Mr. Schue tells the glee club that he'll be taking a sabbatical leave for his campaign to fight for the arts. They're all thrilled for him until they learn that he's leaving at the end of the week, leaving them without a coach for sectionals, until he proposes Finn as his replacement. Seems like a great idea, right? Wrong. The whole glee club freaks out over this decision. Before all hell breaks loose in the choir room, Sue barges in, demanding that him and Finn report to Mr. Figgins' office.

Sue tells Mr. Schue that she knows he picked Finn as his replacement while he's gone - and she's not having any of it. Sue says that Finn's not qualified to take over because he's fresh out of high school and has no degree or certifications. She says that if this decision stands her truce with the glee club will be over. Mr. Figgins explains that glee club is an extracurricular activity, not a class, therefore Finn is allowed to do it. Cue a very angry Sue storming out of the office, causing chaos to everyone in her warpath. No, literally. Flying binders, papers and havoc - oh my!

Back in New York City, Rachel is telling Brody about her first off-broadway audition in Cassandra July's dance class during warm-ups. Rachel asks Brody to help her practice this week, which he happily accepts. Cassandra immediately tells Rachel that she's not ready to audition for one of his roles and explains her terrifying experience. Cassandra claims the director "Will eat you alive." Rachel pulls to the side and tells Cassandra she should try out for one of the roles because she "thought maybe you'd want to get back into the game." Oh Rachel, why. Cassandra tells Brody that she's looking for a new TA and has him in mind. He said that he'd happily accept, but would love to start next week, since he'll be helping Rachel out. 

Cue back to McKinley High, where Marley is struggling to fit into her Sandy costume. Kitty comes back, with a vengence, immediately taking digs at "Marley's obvious weight gain." Marley's panicking because she has no idea how this is happening, but we see that Kitty messed around with her costume, making it way smaller than it should be. Kitty says that Marley's "getting the body she's destined to have," but then continues to invite all the girls for a sleepover, because she "did the play because she wants to make friends." This feels an awful lot like that Sour Patch kids commercial.

Marley asks her mom when she started to gain weight. She explains that she started stress eating once her husband (and Marley's dad) left. She continues to tell Marley that she's thin and beautiful, but she needs to continue to fight for it. The two agree to start a diet together.

Finn walks into the teachers room to apologize to Sue, who immediately rips him for entering since he's not a teacher. Finn says that at least he tried to apologize and if Sue can't accept it, that's on her. Finn starts to go to practice, until Sue informs him that she's rented out the auditiorium for Cheerios practice. Typical Sue Sylvester.
The guys of Grease are told to meet up at Hummel Tires & Lube for practice since they don't have an auditiorium. Finn insists that it won't be that bad. He encourages the guys to to imagine their stage and be creative, since they have to sell it to the audience. Cue our first Grease song, "Grease Lightning."

Back in New York City, Kurt is helping Rachel practice for her play. The pair start talking about the production of Grease. At the end of their discussion, Kurt makes a face and Rachel insists there's no way they can go back to Lima to see the play. Cassandra enters the room and proceeds to listen to their story. (Yes, I was surprised, too.) Cassandra says the two should go - if not for Grease then to see their exes. She even volunteers her JetBlue Frequent Flyer Miles since she's banned from flying due to the hospitalization of 3 workers during a booze filled fiasco up in the air. After hearing words of wisdom from Ms. July, the pair seem pretty convinced on going back to Lima.

Cut to Kitty's room, where the girls are preparing for their sleepover - with tons of junk food. Marley strays away and asks for healthy snacks. Kitty pulls Marley into the bathroom and says that she needs to learn how to 'binge and purge.' Marley asks if Kitty does it, but she replies "I would if I was born with a fat gene." Kitty leaves Marley in the bathroom where she ponders whether or not she would do that to herself. This starts the episode's second Grease song - Kitty's rendition of "Look at me I'm Sandra Dee." After the song, Marley walks out and asks if Kitty's making fun of her. Kitty replies that "Some people are so touchy."

Finn gets called into Mr. Figgins' office yet again, where he finds Wade (Unique) and his parents, who have no idea he won the part of Rizzo in the school play. Wade's parents continue on to talk about how proud they were of Wade when he was able to sing at nationals as a girl, but Chicago is a much more liberal city. Ohio? Not so much - so they say. Wade's parents express concern for his safety. This leads Finn to discover that Wade was assaulted in the hallway by the jocks. His parents insist that he must drop out of the part of Rizzo and he shouldn't dress as a girl during school hours. After Wade is forced to vacate the part, in swoops Santana, volunteering to play Rizzo. (Yay!)

It's finally opening night! Kurt and Rachel return home and meet up with Mercedes, who is home from California. The original Glee kids head backstage, where Marley's suffering from another wardrobe problem. We see that Kitty has tampered with her costume, again. Kurt and Rachel meet up with Blaine and Finn, having a seriously awkward encounter. Despite the circumstances, Finn says that it's cool that Rachel and Kurt came back to see the play. After Finn and Blaine leave, Kurt starts to panic. Rachel reassures Kurt that she'll hold his hand the whole time and they'll make it through this play together. 

We get to see Blaine singing a fantastic version of "Beauty School Dropout." Throughout the song, Kurt and Blaine exchange several awkward gazes. (The silver lining? Sugar makes an excellent Frenchy!) Ryder goes searching for Marley, who's in the woman's bathroom trying to purge. When Ryder finds her, he can't understand why she's doing that to herself. He continues to tell Marley a comedic story about his wrestler cousin who purged, took laxatives and ended up "pooping in front of the whole school." He told her that to make her laugh and insists he doesn't want to ever kiss someone who has throw up on their mouth - during the play or after.

Santana and Brittany have an endearing talk backstage. Brittany has a classic moment - telling Santana said she feels bad about Mercedes, but if her parents want her to be a boy the play then it makes sense. After a laugh, Santana gets serious and tells Brittany the only reason she came back to do this part was to see her. (Aw!) Following their chat, Santana, Ms. July and Unique all share the singing duties for "There Are Worse Things I Could Do." (A great rendition, too!) During the song, we see Brody and Cassandra getting pretty cozy while "practicing."

Mike and Tina chat midway through the play about their relationship. She says she likes who she is now, but she misses him, so they'll eventually have a conversation about their relationship. Alongside them, Ryder and Marley have a moment when Ryder gets tounge tied after seeing Marley in her Sandy costume. Right when Ryder and Marley have a cute moment, Kitty comes swooping in, ruining it. Kitty spooks Marley out, telling her the toughest critic from The Muckraker is in the front row of the audience. Ryder tells Marley not listen to Kitty and kisses her, with Jake looking on.

That brings us to the big number - "You're The One That I Want." Marley and Ryder start it off strong. As they walk into the tunnel, Rachel goes into a tunnel of her own, visualizing her and Finn as Danny and Sandy. We flashback to the first time they sang the song together in the first season of Glee. At the end of the number, Rachel is taken back and walks out of the auditorium, telling Kurt she needs a minute. 

A distraught Rachel calls Brody, but becomes puzzled when Cassandra picks up the line. Cassandra tells Rachel that he's in the shower. Cassandra continues on to criticize Rachel for "Visiting her loser ex-boyfriend instead of hanging out with the hottest piece of ass at NYADA." (Ouch!) Cassandra goes on to tell Rachel that poor little Brody was sad and lonely when she left. Rachel tries to make sense of this: "You and Brody? Why?" Cassandra tells Rachel that she should consider this another one of life's lessons - "Auditioning for an off-broadway play, throwing yourself at an upperclassman and telling me that I need to get back into the game? I need to get back into the game? I think you were overreaching and needed a little bit of a reminder. I am the game." Rachel hangs up before she can hear the rest of Cassandra's nasty rant.

Finn catches up with Rachel in the hall and notices she's been crying. She says she shouldn't have come. Finn thanks her for coming anyway. He said he was thinking of her directing the whole time he was doing it, telling her "You're kind of my moose." Rachel: "It's muse." Finn knows, but he's just trying to make Rachel laugh. Rachel says she'd rather not tell Finn about what's bothering her. Finn asks if it has to do with him and she says no. Finn gets upset, knowing it's about Brody, thinking she has moved on too fast. Finn goes on to explain Rachel's different cries, which he knows well. He says maybe they shouldn't talk anymore and that's what he really wants. She agrees. She tells Finn "He used to be the guy who made her feel like the most special girl in the world, but it's not like that anymore - he now just makes her sad."

Kurt meets up with Rachel and Finn. Rachel says she wants to go home - meaning NYC - because "this doesn't feel like home anymore." Blaine enters the hallway and says that he and Kurt need to talk. Blaine starts to explain about the guy he was talking to. Kurt calls him out, telling him that he's just going to say that he didn't care. Kurt: "Relationships are about trust. I can't trust you anymore. Rachel's right, this isn't home anymore."
Cue back to the choir room, where Artie's reading The Muckraker's review of Grease, which is getting rave reviews. Mr. Schue says that although he's a sophomore, that particular writer usually hands out harsh reviews, so that's a rave review for them. Mr. Schue continues on to say that it's nice to know he's leaving them in good hands with Finn.

Mr. Schue and Finn are walking in the hallway after the production. Mr. Schue notices something is up with Finn, but he doesn't want to talk about it. Mr. Schue starts to tell Finn how to prepare for sectionals, but Finn says "He's got this." (But does he?)

Memorable Quotes:

Sue: "I've seen your true colors, Finn Hudson. You've got hate in that heart, Double Stuff. And probably also frosting."

Kurt: "I'm going. I need to see him. I haven't seen him since. I'm not sleeping. I'm living off of Ambien and The Notebook."

Brittany: "You can eat Kleenex. They taste like clouds."

Kitty [imitating Marley]: "I'm right here, wearing my signature Newsies cap with my mud-brown hair. I'm gonna bat my bargain basement eyes and steal your boyfriends just like I stole the lead in the fall musical."


What did you think of this episode? Were Marley and Ryder a good fit for Sandy and Danny? Let us know in the comments below!