This week, New Directions decided to work with original songs, rather than the classics they’ve worked with in the past. Will it be the winning combination the club needs to stay in the running?

Coach “World Wide Sue” is all over this episode, thank heavens, and she’s great right out of the gate when she tells Mr. Schue she’s gotten My Chemical Romance to say no to the rights to the song he had his heart set on for the clubs ‘showstopper’ at Regionals.  It seems she slept with the drummer. Although it later turns out that she forged the ‘cease and desist’ order, and actually slept with the drummer from Jimmy Eat World. But that’s later. With little time remaining, Mr. Schue takes a chance and lets the gang try writing an original song … with mixed success.   

Rachel’s follow up to “My Headband,” “Only Child,” was all about Rachel, of course. “Trouty Mouth,” written about Sam by Santana, featured lyrics like “Trouty mouth, grouper mouth, froggy lips … “ Puck wrote a love song for Lauren called “Big Ass … Heart.” A psalm to overeating ... it had a good beat but… ‘nuff said. Only Mercedes’ sassy “Hell to the No” upped the ante. Maybe the Glee Club had a chance after all!

Trouble might be brewing with Santana. She doesn’t seem to be kidding around when it comes to her anger over Brittany choosing "Stubbles McCripplepants," over her ‘lady kisses’. And Quinn wants to be Prom Queen, believing that she can win Finn back by regaining her prior glory, and showing Finn that Rachel’s talent can’t be contained in their small town.  Quinn believes her future will be with Finn, happily married, and content to live out their lives in their own small way.

Meanwhile, at Dalton Academy, The Warblers were mourning the loss of Kurt’s pet bird with an emotional rendition of “Blackbird.”.  And Kurt, abandoning his ‘sexy gaseous’ face for one filled with tears, scored points with Blaine, who said “Kurt, there is a moment where you say to yourself – ‘Oh, there you are. I’ve been looking for you forever.” We have a love match! However Blaine’s request to make his Regionals solo a duet with Kurt seemed a little presumptuous, despite Kurt’s offhand remark about the Warblers being “Blaine and the Pips.” Kurt was a big fish in a little pond at McKinley but hasn’t seemed to make a huge dent at his new school filled with well-adjusted young men who sing and present like professionals.

At Regionals, the judges Rod Remington; Tammy Jean Albertson (played by Kathy Griffin); Sister Mary Constance (Loretta Devine) await the performances.

Coach Sue’s Aural Intensity sang “Jesus is my Friend;” a song recently made popular by Sonseed, a Christian pop group, while Dalton Academy Warblers Kurt and Blaine dueted on Hey Monday’s “Candles”  followed by Pink’s “Raise Your Glass”,  confidently showcased by Blaine.

For their spot, William McKinley High’s New Directions presented their originals; Rachel sang “Get It Right,” a soaring, searing ballad she dedicated to Finn, followed by “Loser Like Me,” an infectious tune with an Avril Lavigne feel. Both songs are well received, and it’s New Directions for the Regional win! Always a gracious loser, Coach Sue decks the Governor’s wife, who had the misfortune to announce the winner.

The episode ended with a supportive Blaine consoling Kurt over both the loss of his pet bird, Pavarotti, and the Warblers loss at Regionals, while Mr. Schue chatted happily on the phone with Holly, and letting the club know Holly would be back at the school after her current retreat. Rachel is voted Regionals MVP, and makes a speech thanking everyone for their efforts, and for making her feel special.

No Glee next week! But the following week, expect our Miss Holly to mix it up once again in her inimitable way!