This week’s “Glee” highlighted a couple of big-named actresses and brought three McKinley graduates back to the choir room and. The episode began with a phone call between Rachel and Mr. Schuester. Rachel wanted to inform Will of her second callback for the role of Fanny Price in an upcoming Broadway revival of “Funny Girl,” and she sweetly thanked him for being the first person to believe in her talents. Hearing Rachel’s wonderful news, along with the news of his re-engagement to Emma, prompted Will to dedicate the week to all-things “Wonder-ful,” with the musical stylings of Stevie Wonder at the helm of this week’s lesson.

Kurt, Mercedes and Mike stopped by to help the glee club honor the legendary Mr. Wonder and prep for their upcoming regionals competition. But with the presence of these alumni, I began to wonder how realistic it is for them to be in town. Considering that all three are full-time college students studying in different states, it’s a little confusing to see them on campus. But they had their reasons: Kurt was in town to hear about his dad’s cancer test results; Mike was hired to be the glee club’s dance coach; and Mercedes had double duties of filming a music video for her upcoming album and serving as the club’s vocal coach.

In the midst of helping the glee club reach its fullest potential—vocally and physically—Mercedes came to the crushing realization that her music producers only wanted her for her voice and nothing else. But in true glee club fashion, she refused to let her dream die. Her CD can currently be purchased online, at church and in the back of her car.

Elsewhere on campus students were receiving great news about their futures. Tina got into vet school! Brittany got into MIT! Artie got into film school! But Artie also believed his dream was impossible to achieve and claimed his mother refused to let him go. When Kitty confronted him about such an obvious lie, dragging his mother, played by veteran actress and “Sons of Anarchy” star Katey Sagal, into the mix, the truth emerged: Artie was afraid to leave his mother behind and appear ungrateful after all the sacrifices she’s made to adapt to his disability. Katey was only onscreen for two minutes, but her acting chops were evident in her ability to deliver one of the sweetest mother-son moments the show has ever seen.

Meanwhile the Hummel household celebrated the “wonder-ful” news of Burt’s test results. Congressman Hummel is now cancer-free! To celebrate Kurt shared a special ditty with his father, a song his father used to sing to him as a child. Later in the episode Blaine shared his appreciation of Burt by giving him a rainbow-shaped pin. He also expressed his excitement over legalized gay marriage before proceeding to ask Burt for Kurt’s hand in marriage. Despite being a major Kurt/Blaine fan—Klaine, if you will—this moment had me scratching my head considering Kurt and Blaine aren’t even dating and haven’t had a single scene together in quite some time. Evidently Burt was just as confused, if not irritated. After refusing to give Blaine his blessing, Burt asked Blaine if he learned anything from the whole Finn and Rachel engagement fiasco. Kudos to the “Glee” writers for keeping Burt level-headed and sane, pointing out that marriage is not an idea to start toying around in high school.

Back in New York Rachel’s arch nemesis and dance instructor Cassandra July (guest star Kate Hudson) received word of Rachel’s “Funny Girl” audition. The two had an epic battle of words, with Cassandra threatening to put so much pressure on Rachel that she choke on her callback. But all that was merely a hoax to get Rachel to attend a NYADA tradition of celebrating any student’s achievement in the Broadway circle. Cassandra eventually admitted to believing Rachel was special and only harassed her in an attempt to make her better. For her part, Rachel admitted that Cassandra’s harsh advice actually challenged her and allowed her to learn and grow as a dancer and actress. The two parted with a mutual fondness.

The episode ended with very few questions in mind, but next week’s season finale teaser prompts an entire new can of worms: Will Ryder’s mysterious “cat-fisher” finally reveal herself? Will Blaine propose to Kurt? Will New Directions win Regionals and advance to Nationals? Will Rachel nail her callback? Tune in next week to find out!