Celebrities are always under the microscope. Looking beautiful is part of their job. The media seemingly takes great joy in exploiting every bad angle they can, sometimes down to the point of berating celebrities based off the worst possible paparazzi snapshots.

While we don't endorse that, there are exceptions. Sometimes, when stars stay out of the limelight for extended amounts of time, they don't do all the necessary upkeep that they do when they are constantly in the public eye.

Sometimes, it gets a little out of control. Occasionally, it looks almost as if they just decided to stop caring altogether.

This is an homage to that - to the celebrities who decided not to shave this year; to the celebrities who put down the weights and picked up the six pack of chocolate pudding; to the celebrities who didn't go on that daily five mile run in favor for the Law and Order SVU marathon. This one's for you.

10. Val Kilmer

Remember when Val Kilmer was batman? Remember when he was a teenage heart throb with the golden voice? Remember that smile that could melt the most prudish woman into a puddle of liquid hormones? Remember Top Gun? Well, that's the Val Kilmer we all want to remember. Too bad he looks less like that and more like this lately.

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