Brothers and sisters tend to fight and get jealous of one another. But could you imagine if your sibling was more famous and better looking than you? Ouch! Here's a list of celebrities and their not so good looking siblings.

Cameron Diaz and her sister Chimene

Cameron Diaz and her older sister Chimene Cain have a very close relationship and although Chimene isn't a famous actress like her little sis, it seems as though she's perfectly happy with life. She is married with a daughter and has a great bond with Cameron. Unlike Cameron, Chimene has red hair, blue eyes that are not as striking and is a little chubbier.

Gisele Bundchen and her twin sister Patricia

Could you imagine having a twin sister who is a supermodel? Surely you'd look in the mirror daily and ask, "Why not me?" Model Gisele Bundchen's fraternal twin Patricia is in that situation. And although she may not feel bad that she's not in Gisele's shoes, it must have a small effect on her ego. Gisele doesn't think the same though. When she and Patricia were growing up, Gisele actually envied her because she thought she was much hotter. Gisele even admitted that when she was 14, her sister already had a boyfriend, and she hadn't even had a first kiss yet.

Brad Pitt and his brother Doug
Your older brother is Angelina Jolie's boyfriend and one of the sexiest men alive. Ouch! Brad Pitt's younger brother Doug, who owns computer service shop looks similar to Brad but has darker hair, a chubbier face and is more of a cross between Brad, Zach Braff and John Ritter.

Julia Roberts and her sister Lisa
Julia Robert's sister Lisa Roberts Gillan is a talented Hollywood producer. Yet she doesn't possess the same fame or looks as her little sister. She is shorter than Julia and doesn't have that claim to fame smile. But the two are best friends. Lisa was maid of honor at Julia's wedding to Lyle Lovett and Julia was maid of honor when Lisa married her husband.

Matt Damon and his brother Kyle
Matt Damon and his only brother Kyle are very close friends but the two aren't that close in looks. Older bro Kyle lives in Boston with his wife and kids where he is a sculptor. The two have similar eyes but Kyle's face is fuller than Matt's and he's obviously not the "Sexiest Man Alive."

Jennifer Lopez and her sister Lynda
Jennifer Lopez' younger sister Lynda is a DJ and has been a host on a style show on E!. And although she is used to the spotlight, she doesn't grace the red carpet as well as Jennifer. Lynda has a great body like her sister but has a big nose and mouth with a bad gum to tooth ratio. But when your sister is as gorgeous as Jennifer Lopez it is hard to compete.

Lindsay Lohan and her sister Ali
Ali Lohan, the younger sister of actress Lindsay Lohan can't compare to her sister. And we're not just talking about talent. Not only is her presence annoying, but she has a very mousy look to her and has reportedly gotten a boob job at age fifteen!

Scarlett Johansson and her twin brother Hunter
Although Scarlett Johansson's twin brother Hunter was named one of the Single and Sexy Men of 2008 by People Magazine some beg to differ. He's cute in a dorky kind of way with his eyeglasses and Converse sneakers but he doesn't compare to the stunning beauty of his sister. Sorry Hunter!

Hilary Duff and her sister Haylie
Hilary Duff is relatively more famous and better looking than her older sister Haylie. While Hilary has a cute girl next door look, Haylie's features aren't as flattering. Her pointy nose and big mouth definitely make Hilary the better looking Duff sister!

Tom Brady and his sisters Nancy and Maureen
Tom Brady's sisters Maureen and Nancy should be stunning right? Look at their brother! Yet, they are both plain girls who don't even look related to their hottie of a brother Tom.

Story by Erin Demchak
Starpulse contributing writer