It seems like gossip and innuendo are the name of the game in Drop Dead Diva. The episode opens in Jane’s apartment with her and Stacy preparing breakfast and chatting before work.  Jane dishes with Stacy about her successful date with judge French.  She tells Stacy she really enjoyed her date with the judge and gives her all the romantic details and tells Stacy she hopes he’ll call again. Stacy interrupts her and confesses her guilt for kissing her co-star Bryan and her attraction to him and doesn’t know how or what to tell Fred. Jane tells Stacy not to hurt Fred and tell him the truth as soon as possible. Then Jane asks Stacy who she wants to be with Fred or Bryan and Stacy says she doesn’t know.

Meanwhile, Kim ends up in a place she never thought she would a church. The priest there has called her for help in defending the church’s pastor Ben Logan.

It seems Mr. Logan is a single father and widower who’s charged with the criminal offense of a civil demand by discount chain One Stop for telling his parishioners to take what they need to survive and says one stop needs to meet their charitable needs to the community Kim asks him if that means he’s telling the parishoner’s to steal and condones it . Ben says yes. Kim says although she can sympathize and understand where he’s coming from, it’s a crime. However, Kim seems taken with him and he with her and she says she will speak to the store on his behalf and find out what’s going on?  Meanwhile back at Harrison and Parker it seems like a storm is brewing  and Parker is in the middle of it.

Back at the office, Parker is racing around removing any heavy or blunt shaped objects from his office as one of his exes by the name of Elisa played by pop star Brandi says she wants to come by and speak to him. Parker convinced she either wants to get back together or tear him apart either way she wants a piece of him and he wants no part in it. Parker commissions Jane as his second in command accompanying him for the meeting.  Parker says if Jane helps him he’ll owe her big time and she holds him to that.

Jane and Parker meet with Elisa who tells them that she has an insurance case she would like them to take. She wants to sue an insurance company for denying her, her father’s life insurance policy. Parker quickly tells Elisa he’s sorry but can’t take the case but when Parker leaves Jane defies him once again, and says that she is taking the case whether he likes it or not because he said he owed her one. So he, desists in putting up a fight.

Later, Parker visits Kim in her office believing that the feelings between them have been reignited and the their relationship renewed. However, Kim surprises Parker and tells him it’s not so she doesn’t want their relationship to be exclusive, he’s free to see other people and so is she. Parker says he doesn’t want it that way and Kim says take it or leave it.   It seems like everyone is being surprised in the romance department when Jane goes to meet Owen in his chambers for lunch and gets a surprise of her own.

When Jane arrives at Owen’s chambers ready for a quiet romantic lunch, she’s shocked to find a party in the room with Owen surrounded by friends and all his friends ask Jane if she is a F.O.O. (friend of Owen’s).  Jane doesn’t let that distract her from her case and goes to visit Elisa about her case.

When Jane arrives at Elisa’s apartment to get her signature on some documents she discovers Elisa has been keeping a secret of her own. It seems Elisa has a seven year old son, who was coincidentally born a year after Elissa and Parker broke up. Jane puts two and two together and realizes Parker is the father but knows it’s not her place to say anything.  Meanwhile it seems an office romance is brewing for Kim when she organizes a dinner there with her client Ben Logan.

In her office, while discussing the case and how to defend and approach it, Kim and Ben grow closer ending the night with a kiss.

Jane hopes her second attempt at a romantic date with Owen is in the cards but realizes it’s not when Owen’s social butterfly skills go into overdrive and he recognizes people in the restaurant and calls them over to join the pair for dinner alienating Jane.

Meanwhile as Jane is trying Elisa’s case, the insurance company accuses Elisa who is a nurse of acquiring and overmedicating her father taking advantage of her position as a nurse and threatens to report her and trying to blackmail her into dropping the suit against them or she’ll surely lose her license. Later Jane is put in the middle of her friends drama once again back at the office.

Jane learns Fred knew about Stacy’s Kiss with Bryan all along when he informs Jane he caught them kissing in the hall when he was waiting to surprise Stacy. Jane tells Fred he needs to stand up for himself and tell Stacy that he knows and how he feels as soon as possible. Fred agrees and wastes no time. He barges on to the set of Stacy’s drama but it might be too late when he hears her accept a date with Bryan.  Fred doesn’t back down confronting Stacy telling her she needs to decide who and what she wants. If she can’t make up her mind he doesn’t want to be with her. Stacy is mad as well at Jane this time.

Stacy goes to see Jane and reems her out for revealing her secret to Fred. Jane said she didn’t have to reveal anything because Fred told her he saw Stacy with his own eyes.  Jane can’t worry about Stacy because she’s busy with her case and recruits Grayson for help. She wants to see if the pair can dig up dirt on the insurance company and use that against them for leverage. Grayson comes through and finds the dirt that Jane is looking for. He learns that the insurance company withheld Elisa’s policy while cashing an indentical policy to her father’s employer and they’ve done the same to other policy holders as well. The company up against the wall and offers Elisa a deal they will settle if she doesn’t reveal what she learned. Elisa refuses to hide the injustice but rather expose so her father’s co-workers won’t suffer the same fate. In the end it seems like a lose, lose situation as Elisa wins the lawsuit and the insurance money but loses her job and the insurance company is exposed and in hot water.

Later Kim is called down to the police station after Ben’s daughter is arrested for shoplifting. The police tell Kim and Ben she stole over $1,000 worth of goods. Ben’s daughter says she stole because her father told the congregation to take what they want and need and she wanted a cd player and other electronics so she could look cool to her friends and was tired of not having things because they are poor.  Ben realizes he taught his daughter and the congregation the wrong lesson.  Later as Ben’s hearing approaches he doesn’t show up for court and a warrant is put out for his arrest but Kim thinks she knows where to find him. She goes to his church and finds him preaching to the congregation about the consequences and karma in stealing.  Kim manages to get Ben out of jail but then sends him on his way telling him her feelings for Parker are stronger and she wants to have a relationship with him.

Parker feeling sorry for the way he treated Elisa tries to make amends by offering her a temp job at the firm unaware that he’s the father of her son. Jane returns home to find out that Fred has moved out and that Stacy still hasn’t decided how she feels about either man but prepares for her date with Bryan hoping to figure it out.  Meanwhile at the bar, Grayson and Teri tag team Fred and try to cheer him up with a drink.

Finally, the episode ends with Jane’s third date with Owen and although she hopes the third time’s the charm, she’s not very hopeful.  However, she is pleasantly surprised when she enters the restaurant and find it empty and it’s only occupants are her and Owen who has set up a romantic dinner for two. Jane finally has Owen all to herself, but will she be able to keep it that way. Tune in next week to find out.