As if we didn't already have enough reasons to love Kurt on Glee, along comes his episode opening performance of Beyonce's "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)". Granted there are several misfit renditions of the dance on YouTube, and Justin Timberlake already donned the unitard on "Saturday Night Live," but nearly a year after the video's release (and Beyonce's own recent VMA performance) Kurt reminded us just how truly awesome the dance is.

Kurt's euphoria was cut short, however when his Dad showed up, clearly displeased to see his son in full on diva mode. Kurt awkwardly tried to connect with his father, and found himself lying about his new position of the football team. So he decides to actually give the whole athletic thing a try and "auditions," as he puts it, for kicker. He alerts Finn that he "needs" his warm-up music before attempting field goals. My initial thought was he'd have his iPod headphones tucked under his helmet. Dead wrong. Instead Kurt "put a ring on it" in front of the entire football team.

Finn takes note of Kurt's moves and after finding inspiration from the late great Walter Payton (what up Chicago!!) decides to teach the rest of his teammates about the art of dance. The jocks are obviously initially hesitant but pull through in the end, performing a hilarious, pretty impressive dance on the field. If this were real life the video would be a huge internet sensation (like all the other Beyonce copycats). Now that the team has some energy and talent they may be able to put a (state championship) ring on it after all. Floored by his perfect field goal kick Kurt (standing with perfect posture as he waited on the sidelines like "42nd Street's" understudy Peggy Sawyer about to take over for Dorothy Brock) decided to come out to his father, ending the episode once again on a heartfelt note.

While the football team accepted change in their world, as usual Rachel rejected Will's newest amendments to glee club. Does she really need to stomp off every time she doesn't get her way? She's like an immature five-year old. With that spit-fire attitude Rachel should know that she's better suited to play "West Side Story's" feisty Anita and not the boring Maria. Tina's solo of "Tonight" may have been a little pitchy at the end, but it's nice to see her doing something more than standing in the corner awkwardly while Rachel or Mercedes belts a song out.

Finn (Cory Monteith, L) and Puck (Mark Salling, R) chat in the "Preggers" episode of GLEE © Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Carin Baer/FOX

Rachel's behavior paled in comparison to the irresponsibility of Terri who continues lying about her pregnancy to Will. I think she actually was pregnant at some point, but gave the baby up for adoption and it grew up to be Quinn. They both have blond hair and are lying to their significant others about babies. Quinn, who secretly slept with Finn's best friend, is now trying to pull Finn into the world of teenage parenting, even though they've never actually slept together. I really wish Finn was smart enough to figure the implausibility of this on his own. Even if Quinn is a bitch, it's still hard not feel bad for the pregnant teenage cheerleader. Does this mean we get to hear Grease's "There Are Worse Things I Could Do?" next week?

Grade: A-

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Story by Michael Mellini

Starpulse contributing writer