Whether in apparel, foods, cars, or beverages, popular music in commercials is taking over. Some tunes work so surprisingly well as the backdrop to a commercial that viewers often don't pay attention to the product being advertised. We present our picks for music that has gotten some mileage with the help of ads. Love them? Hate them? Let us know!

Madonna/ Sunsilk
Madonna is one smart cookie and not one to sleep on trends. With the imminent release of her "Hard Candy" studio recording, it no surprise that the artist has chosen commercials to present her lead single from the album for national preview. "4 Minutes" is the name of the track, featuring production team Timbaland and Justin Timberlake, and has been on nonstop TV rotation since its release. "Hard Candy" will drop on April 29.

Yael Naim - New Soul / Macbook Air
Until her song "New Soul" was featured as the backdrop of Apple's new Macbook AIR campaign, this singer lived in relative anonymity. The commercial has given Naim some much-needed exposure. No longer a "New Soul in a strange world," her track can be found on her debut release titled "Yael Naim."

CSS / iPod Touch
With personal lyrics like, "Music is my imaginary friend," this track couldn't have been a more appropriate for the Apple's iPod touch campaign. The song, "Music Is My Hot Hot Sex" is by quirky Brazillian band CSS. The track is featured on their self-titled release Cansei De Ser Sexy.

Lights / Old Navy
Lights, who is just the "simple girl who writes songs in her bedroom," is the voice in Old Navy's "Pattern Play" Spring apparel commercial that features her tune "White." Her second featured track, "Drive My Soul," in Old Navy's current April "Road Trip" commercial, is turning out to be even more successful. Both songs are from her self-titled "Lights" EP.

Band Of Horses / 2008 Ford Edge
The airy track heard in the 2008 Ford Edge commercial that carries a dreamy passenger through the metropolis as everyone watches, is ironically "The Funeral" by Seattle's Band Of Horses. The look and feel evoked by the band's own video for the same track is different. "The Funeral" can be found on their debut release Everything All The Time.

Shiny Toy Guns - Motorlola Razr 2
The highly entertaining Motoroloa Razr 2 advertisement accompanied by the sounds of Shiny Toy Gun's "Le Disko" is razor sharp. The track is off the band's debut release We Are Pilots.

Carl Orff / Gatorade
Carl Orff's "O FORTUNA" classical piece, as featured in this advertisement, provides the perfect dramatic soundtrack to the new Gatorade commercial. Composed 71 years ago from Carmina Burana, it has remained timeless.

Digitalism / Pontiac Torrent GXP
One slick commercial on the scene is for the Pontiac's 2008 GXP. The ad, which features "Pogo" by Digitalism, employs the use of the song's sound effects to give it's "driving" feel. "Pogo" is on Digitalism album Idealism.

Beatles / Target
Though Target has been using many pop tunes to promote their brand, it is their "Hello Goodbuy" ads that are most popular. Though they have yet to use The Beatles' version of the tune, it has served as a nice way to get everyone's attention since everyone knows the tune and sing along with the commercial. Using a rotating cast to cover The Beatles' tune, the version below is sung by Zimbabwan jingle vocalist Sophia Shorai. It was recorded specifically for Target.

Cablevision / IO Digital Cable Rap
The advertisement that brought us to the beach over the winter months with Triple Play Optimum was so catchy that it might as well be released as a single. People even believed that the rappers were a real band! The Reggaeton track recorded for Cablevision, due to it's repetitive nature, was so easy to remember, and a success.

Story by Claudine Paul
Starpulse contributing writer