In this week's Thanksgiving episode, the original Glee members came home for Thanksgiving, like they had originally promised last year. (Well, most of them, since Rachel and Kurt decided to stay back in New York City after their last visit home was a disaster.) It was only fitting that Quinn, Puck, Mike, Santana, Mercedes and Finn opened the show with a mashup of "Home / Homeward Bound." Later, the newly reunited group meets up at Breadstix, where they catch up with one another. Quinn, along with everyone else at the table, apologizes to Finn about what happened between him and Rachel. Surprisingly, Quinn admits she’s kept in touch with Rachel, who persistently asks Quinn when she’s going to use her train ticket to come visit her in New York City. During their last chat, Rachel told Quinn she’s not sure what she’s doing for the holidays. After discussing Rachel and Quinn’s new life at Yale, Finn then asks the group for a favor.

Finn tells the Glee kids – or the “new chumps,” according to Puck – that the returning members have agreed to help them prepare for sectionals. Finn pairs up the new members with returning members. Marley and Blaine are selected to do the big duet, while Finn insists “Gangnam Style” will be their dance number. After some hesitation, Brittany is selected as the female dance lead, while a male dance lead remains uncertain. Sam volunteers his “white chocolate” dance moves, which doesn’t seem to get much of a response.

Jake tells Ryder that he “kind of” went out with Marley on Friday. Ryder insists that Jake shouldn’t break things off with Marley because of him. Ryder, surprisingly, says it’s fine, as long as Jake doesn’t steal the dance lead from him. It seems like a simple request, considering Jake wants nothing to do with it.

Back in New York City, Rachel tells Kurt she didn’t get casted in a part she auditioned for and insists she’s going to spend the long break here to prepare for the NYADA showcase. Kurt tells Rachel he submitted his NYADA application – on Vogue stationary. The two talk about how it’s a good decision that they’re staying in NYC instead of heading home to Lima for Thanksgiving, since every time they go back “it’s sad.” Rachel pinky promises Kurt that it will be the best Thanksgiving ever.

Back at McKinley, Mike puts on a dance clinic for the guys, insisting that boy bands are so in right now. Jake barely puts any effort into the competition and Ryder ends up winning the male dance lead. In the Glee choir room, the girls are all talking and preparing for their performances. After persistent pressure to perform together, Quinn, Brittany and Santana put on a show for the newbies to “Come See About Me.”

It’s obvious that Kitty’s super excited to have Quinn as a partner, stating that if “Finn didn’t put them [Kitty and Quinn] together she would have thrown a hissy.” Kitty continues to talk up Quinn, telling her she idolizes her. She even has a picture of Quinn in her locker with the phrase WWQFD – What Would Quinn Fabray Do? Quinn notices Marley, who looks too ridiculously nervous, passing by in the hallway. Kitty tells Quinn that ever since Marley began dating Jake – AKA Little Puck – she’s been going down the wrong path. She insists that Marley’s so wound up because Jake’s trying to “swipe Marley’s V-card,” which is not the case at all.

Marley tells Jake that she’s shocked he didn’t get the dance solo, considering he has amazing dance moves. Jake proceeds to tell her it’s a “bro thing” he has with Ryder. Jake insists that she shouldn’t worry because Ryder will do great. As he asks to walk Marley to her next location, she denies him, telling him she needs to go rehearse.

Back at NYADA, Brody is subbing for Cassandra’s class because she doesn’t feel like dealing with her students – also her excuse for being hungover. It’s obvious that Rachel is irritated about this arrangement and let’s her feelings be known to Brody, who knows she’s upset about something else. Brody says that Rachel was the one who shut him down, so why does it matter who he’s with. (Here’s a little hint Brody – all girls who say they don’t care, do!) During Brody and Rachel’s foxtrot, Brody confesses that he won’t sleep with Cassandra again. When Rachel tells him that she’s staying here for Thanksgiving, Brody offers to cook for Kurt and Rachel, since he can’t afford to go home. The two seem to be back on good terms and Brody jokingly asks if he should bring Cassandra to Thanksgiving dinner.

The Puckerman brothers get stopped in the hallway by Quinn, who demands that Jake leaves Marley alone. She tells Jake that she knows he’s trying to pressure Marley into sleeping with him; a scenario that she knows all too well with another Puckerman. Jake denies Quinn’s claims, but Quinn insists that the Glee club won’t win Sectionals if Marley’s not focused.  

Kurt’s about to leave the Vogue offices for the night when he sees that his boss, Isabelle, is still working. When Kurt hears that Isabelle has a low key night in store, he takes that opportunity to invite her to Bushwick for Thanksgiving with Rachel and Brody. She says she’ll bring some friends. After a cheerful reaction, Isabelle mentions to Kurt that he seems a lot happier lately. He continues to tell her that he’s done with Blaine. Isabelle insists that it will be easier for Kurt to move on once he accepts Blaine’s apology, explaining that “Sometimes it’s the not forgiving that holds us back.” Carrie Bradshaw moment, anyone?

Santana meets up with Quinn, who just finished up a conversation with Kitty. Santana, who calls Kitty “pure evil,” informs Quinn that Kitty’s been giving Marley laxatives. Quinn blows off Santana’s claims, telling her it’s time that Santana gives up and stops being so jealous of her. Quinn accuses Santana of projecting – a term she learned at Yale from her 35-year-old Psych professor, who she’s now dating. The two begin bickering; Quinn tells Santana she’s too scared to chase her dreams. Santana delivers the final blow: “Does he [Quinn’s boyfriend] get turned on by teen moms who barely visit their kid?” The two slap each other until Brittany walks in, urging them to stop.

Jake walks in on Ryder struggling as he practices for his big dance solo for “Gangnam Style.” Jake begins giving Ryder pointers, assuring him that dancing is all about letting yourself go. Jake shows off some impressive dance moves and confesses to Ryder he’s trained in ballet. Ryder insists Jake should do the dance, but Jake rejects his offer, telling him he’s going to help Ryder get better.

Rachel, Brody and Kurt start preparing Thanksgiving dinner. It’s obvious that Rachel’s homesick, since she keeps talking about her dads’ Thanksgiving Day cooking and festivities. Shortly after, a mob of Isabelle’s friends emerge at Rachel and Kurt’s apartment. A massive mashup of “Let’s Have A Kiki/Turkey Lurkey Time” breaks out, with SJP’s Isabelle leading the tune. Apparently Brody and I share the same views – What’s a Kiki? (We later find out it’s a “party that calms all your nerves.”)

Marley tries to pump herself up before sectionals. As she’s looking in the mirror, her mind is telling her that “she’s so hungry but at least her dress fits.” She then finds Wade (Unique) in the hallway, who says he’s performing in the show. He insists he’s dressing as a girl and he doesn’t care because he’s not ashamed of who he is. They assemble with the rest of the Glee club in the choir room. Finn gives them an inspirational speech. As everyone huddles in the circle, Joe leads them in a short prayer. They’re all set to go!

The panel of judges for Sectionals includes an Obituary Writer, the Chief Historian of the Lima Locomotive Museum and the 2012 Defiance County Catfish Queen. First up: Dalton Academy, who performs “Whistle,” followed by One Direction’s “Live While We’re Young.” After a standing ovation for their performance, Marley looks like a deer in headlights.

We see that Mr. Schue, Emma, Sue and Sue’s baby are all in the audience for this performance. Sam alerts everyone when he sees Mr. Schue is in the audience. As they’re waiting to go on, Blaine gets a call from Kurt, who finally tells Blaine he believes that he’s sorry. Kurt insists he’s trying to forgive him, but can’t just yet, but they’re still each other’s best friends. Kurt insists they’ll both see each other at Christmas and warns Blaine not to let the Warblers win. They finish off their conversation with “I love you.” After Kurt hangs up, he gets a big hug from Isabelle, who knows he talked to Blaine.

After a “unique” (and random) second act, it’s finally time for the New Directions to perform. Jake approaches Marley backstage because he knows she’s not OK. She tells him she hasn’t slept in days and she’s sweaty and can’t stop shaking. Marley, panic-stricken, tells Jake if they don’t win it will be all her fault. Ryder hears the end of this conversation and insists that Jake performs his dance solo. He tells Jake he appreciates what he did, but they need him for this number. When they hit the stage, the New Directions opens with “Gangnam Style.” (Was I the only one who found it strange that they gave Jenna the lead vocals for this song?) At the end of the performance, Marley passes out on stage.


Memorable Quotes:

Santana: "Hand jive that looked like a hand jo… "

Brittany: (Referring to Unique) “I knew it. Mercedes was cloned.”

Santana: “Quinn always was a genius slapper.”

Jake: “Did you do an apple pie 500 times before you had sex?”
Ryder: “I did, but I wore a condom so I didn't make any apple fritters.”


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