Two words - Jenny Humphrey. Gossip Girl's leading lady of the night was definitely Jenny (Taylor Momsen). She spent all her time, money and effort into creating her own clothing line, J Humphrey Designs. With the help of model Agnes (Willa Holland) and her in-the-know friends Jenny had the gusto to throw a guerrilla fashion show in the middle of a ceremony honoring Bart (Robert John Burke) and Lily (Kelly Rutherford) Bass for their contributions to the New York Philanthropic Society.

All the glory didn't come easily for Jenny. She'd been dealing with drama ever since she decided to leave Eleanor Waldorf's workshop. Her brother, Dan (Penn Badgley) had been pestering live-in-friend Nate (Chace Crawford) for information about Jenny and her secrecy with Agnes. Nate didn't have anything to say because he was nervous, I suppose, to tell Dan about the passionate kiss he shared with Jenny last week. Jenny took this vow of silence from Nate as regret for the kiss. Nate sure has been jumping all over the age boxes of women. First the women are too old, and then they are too young. Nate just can't seem to catch a break.

But, secrets can't be kept from Dan for long. Soon he and Vanessa (Jessica Szohr) spot Jenny driving to the show in a shady van, with Nate no less. Dan checks the Gossip Girl website and figures out where Jenny and Nate are headed. He also sees a picture of the two kissing. This doesn't please Dan. And when Vanessa sees the pair kissing with her own eyes, it doesn't please her either. Dan gets so mad about Nate and his fifteen year old sister that he tells Nate to go back to Brooklyn, pack his things, and get out. Nate asks Dan not to judge him for his actions with Jenny, but it's too little, too late.

Despite the success of her fashion show, Jenny is upset when she realizes she's hurt Vanessa in the process of falling for Nate. "It's bros before hoes," as Gossip Girl says…or in this case more like (people who feel like) sisters over misters. But her father Rufus (Matthew Settle) doesn't have the same loyalties. He basically turns Jenny over to the cops for disrupting the evening's event. Lucky for Jenny, Lily was there to tell the cops she wouldn't be pressing charges. Lily tells Rufus that he's going to make a big mistake with Jenny, but he doesn't listen. To his dismay, Jenny packed her things and moved out as well. I sure hope she has enough eyeliner to last her living on the streets of Brooklyn.

Meanwhile, Serena (Blake Lively) and Blair (Leighton Meester) are still scheming up ways to get into Yale. Serena takes Blair to visit prominent donors of the university. Serena ends up volunteering Blair to "baby-sit" their daughter, Emma Boardman (Stella Maeve). Emma has other plans, like Bacardi and boys. She's set on losing her virginity before some girl named Muffy loses hers. This sends Blair (and of course she drags Serena too) on a wild goose chase to find the wild child loose in the city. While searching for Emma, Blair and Serena and Chuck (who always seems to show up at the bar) find Emma's mom kissing someone who is not her dad. Guess there's never too many affairs to be had on a teen soap.

Chuck originally took a liking to Emma, but once she threw herself at him in the back of his limo, he'd had his fun. Blair finally finds Emma at some sleazy guy's apartment and she saves her from losing her virginity to a creep (with the help of a fake post on Gossip Girl about Muffy). Emma then asks Blair if she lost her virginity to someone she loved. Blair answered yes. She also tells Emma to stop covering up her mommy issues and find out who she really is…or something emotional and mushy like that that was totally un-Blair like.

Then, when Blair returned Emma home she confronted the prominent Yale donor and was about to blackmail her with the incriminating photo, but Emma barged back in the room and tells her mother that Blair was just trying to help. Blair, for once, decides against the blackmailing and karma is in her favor. The next morning the Yale dean called Blair and was very pleased with Emma's glowing report.

Serena, on the other hand, was completely distracted the entire episode with Aaron (John Patrick Amedori) drama. She keeps seeing him with other girls and without a good explanation. But he seems to be trying to win her over, by sending her the licorice ring from their camp days. Serena doesn't know if she likes the game he is playing, but she definitely seems to like him. Poor Dan. He lost Serena, his sister went rogue and now he can't even get a recommendation letter for Yale. Looks like he's going to resort to his own form of blackmail by writing a story about Chuck.

It looks like everyone has gone back to hating one another, in some form or fashion; the Gossip Girl world is being restored to normal. We'll just have to wait and see what happens next.

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Story by Beth Wickman

Starpulse contributing writer