In just a few weeks, the glee club is going to Nationals, prom royalty will be crowned, and Lady Gaga will release a new album. It’s a trifecta of amazing events that deserve to be brought together in a super sparkly, extra-long ‘Glee’ that’s all about self-acceptance.

Rather than hit us over the head with the theme of this episode, Finn clocks Rachel in the nose. In under a minute, rhinoplasty is on the table and New Directions is debating the merits of surgically enhanced vs unconditional self-acceptance.  Miss Pillsbury is brought in to help Mr. Schue drive home the message that this week is all about ACCEPTANCE (and a catchy pop song). Sadly, as much as she wants to encourage the kids to embrace their flaws, she can’t come clean and admit the true source of her own self-loathing.

In Miss P’s defense, severe OCD seems a little more personal than a Jewish nose or two left feet. What would her song even be? A clever, unexpected TLC/Steven Sondheim mash-up like Rachel and Quinn? A spirited Rat Pack toe-tapper with an amazing dance partner like Finn? Nelly’s “Over and Over” perhaps? “19th Nervous Breakdown” by The Rolling Stones? “Brian Wilson” – Bare Naked Ladies? “Unwell” – Matchbox Twenty? “Little Miss Obsessive” – Ashlee Simpson? Or more TLC with "No Scrubs?"

Speaking of self-loathing, Santana’s got a good eye for everyone’s insecurities and snarkily points them out to everyone including closeted gay and openly awful jock, Karofsky. Of course the lady-loving Auntie Tana has a multi-layered agenda of her own that involves bringing Kurt back to glee club to win votes for prom queen to get Brittany to break up with Artie on her royal decree. Things were so much simpler when she was just a scheming mean girl from a Tina Fey movie with a dash of Latin spice. Now she’s an Eve Harrington/Lady Macbeth hybrid that might not have the purest intentions but mega-biyotch gets the job done! Kurt is back!

Of course, we have a goodbye number from the Warblers, and Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know” was a fine choice… but can we just call it a day on the Hogwarts gang already? They’ve put out their CD and Kurt is back at McKinley now. Unless Blaine insists on bringing them around every time he wants to hang with his boyfriend, we should be able to get through a few episodes without their particular brand of harmonizing. Not that it wasn’t fun before it became overplayed, and then really excessive...

Kurt sings the show tune, “As If We Never Said Goodbye” to mark his return to New Directions. Everyone’s glad to have him, including past and most likely future rival for solos, Rachel Berry. The friendship they cultivated when he was with the Warblers remains strong, and Kurt knows what his fellow diva needs -- a flash mob dancing to Duck Sauce’s “Barbra Streisand” in the middle of the mall. Between that, a pep talk, and Finn calling her beautiful, Rachel is convinced that she should follow Babs' example, and keep her beak intact.

Lauren comes back from left field to reveal that Quinn Fabray’s first name is Lucy and she used to go to a different school where she was fat and unpopular. Also, Finn’s wearing a toupee and Mercedes is Oprah’s long-lost sister's daughter. It doesn’t matter if it's believable, as long as it impacts prom queen politics and serves the self-acceptance message of the day... kind of...

By the end of 90-minutes, everyone is pretty much on the right track to embracing who they are – and it’s time to spread the gospel according to Gaga. Kurt, Tina, and Mercedes lead the anthem of self-acceptance and soon (almost) everyone is on the stage in a simple, but effective rendition of the super-catchy hit, "Born This Way."

Next week – things go in another new direction that involves scandals, an incognito Sue Sylvester, and Kristin Chenoweth. But first, what did you think about this week’s Gaga-sponsored special episode?