ryder is only a child, his hair is way too long and stringy and seems to wash out his face. And Rene not only has a girl's name but a girl's style! Mommies, take out the scissors and do your children a favor.

Still Hot No Matter What:

Lastly, there are some men who are hot no matter what their hair looks like. Put it in dreads, buzz it, bleach it or let it hang greasy. These two guys are still hot no matter what's happening on top of their head.

Brad Pitt, he's had almost an Ellen DeGeneres do, a long bleach blonde mop, a shaved head and a Forrest Gump do. Yet, he pulled off every hairstyle. Even with the sprinkle of salt and pepper starting to accumulate throughout his hair, he still looks hot! Bad hair, multiple kids, age...nothing seems to get in the way of Brad!

Another hottie for life is Matthew McConaughey. He has had long, curly tresses, a buzz cut, greasy bohemian hair and a military cut. Maybe it's his dimples, but they all looked great on him. Lucky, lucky man!

Story by Erin Demchak

Starpulse contributing writer