This week Gossip Girl was all about building new relationships. Jenny (Taylor Momsen) moved in with Agnes (Willa Holland), Blair's (Leighton Meester) mother, Eleanor (Margaret Colin), found herself a man named Cyrus Rose (Wallace Shawn), Serena (Blake Lively) was falling hard for Cyrus' son Aaron (John Patrick Amedori) and Dan (Penn Badgley) befriended Chuck's (Ed Westwick) father Bart (Robert John Burke).

After the guerrilla fashion show, Jenny decided home was not where her heart was. She took refuge at Agnes' apartment while they went on the hunt to find a business partner. While the two may have been sharing an apartment, they were definitely not sharing the same brain. Agnes believed herself to be "the brains and face" behind the entire operation - going so far as to change the name of Jenny's line. When Jenny and Agnes started bickering during the business meeting, the deal was off. Agnes continued her partying ways with photographer Max and became too hung over to find Jenny anymore opportunities. Jenny then stole Agnes' contact information and decided to make the deal without her. Agnes, of course, found out about Jenny's sneaky business deal and dramatically burned all of Jenny's dresses in a garbage can. Needless to say, Jenny got kicked out of Agnes' apartment. But, fortunately for her, the deal was still on…but there was still a slight problem. Jenny needed a parent signature because she's a minor. Jenny's dad (Matthew Settle) refused, as did her mother. The only option left now was emancipation from her parents; it looks like she'll be figuring out a way to take that option.

If it's not one Humphrey child disappointing their father, it's the other. Dan decided to write the story about Chuck Bass, much to his father's dismay. The story of Chuck not only got Dan his much needed recommendation letter to Yale, but also another writing opportunity. Someone from New York magazine wanted Dan to get the inside scoop on Bass Industries and do an expose on Bart Bass. Dan decided this was a good opportunity and so he faked interested in construction to win Bart's approval. Chuck, like usual, was suspicious of Dan's actions and spied on him. He discovered Dan's trick, but it was too late. Dan had already found dirt on Chuck's father. Apparently before making his millions, Bart didn't have enough money to pay for a building and it mysteriously burned down; the money collected from insurance gave him enough money to start up his company. Chuck stopped his father from confirming the truth of this, but Dan's conscious felt too guilty. Instead of taking the story to New York Magazine, he sent his original story about Chuck to Bart. Bart read it and then apologized to Chuck for being distant for so long, realizing finally that Chuck thought his father hated him because his mother died during childbirth.

Dan wasn't the only one to grow a conscious, however. Blair surprisingly did as well. Although she wasn't originally pleased with the idea of her mother dating a short, bald man, she got over it. But, Blair did have to do some manipulating first. She took Cyrus out to lunch to dig up dirt on his past. She found out that he cheated on his ex-wife in the past for the only other woman he'd felt passion for. He met the girl in Vietnam during the war and went back to tell his wife, but unfortunately, the girl he loved was killed. He decided he still couldn't stay in a loveless marriage so he left her anyway, but on good terms. Blair manipulated this information to her mother and simply said that Cyrus cheated on his ex-wife. Blair's mother, who had the same thing happen with her gay ex-husband, was upset and kicked Cyrus out. Blair felt guilty, and since she was turning 18, decided that she needed to have some grace. It also didn't hurt that Cyrus brought Cyndi Lauper to Blair's birthday party. While both parties acknowledged they were not what the other expected, Blair and Cyrus seemed to make peace for now. We'll see what happens when Cyrus moves into Blair's home.

Cyrus isn't the only member of the Rose family breaking hearts. Serena, being completely smitten with Cyrus' artist son Aaron, completely ignored all of Blair's drama this week and focused on her new beau. She agreed to be Aaron's muse for his new art project, but found out that he had more than one muse. Aaron is one to embrace free love, but Serena is more conventional. This might not pan out so well for Serena who is bothered by the non-exclusivity of her relationship with Aaron, but willing for now to give it a try.

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Story by Beth Wickman

Starpulse contributing writer