When Jeremiah Smallchild and Gideon Lamb started performing as God's Pottery they were just two little fish in the big pond that is NYC. But as they started nibbling at that ol' Apple, they grew larger in size until they came to the attention of Comedy Central Records, who decided to release an EP of the Christian acoustic duo's wholesome brand of foot-tapping fun. But in this modern world, where the Internet, cell phones, and reality TV dominate the cultural landscape, is there still room for God? Jerimiah and Gideon think so, and they're not going to give up until we're all singing his praises!

2007 was quite a year for you guys: an ECNY nomination for Best Musical Comedy Act, an EP put out by Comedy Central, and a concert to save the world . What do you have planned for 2008?
More of the same, we pray! The ECNY nomination (Energetic Christians of New York? Enjoying Coitus--Not Yet? We're still not sure what it stands for!!!!) was a real "coop" for us, and we'd love to be included in something like that again. The EP was also great, and we're so happy that Comedy Central is opening its doors to a non-comedy act in an attempt to broaden its base. And hanging around Comedy Central with all the comedians allowed us to pick up a lot of jokes and zingers that we use in a positive and fun way ("Knock knock!" "Who's there?!" "Jews!" etc.). As for saving the world again this year, I think that speaks for itself: even though we did save the world, it still needs saving again. The world is like an old dog learning new tricks--try, try again.

Are you ever worried that your plans might be interrupted by the Rapture?
We'd probably hear about that before it happened and so we'd plan accordingly. We talk to Jesus and God using our "2-hand phones" (prayer), and they keep us up to speed on what's happening!

How do you feel about the proclamation made by Friedrich Nietzsche that God is dead?
That's hilarious! Is he a comedian, because that's a funny joke. Like a lot of comics these days, it sounds like he's trying to be "shocking" and "edgy" to be cool for the kids. Question for Frierich: who invented you to even make that proclamation?! 15-love.

What is your concept of God?
Imagine the best thing ever. Now imagine his father.

Some political candidates claim that their political victories were the result of divine intervention or that they've personally been endorsed by the Lord. Which candidates do you favor and why?
When Jesse Jackson (one of our favorite Black politicians) ran for president back in 1988, he truly had God on his side for most of the campaign. But then he didn't toward the end, so George Bush's father won. What Jesse Jackson did to anger God, we'll never know. So, it can be done at least for a while, especially since God would be willing to endorse anyone who knows the price: free (but with some strings). We favor any candidates who pledge to end trouble. However, since we haven't been able to find a clear favorite for ourselves for this year, we've recently written a song that you should look out for soon: Jesus for President!

In these times there are many issues plaguing humanity, some of which you've addressed in your concert to save the world. What is it that personally worries you most and what actions can we take to alter the situation?
Africa. There are so many people there, and so many problems, from "We Are the World" to the horrors of Apartheid (let's all work together and finally put a stop to that, huh?). And then of course there's the wildlife--lions, snakes, sharks swimming all around the coast and probably in the rivers--how do people survive even with that? But there are also the positive stories, like the Jamaican bobsled team. We should build on that and have more stories of triumph.

I've heard many people say that the world our children and our children's children will inherit will be a difficult place to live in. What sort of state of affairs do you predict will befall the future?
If you've seen the Al Gore movie "The Day after Tomorrow," you know that the environment is a "boiling cauldron" stirred by the witches of humanity. However, the day after tomorrow is really just two days from now, so we don't think it will all happen that soon… more like 2012. But there's still time to change things, and one way is solar energy and biking/mopeds.

How do you think this decade will be remembered?
This will be remembered as a decade of change, where literally even people's concept of "change" will change. There is a TV commercial where a guy sing, "I'm tired of all these changes." Well, get used to it, Brother, because the only thing staying the same is "change!" Also, this is a decade of "Building for Tomorrow" and "Believing in Jesus More." And don't forget about all the new reality shows!

Sometimes people identify a time period by a particular trend or product. Are there any goods or ideas that you think sum up the current zeitgeist?
Neitschkze? Zeitgeist? Where are we, Spain?! No, just kidding. One thing would be The Internet, where "boundaries don't exist." Another great product we saw recently is a small robot to clean up your living-room floor (robot-vacuum).

How would you want to be remembered?
Jeremiah: A good listener. Also "caring" and "a good Christian soldier."
Gideon: I love Catwoman!

Interview by Ben Kharakh
Starpulse.com contributing writer