Blaine assembles a meeting for The Secret Society of Superheroes Club, put in order to “fight injustice, to right all that of which is wrong and to preserve truth, justice and peace in the halls of McKinley High.” The roll call includes: Blaine as Nightbird, Tina as Asian Persuasion, Sam as Blonde Chameleon, Joe as Tarantula Head and Sugar as Sweet 'n Spicy! The new members are: Artie as Dr. Y, Becky as Queen Bee and Brittany as The Human Brain. Yes you read that correctly, Brittany as The Human Brain.

The club's first order of business? According to Tina, this entails texting Blaine across the table, asking him why him and Kurt broke up. After that, the club gets down to the real business: the glee club's missing Nationals trophy. We learn that the Nationals trophy was taken out of the trophy case and replaced with a computer, playing a ransom video. The video shows that the thief was wearing (or what appears to be) a Warblers jacket, promising a “great reckoning" while at sectionals. Blaine immediately gets the feeling that someone at Dalton Academy is responsible for this.

Jake approaches Marley in the hallway, asking her if she's going to jump on this superhero bandwagon. She informs Jake there's no way she's putting on a spandex suit, causing him to smile, because “now they'll have time to hang out.” Ryder swoops in and interrupts the conversation, telling Jake that “girls don't like it when you pretend you like them then completely blow them off.” Ouch - it seems like that love triangle isn't going anywhere anytime soon. After a heated exchange of insults, Jake and Ryder begin shoving each other until Finn comes to break it up, along with some superhero backup from Becky and Jenna.

Finn conducts his first meeting as director, inducting the club's two newest members, Kitty and Ryder. Finn tries his best to replicate Mr. Schue, attempting to write his lesson plans on the white board, which fails miserably when he can't find a replacement marker. Instead, he just tells the club that the theme this week is Foreigner and “everyone will sing songs by Foreigner, in foreign languages, in all the costumes of the world's nations.” The club immediately shuts down that idea. Blaine says they need to step their game up and walks out, telling Finn he's going back to get the trophy from the Warblers - the same trophy Finn doesn't know is missing from the case.
Blaine arrives at Dalton Academy, where he's introduced to the newest Warbler leader, Hunter Clarington. Hunter boasts his impressive background to Blaine, telling him that he was highly recruited for this position. The Warblers enter the room and Hunter proposes that Blaine should come back to Dalton as a Warbler - or else he won't give the trophy back. Blaine politely declines, but brings himself to sing “Dark Side” with his former crew. “Everybody's got a dark side…” Blaine, it's pretty obvious you now do, too.

At the glee club's next practice, Finn comes in dressed in his superhero costume - The Almighty Treble Clef - or the “uniter of glee clubs.” He tells the club that this week's theme is "Dynamic Duets." Jake and Ryder will be paired up along with Kitty and Marley. Kitty picks out a song for her and Marley to sing, without any input from Marley. Ryder and Jake are automatically at odds because of Marley. During their duet, the two take turns serenading Marley (as a very annoyed Kitty looks on.) It's all fun and games until Jake throws a punch at Ryder, forcing Finn to break the two up.

Finn brings Jake and Ryder to the auditorium to criticize them for their behavior during glee club. The two continue to throw insults at each other because of their feelings for Marley. Ryder tells Jake that Marley deserves better than “someone who's trying to get through every girl in school.” Jake insists Ryder has no idea what Marley wants. The love triangle strikes again. Instead of letting the two fight it out, Finn assigns them to sit in a room and tell each other their biggest weaknesses - you know, the thing superheroes consider "kryptonite."

Blaine comes to talk to Finn after his trip to Dalton. He tells Finn he wore the Warbler blazer again and performed a song with them, just like old times. Blaine cheerfully explains that they embraced him and it just felt right. Finn assures Blaine that he belongs here at McKinley, even if Kurt isn't around anymore. Was this too little, too late? Seems that way. Blaine seems pretty convinced that he wants to rejoin the Warblers.

Marley later approaches Kitty after their last talk, explaining to her that she can't participate in the duet because of their costume situation. Marley, who's suffering from body insecurities, cannot fathom the idea of wearing a tight costume. Kitty tells Marley that they'll try on costumes together and if she thinks she looks bad, she'll let her know. The two hug it out in the end - talk about strange!

In the locker room (where Sam has a jockstrap over his face, imitating Bane) Jake passes Ryder a note about his secret, which he blows off, telling Jake he "needs to be a man and say it to his face." Jake confesses he feels like he never fit in because of his bi-racial, Jewish background. Ryder bails once it's his time to reveal his secret, but Jake chases after him. Jake tells Ryder he needs to be a man. Ryder tells Jake he only said that to him earlier because he couldn't read his note. Jake finds Finn to tell him about Ryder's current situation, which Ryder considers the reason why he does so poorly in school. Finn takes Ryder to meet with the district's special education director. After he insists he doesn't need any help, Ryder continues to participate in testing, where he learns he suffers from dyslexia. Finn insists it's going to be fine and offers him some encouraging words. Ryder thanks Finn, who tells him he actually owes Jake a thank you.

Kitty and Marley try on their costumes in the bathroom. Kitty is dresses as a cat, calling her superhero "Femme Fatale." Marley comes out in a costume, resembling Wonder Woman's get up, as the superhero "WF" - or WallFlower. Kitty says Marley looks great and she's no longer a wallflower. The two duet on "Holding Out For A Hero," which turned out to be a great success. At the end of their song, Brittany asks where Blaine is, since she "can't smell his raspberry hair gel." Finn then makes the announcement everyone was dreading: Blaine decided to finish the rest of his year at Dalton Academy.

In the cafeteria, Jake's talking to Marley's mom, telling her there's "something different about her." She tells Jake that she's lost weight, which he applauds. She continues to tell Jake that Marley talks about him "all the time." Jake reassures her that he had his chance with her, but blew it. The jocks start picking on Marley's mom. As Jake defends her, the jocks crowd around him until Ryder jumps in, saying "Jake's my boy and from now on if you mess with him, you mess with me." 

Jake calls his half-brother Puck, who's hustling his way dressed as a superhero on Hollywood Boulevard in front of Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Jake calls him to get advice in regards to the Marley situation. Puck tells Jake to sit back and play it cool. If he does that, she'll eventually come to him.

Blaine's in the process of cleaning out his locker when Sam approaches him, asking him why he keeps punishing himself for what he did. Blaine explains that the guy he cheated on Kurt with was not a friend or aquantance - he was actually a random guy who added him on Facebook. He explains he only did what he did because it felt like Kurt was moving on with his life without him. Regardless, Blaine cheated and he knows that. Sam insists that even if Kurt doesn't forgive him, he has to forgive himself. He also tells Blaine to give himself time, so he can find out where he really belongs. Before he makes a decision, Blaine recruits Sam for one more mission. The two take back their trophy from Dalton, in true superhero fashion, replacing it with Blaine's Warbler jacket with a note saying "No thanks."

Ryder tells Marley he has to cancel their scheduled date on Friday because he needs time to study and he has his first appointment with a dyslexia specialist early Saturday morning. Kitty swoops in, telling Marley that Ryder's cancellation means he's not into her. Kitty rudely says to Marley that if she wants to keep his attention she should "hit the eliptical." (What happened to being friendly, Kitty?) Marley insists she's not going to stay home alone on a Friday night and asks Jake what he's up to, when he responds "Going on a date with you." Puck's brotherly advice worked out - patience!

Once Sam and Blaine return the Nationals trophy safe and sound, they tell their story to the whole club. Blaine admits he owes everyone an apology for the way he acted. The glee club presents Finn with a "superhero utility belt," disguised as a fanny pack, consisting of magic markers, antiacids, a Treble Clef pin and a doll head from Brittany. After a team huddle, the glee club performs fun.'s "Some Nights." 

Memorable Quotes:

Ryder: "Nothing says I'm a badass like riding a Razor scooter."

Artie: "Isn't MS a degenerative nerve disease?"

Finn: "I thought it was a girls' magazine."

Kitty: "I've already decided I'm Femme Fatale, 'cause in French that means kill women."

Marley: "No, it doesn't."

Kitty: "Which I'm going to do when we perform.”

What did you think of the episode? Who was your favorite superhero?