While a majority of television reality shows tend to focus on mating conquests, VH1 "Gotti's Way 2" deviates into whole other direction. "Gotti's Way 2" followed the same overall synopsis of the previous season, scrutinizing Irv Gotti's role as the president of the Murder Inc. music label, that spawned many notable hip hop recording stars from Ashanti and DMX to Ja Rule, and focusing on his personal life and attempts to resurrect his career after a federal indictment for money laundering in 2005.

Gotti's keen intuition to move into reality television and showcase his own dysfunctional family and everyday life within the music industry, with the awareness that the scenario would make good television, has paid off.

A behind-the-scenes look is given to the inner workings of the music industry - the role of the music mogul's signings and responsibility for a label's music acts. Glimpses here are educational. The program also centers on Gotti's wife Deb and their three children, Angie, Sonny, and J.J. The concentration on the demise of Gotti's marriage to his wife as try to raise their children in the midst of a separation is universally relatable. An underlying tension is evident even when they communicate at a distance while sitting on separate ends of a couch just to talk. They rarely ever see life the same way. Here, you have an unhappy wife constantly competing with her husband's salacious "music business" lifestyle for which he makes no excuses nor will rescind.

Gotti in his role as father and disciplinarian never once flinches away from his street bravado and vernacular while the cameras are on. Whether at the expense of fame, the "real" stars of the show however are Gotti's children. The most genuine and emotive moments on camera are displayed whenever the children's fears, exasperations and reactions at the demise of their parent's marriage are viewed.

The current season of "Gotti's Way 2" culminated with Gotti's desperation in dealing with an ever fickle and changing music industry while trying to resurrect the 90's momentum of his label's success. His wife Deb came to an understanding and confronted the inevitable reality of her marital expectations and found a working resolution with Gotti that is deemed best for their family.

Will Gotti's label, now The Inc., rule the music charts again? Will Gotti and Deb divorce? How will their "arrangement" continue to affect their children? Who knows, but "Gotti's Way 3" may hold the key.

Should couples in unhappy marriages stick around waiting for a miracle, or, just for their kids? Let us know what you think!

Story by Claudine Paul
Starpulse contributing writer