Grease is the word! After a month-long hiatus - with our hearts still mending over "The Break Up" episode - Glee returned on a high note and shifted back to McKinley and Lima.

After Finn's disappointing stint with the Army and split with Rachel, he's back in Lima working at Hummel Tires & Lube, mulling over his future. Artie drops in to check on Finn because of "his rough couple of months." Finn insists it's not that bad, but melodramatically hopes "one of the lifts will break and I'll get crushed by a car." Oh, Finn. Artie notices Finn's downward spiral and invites him to co-direct McKinley's production of Grease, which Finn initially declines, until Artie threatens to pull out of the play without him.

Next we see a depressed Blaine, who tells Sam he's not sure he wants to partake in the play this year because he's not in the right mindset. It's pretty obvious he's still torn up about his break up with "his soulmate" Kurt. Cue Blaine's rendition - and audition - of "Hopelessly Devoted To You." (Side note: Am I the only one still trying to figure out why Blaine decided to walk through the football field during practice? Does that usually happen when heartbreak strikes?)

Following Blaine's audition, Finn and Artie seem a little taken back. Artie tells Finn to "Say something," to which Finn replies "Like what?" Not the best way to kick off auditions. Regardless of their miscues, Artie and Finn believe Blaine is the Danny Zuko they're looking for. Blaine insists that he doesn't want to be Danny Zuko because of what he's going through and quickly storms off stage, but says he would like to be considered for "Dream Angel." 

Finn leaves the auditorium after Blaine's audition because he doesn't think he's cut out to co-direct. Artie follows after him and reassures Finn he'll be fine. Artie tells him that "part of being a good director is surrounding yourself with the right people: the right choreographer and the right vocal coach." Voilà! Mike and Mercedes come walking down the hall and a hugging extravaganza ensues. (Reunited and it feels so good!) Just like that, Finn's stance on co-directing changes.

Will and Emma proceed to go to couples therapy - with Coach Beiste. Will thinks Emma is dismissing his dream while Emma believes Will expects her to just drop everything, including her own dreams, for him. Coach Beiste throws in her insights on dating, stating that her relationship with Cooter "was more sour than Brian Urlacker's compression shorts." Maybe not the best insight. She continues on, stating that in relationships people will "Take a timeout, call an audible; it's all about knowing when to pass and when to punt." Closer. Will insists that no matter where they go or what they do, he wants to be with Emma, together. Will asks Emma to consider going to Washington D.C. and she agrees, but Coach Beiste can see right through Emma's fake smile.

The crew struggles with their "Danny Zuko problem." Sam's hellbent on being Kenickie. (I mean, he has his cell phone ringtone set to "Grease Lightning" and he's been knocked out by a car door before. If that doesn't qualify him, what will?) In addition, Joe Hart won't cut his dreads for the part, forcing Finn to recruit a Danny elsewhere at McKinley. Finn heads over to football practice and chats with Coach Beiste, explaining he's looking for a lead. Within a few minutes Finn gets a glimpse of Ryder Lynn, a new sophomore to McKinley who Coach Beiste labels as a 'loner,' rocking a touchdown breakdance montage in the endzone. Jackpot!

Marley and Unique start talking about the upcoming auditions. Marley can barely contain her excitement over the possibility of getting the lead role of Sandy. Unique tells Marley that he would love to get the part of Rizzo, or as Unique calls her, the "hot bitch who thinks she's pregnant but turns out to have a heart of gold." Unique starts talking about how he thinks he won't get the role because of his transgender background and boom - there comes Sue out of the bathroom stall. After hearing their conversation, Sue reprimands Unique saying he needs to come to terms that he's a boy. Marley tries to defend Unique's honor, but there's no getting to her. Sue demands that there's no way she'll allow Unique to play Rizzo. Cue Marley and Unique's fun, sassy audition to Pink's "(Blow Me) One Last Kiss." 

Finn interrupts study hall to talk to the new sophomore, Ryder, who tells Finn he has to study as much as possible or else his parents are going to force him to quit football. Finn shares with Ryder his secret to passing: the glee club. Ryder later finds Finn to tell him he wants to join glee club, but he doesn't want to sing. (Ryder, what did you think glee club was?) Regardless, Finn explains to him that at first he was the same way, but then it came out of him, "like a really good poop." Shockingly enough, the advice got Ryder to sing. Finn and Ryder duet to "Jukebox Hero," and Ryder develops a love for the stage.

Shortly after, Ryder introduces himself to Marley in the halls of McKinley. He tells her he knows who she is because her mom always "gives him extra meatballs on spaghetti day." Marley and Ryder begin chatting and we see a somewhat jealous Jake glaring on nearby. Kitty calls Jake out on his jealousy, then continues to walk over to Marley, throwing some insults her way. After ripping Marley apart, Kitty lets Marley know in a less than kind way that she'll be auditioning for the part of Sandy. Meow!

Kitty and Jake audition to "Everybody Talks" and its clear the directing crew loved it. Later, the group assembles to deliberate on callbacks. Mercedes proclaims that Tina needs to audition, but she won't because of Mike. The directing crew see-saws with their picks until Sue storms into the room, calling Finn into Principal Figgins' office. Sue starts protesting because Finn wants to cast Unique as Rizzo for Grease, or as Sue calls it "the already oversexualized minstral show featuring teen pregnancy and the ridiculously, unnecessary lubrication of lightning." Sure, we can go with that, too. Sue is steaming mad because she thinks that this will lead to Unique to eventually try out for the Cheerios. Finn and Will argue that outcasts should feel free to follow their dreams. Finn, fed up with the negativity, calls Sue a 'bigot.' Sue insists that she's not, but they live in Ohio and someone will raise a public stink about it down the line. Finn later interrupts, saying that it's his decision in regards to who he casts and he won't back down. Finn proclaims he thought Sue would be more tolerant because she has a "retarded baby." Smooth Finn, smooth. After a brief staredown, Sue storms out, while Mr. Schue and Principal Figgins continue to shake their heads.

Coach Beiste visits Emma, who's panicking over the carpeting in Washington D.C., as well as other things. Coach Beiste calls Emma out saying that she's lying about how she feels and she needs to tell Will the truth. Emma insists she doesn't want to get in the way of his dreams, like his ex-wife Terri did. Coach Beiste explains to Emma that she needs to start focusing on things other than Will.

Callbacks for Sandy and Danny start and everyone performs to "Born to Hand Jive," so the crew can determine who has chemistry and who doesn't. The song starts off flirty and fun. Marley hits it off with Ryder, but still manages to groove with Jake onstage, throwing Kitty into a jealous rage. She later throws a hip punch Marley's way. (Ouch!) Eventually, the jealousy towards Marley gets the best of Kitty and Jake ends up pulling her off to the side.

Later, Finn finds Unique in the library. At this point Unique has already heard about Sue's meltdown in regards to the part of Rizzo, but Finn offers the part to Unique anyway. Finn tells Unique all he has to worry about is his preparation, not Coach Sue. That's Finn's responsibility now. Unique starts to break down about "never knowing his place," but reassures Finn it's nice to know that for once he's "found his place." 

Finally, the parts are announced! McKinley's cast for the production of Grease includes Brittany as "Cha Cha," Tina as "Jan," Sam as "Kenickie," Sugar as "Frenchy," Joe as "Doody," Wade as "Rizzo," Blaine as "Teen Angel," Jake as "Putrie," Ryder as"Danny," Marley as "Sandy," and Kitty as "Patty." Kitty blames Jake for not getting the part of Sandy because he screwed up the audition. He insists that it just didn't work out, regardless of their efforts. Shortly after, Sue gets a look at the cast list and shoots Finn a death glare over the casting of Rizzo. Awkward!

Will later arrives home to Emma cooking up a storm in the kitchen. He starts panicking because he thinks he missed an anniversary or her parents are in town. As it turns out, Emma wants to "challenge herself." Will knows something is up and she eventually confesses she doesn't want to go to Washington D.C. with Will. Will insists he's not upset, but he needs someone who will always be honest. Emma says she wants someone to accept her. Will says they'll find a way to make it work.

After a long day, Will drops in on Finn, who is working hard to make sure the production runs smoothly. Finn proclaims that even though its challenging, he "likes being able to make other people's dreams come true." Will explains to him that's what teaching is. Will eventually tells Finn he's going to Washington D.C. to fight for the arts and wants Finn to run the Glee club for three months while he's gone. And scene.

Best quotes of the night:

Blaine: "The Gilmore Girls boxed set I sent him was returned to me, unopened."

Sam: “As president and vice president we can pretty much decree which ever parts we want right?”

Sue: "You are smuggling more Kielbasa under those gowns than a homesick Polish lady trying to sneak through customs."

Artie: "So we cast a brunette as Sandy and a guy as Rizzo. Who's directing this, Julie Taymor?"

Sue: "Strange weeping man-child who has lotion in his hair but no adult friends."

Kitty: (directed at Joe) "Shut it, Avatar."


What were your favorite or least favorite moments from this episode? Do you want Finn to take over for Mr. Schue? Let us know in the comments section below!