Revealing storylines, ballet dancers and “catfishing” were at the forefront of this week’s “Glee.” The episode began with a school-wide power outage taking over McKinley, allowing students and staff alike to go a little crazy. I’ve never been to Ohio, but evidently sunshine doesn’t stream through windows, so much of the episode featured students tossing flashlights around and lighting a dangerous amount of candles. With the power outage in full-effect, Will’s weekly one-word lesson became: unplugged. Members of the glee club approached the issue musically and emotionally.

While Sam and Artie chose to strip songs down to an acoustic level, Ryder performed his heart out and revealed his darkest secret: he was sexually molested as a child. Instead of comforting Ryder, many glee clubbers high-fived his younger self’s ability to hook up with an older girl. For a musical comedy, “Glee” has taken some dark turns this season, and the show’s approach to such serious issues has been too blasé.

Kitty later reveals to Ryder that she, too, was sexually assaulted as a child. The two bond over their tragic storylines and the uncaring feelings of others. One person who does care for Ryder? His unknown online companion. While Kitty thinks Ryder is a fool for continuously allowing himself to be “catfished,” Ryder is unwaveringly determined to keep the mysterious online stranger in his life.

Elsewhere at McKinley new Cheerios coach Roz Washington is running the team ragged and promoting teenage plastic surgery. Tired of her antics, Blaine and Becky desperately attempt to get Sue Sylvester to rethink her decision and come back to school. (Thank you, “Glee,” for featuring a good 30 seconds of Darren Criss working a sweat and showing off his flexibility in the montage depicting Sue’s new job as a personal trainer.)

Blaine admits to having only joined the squad to bring Sue down, but he’d much rather have her than Roz terrorizing the school. Sue is the lesser of two evils. For her part, Becky is last seen approaching Principal Figgins with a confession she can no longer keep secret. One can only assume it has to do with the school shooting and Sue’s real motives for leaving McKinley.

Meanwhile in New York, Kurt and Rachel express their concern over Santana’s recent career choice to be a go-go girl. Santana admits that she doesn’t plan on throwing her life away, but finding her dream has been a difficult, ongoing process.

Sarah Jessica Parker reappeared this week as editor Isabelle, also known as Kurt’s fashion fairy godmother. Kurt apparently still interns with the online magazine site despite being a full-time NYADA student, and Isabelle recruits him (and his roommates) to help out at the most respected charity event of the year: the New York City Ballet Gala.

The brief time she spends with Isabelle somehow convinces Santana to join a dance class at NYADA’s extension program, where she can maintain her performing art skills while trying to figure out what career path to take.

With only two episodes left this season, this episode crammed in as many storylines as possible but still left a number of questions unanswered. Did Becky tell Figgins the truth about the shooting? Will Sue return to McKinley before the finale? Will Ryder’s mysterious online friend ever step forward?

Memorable Quotes:

-Coach Roz [to Becky]: “Ain’t nobody fart every time they blink, that’s crazy!”

-Principal Figgins: "You can't insult the sultry and mysterious Coach Roz Washington. She is an African-American treasure."