Paul McCartney brought the house down at the Grammy Awards last night when he bridged the generation gap by performing Beatles anthem “Yesterday” with Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington and Jay-Z. Wearing a T-shirt featuring John Lennon, Jay-Z rapped over the tune as Benington and McCartney sang. The rap mogul ended the surprise collaboration by stating, "Sounds so beautiful, don't you agree."

Gorillaz made Grammy Awards history when they became the first animated group to open the prizegiving. The quirky group kicked off music's big night with their hit "Feel Good Inc.," and as the cartoon band performed on a huge black screen, Madonna joined them to perform her smash-hit "Hung Up." Wearing a shimmering lilac leotard and matching corset, the pop star wowed the Grammy audience and viewers by performing with the Gorillaz as her backing band. The carefully-choreographed routine featured Madonna dancing in front of the animated group as they appeared to watch her every move and provide the backing to her hit. Madonna then amazed everyone by appearing to actually join the animated group, walking among the cartoon members as if they were actually on stage with her - before taking to an adjoining platform to perform with real-life dancers. The performance relied on three-dimensional holographic-style animation.

Kelly Clarkson used the Grammy Awards to pay a special thanks to the pal who is helping her cope with the heartache of her love split. The singer broke up with rocker boyfriend Graham Colton last month, and childhood pal Ashley Donovan has been helping her through the blues. And Clarkson said a special thank you to her best friend by asking her to be her `date' at music's big night.

She says, "Ashley has also been the girl who has been doing my hair and make-up for years. She's a great friend." Donovan also got a special mention from Clarkson as the American Idol star picked up her Best Female Pop Vocal Performance prize at the start of the big night for “Since U Been Gone.”

Hardcore rapper The Game showed off his soft side on the red carpet when he brought his two-year-old son Harlem as his date. The nervous youngster clung to pieces of his Mr. Potato Head doll as his father was interviewed by the media.

Madonna insisted her dancers rehearse her Grammy Awards opening number during Sunday's Super Bowl because she wanted everything to go perfectly during her opening performance.

American Idol judge Randy Jackson returned to his live musical roots at the Grammy Awards - he played bass for Mariah Carey and also contributed to the night's Sly Stone tribute.

Mary J. Blige was cheering on chart rival Mariah Carey last night because she felt the R&B diva deserved to "clean up" at the event. Blige confessed before the show that she is a longtime Carey fan and thought a clutch of Grammys would seal an amazing year for her pal. The singer said, "I just want Mariah Carey to clean up. That is my heart, my baby. She's someone who got me through when I was in the projects just singing my heart out, didn't know if I was gonna get a record deal. Mariah Carey's songs were all (what) my girlfriends and I sang. We went to the clubs and sang Mariah Carey's songs and she's a beautiful person. I know her so I'm just so happy to see her come through and be that good woman that they can't hold down. I like everybody else but I'm rooting for Mariah." Unfortunately, Blige's cheers weren't loud enough to help Carey claim the biggest haul at the 2006 Grammys - despite being nominated for eight honors, the R&B diva came away with three.

Kanye West had a secret weapon behind his 2005 chart hits - he took poetry lessons to hone his rapping skills. The usually cocksure hitmaker, who picked up three honors, admits he needed to fine tune his spoken word skills - and reached out for an expert to help him. He reveals, "I had a poetry instructor... and I was like, `She is so much better than me at this. If I could apply this, I could be like a Bob Dylan, a Bob Marley, a Stevie Wonder, a Prince, a John Lennon." And West is convinced his poetry lessons helped give 2005 megahit “Gold Digger” a real kick.

U2 star Bono never plays down the worth of Grammy Awards and similar accolades because they're what justify his jet-set lifestyle. The Irish group claimed the biggest haul at last night's prize giving in Los Angeles - with five honors - and Bono insists he and his band mates never take the honors for granted. Speaking before the show, he explained, "We need this so badly. Our band, we're fighting for it every time we walk out on the stage. We're not expecting to win this year - because we won three last year for the same album - but, I'll tell you, if we do, it'll mean more to us than ever because you've gotta prove it all over again and again. You've always got to get out of bed in the morning thinking, `Why do I deserve to live like this; I'm a rock star, there's a car waiting - I'm not even driving the car; there's something wrong. Better not be crap.' That's really it... Make great, extraordinary music - and then it's OK."

Memorable Quotes:

"We're thinking about sending him to sort of like MA, which is like a Meglomaniacs Anonymous meeting - we can bring other people in, sit down: `When did you first start having thoughts of world domination?'" U2 star Bono on cocky Grammy Awards rival and touring partner Kanye West.

"The only people I would accept defeating me for album of the year would be System of a Down, and they didn't get nominated... I'm not trying to dis people, but there weren't that many really, really good albums." Rapper Kanye West insists he should have won the Best Album prize at last night's Grammy Awards. He lost out to U2.

"It's easier to sweat and be all passionate with 12, 13-year-oldgirls in the front row. It's harder when it's Paul McCartney and Jay-Z." Coldplay’s Chris Martin admits to chronic nerves before last night's Grammy Awards.

"She's a legend, she's been around a long time and I'm happy for her." Mariah Carey insists she has no hard feelings towards Madonna, despite reports she's upset about not being asked to open the Grammy Awards last night. Madonna opened the show.

"If you think this is gonna go to our head, it's too late." Bono on picking up U2's fourth Grammy Award for Song of the Year “Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own.”

"I didn't want anyone to have to wonder whether or not I was wearing underwear, so I just decided to let people see if I was wearing underwear or not." Grammy Awards presenter Teri Hatcher on her sheer Jean-Paul Gaultier dress.

"I've been doing Tae Bo and dancing six hours a day to get in shape for my music video." R&B star Christian Milian on her stunning Grammy Awards red carpet look. She wore a revealing Max Azria gown.

"I like drinking with my band. They're fun." Double Grammy Award winner Kelly Clarkson on how she planned to celebrate her triumphs.

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