Wow!!!  What a red carpet this year!  Did I mention I walked right by Madonna .... yes, freaking MADONNA! And here as promised is my vlog - you will for sure get a feel for the mayhem that is the Globes.  The most intense people are the fans in the bleachers - they will yell at you over and over for being in their shot ... total riot!

So here's a quick roundup of my personal red carpet run-ins:

- Natalie Portman = stunning

- George Clooney is the nicest person ever

- Michelle Williams needs to loose the headband

- Channing Tatum is HOTTTTTT

- Heidi Klum needed a bra, or at least a shelf bra in that blah dress

- Lea Michele looked super sexy once again - two thumbs up girl

- Brad Pitt had a cane 

- Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban were SOOO in love, so sweet to see

- Leo cruised by but looked fabulous as always

- Morgan Freeman is a class act!

- Elton John loves to smile

- Bryan Cranston will totally shoot the sh!t with you

- Madonna has STILL seriously got it

- Rooney Mara is a sweetheart!


And last but not least I have to give a huge thanks to Oliver Tolentino for styling me in this glamourous couture and did I mention eco-friendly gown: