Well, it wasn't a big surprise to learn in the first 30 seconds of this week's Gossip Girl that Bart Bass (Robert John Burke) had died in a terrible accident. He did have some last words, left in a voicemail to Lily (Kelly Rutherford). He knew about her time spent in a hospital in France. What did she do? That's a secret Bart took to his grave; fortunately, his private investigator made it through the crash (I'm assuming he was in the accident too, he was indeed last seen with Bart in the car) and lived to sell the information to the highest bidder.

But, for once, the Upper East Siders weren't concerned with money - they were concerned about each other. Blair (Leighton Meester) was especially concerned about Chuck (Ed Westwick) ignoring her calls. Dan (Penn Badgley) was being super supportive to Serena (Blake Lively). And Rufus (Matthew Settle) was trying to be there for Lily, the best an ex-lover could.

Lily, however, was off making lists and writing thank-you notes to photo editors, while her mother. CeCe (Caroline Lagerfelt) was dealing with most of the business arrangements. Chuck was trying to deal with business as well, but he was doing it drunk.

When it came time for the funeral, more harsh words were heard than nice ones. Chuck kicked Dan out of the funeral, despite the fact that Serena wanted him there, because of Rufus and Lily's relationship. Chuck called Lily a whore and claimed that he had no longer had a family.

Dan returned home to figure out what Chuck meant by confronting Rufus. Rufus didn't admit to Dan that he was waiting for Lily and planning to run away with her for the Christmas holidays. Planning being the operative word.

While some were grieving over death, Cyrus Rose (Wallace Shawn) wanted to live every moment to the fullest. He decided to move his wedding to Ms. Eleanor Waldorf (Margaret Colin) to the very next day! Blair wasn't too sure about this premature wedding, but with the help of Jenny's (Taylor Momsen) wedding suit design and a Rabbi the Rose-Waldorf wedding was a success. But all this life, love and death madness was getting to Blair. She finally decided to tell Chuck what she thought he needed to hear most…those three little words…I love you. Chuck didn't say it back. He showed up after her mother's wedding and cried in her arms. Then he left Blair, leaving only a note behind, telling her not to come looking for him.

The younger, slightly more attractive Rose, Aaron (John Patrick Amedori), was seeking out love from Serena as well. He asked her to go to South America with him for the Christmas holiday. Serena, however, wanted to know how Dan felt about the subject matter before she made a decision. In Dan's attempt not to play games, he pushed Serena away. He was later told by his sister that he was acting stupid. He then told Serena before Cyrus and Eleanor's wedding that he didn't want her to go. She claimed that she couldn't because it was their parents' time to be together. Dan was puzzled since his dad mentioned nothing of this previously. Aaron told Serena he was falling in love with her. That pleased her for the moment and the two took off for the airport happily together.

Lily thought she was in the clear. She had sent her mother to pay the private investigator a lot of money to cover up her big secret. But, Chuck won the bet, considering CeCe didn't pay a dime. She wanted Lily to come clean, especially since she was planning on being with Rufus. All of this leads to one conclusion…the secret has to do with Rufus!

Chuck burned the papers with the forbidden information, but CeCe took the information straight to Rufus in Brooklyn. Rufus then headed to meet Lily and asked a simple question…Was it a boy or a girl?

For that answer, tune back into the CW on January 5th.

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Story by Beth Wickman

Starpulse contributing writer