It’s a Glee wedding – Finn’s Mom and Kurt’s Dad. Sue and Herself. Quinn and Sam. Within the first few minutes all three  “couples” are flirting with the idea of putting a ring on it.

Meanwhile, Kurt’s bully is continuing to terrorize him and there’s nothing Principal Sue can do…. Except change her nickname for Kurt from “Lady” to “Porcelain.” Rachel however, is not comfortable with that course of action and rallies the Glee girls to sic their football boyfriends on Karofsky. The only one absent from the unsuccessful beat down is Finn. NOT COOL.

In other NOT COOL news, Sue’s absentee, Nazi Hunting mom is in town. Even if we’re glad to see Carol Burnett, “Susie” is non-plussed. Naturally, making amends is the plan and it involves music – specifically, Mrs Sylvester is ready to sing at “Susie’s” wedding and offer a preview in the school auditorium.

“Ohio” -  Sue and her mom work out their issues in true musical theatre form. This number is all about giving Carol Burnett something to do and as she says, “Well, that wasn’t as good as I thought it would be.”

The Kurt Hummel Wedding Dance Seminar is the next step in wedding preparations. Of course Karofsky walks by and makes fun of Kurt, prompting Burt to slam him against a locker and blame Finn for doing nothing to intervene. Everyone lands in Principal Sylvester’s office and Karofsky is promptly expelled.

The Big Day

“Marry You” – Couples play bride and groom, singing their first Bruno Mars song of the night and dancing down the aisle in fine form. Of course, seeing a wedding party strut down the aisle doing clever dance moves just can’t be done without evoking the fabulous “Forever” procession that became a YouTube mega-hit, but a winning performance nonetheless.

The Vows – Wows! Beautifully said, Carol and Burt.

“Sway” – Burt and Carol hit the floor for the Buble-esque Mr. Schue’s rendition of this standard. Short and sweet and classy as can be. Go Teach!

Finn’s Speech – Redemption time. Finn’s got Kurt’s back. No matter what.

“Just the Way You Are” – Finn proves he’s not just paying lip service. The glee club and the new family come together in the second Bruno Mars song of the night. It’s a performance that echoes the kind of goofy euphoria that is contagious at weddings.

The Big Day – Part II

Sue marches down the aisle in a track suit dress with her mother and sister there to bear witness. (Did the Obama’s even bother to RSVP?) The short ceremony ends with Sue telling her mother to get lost.

 Happily Ever After?

Quinn’s wearing Sam’s promise ring and Karofsky is back at school. But in addition to his family, Sue’s also got his back now. Also, she’s not the principal anymore.

Kurt’s got one more announcement to make. He’s transferring to Dalton Academy to escape Karofsky… which means he’s competing against the glee club at Sectionals next week. Stay tuned…

What did you all think of this week’s episode? You feeling the Furt? Missing the Gwynnie? Let us know!!