This week is a tribute to the Fleetwood Mac album, Rumours and all the plot points are built around a track list that includes “Dreams” ,  “Don’t Stop,”  and “Go Your Own Way,” among others.
Sue is back after a Gaga-mandated hiatus, and the first item on her agenda is to revitalize the school newspaper and get the gossip mill powered up and running. It’s actually one of her more sensible strategic efforts to take down the Glee Club. Using gossip columnists and tabloid coverage to take down a pop act?!? Look no further than the train-wreck eras of Britney, Whitney, and Lindsay, or Saved By the Bell’s rock-umentary episode for proof that it works in both real life and on TV. However, Brittany had already set that fire ablaze during her outing of Santana on the too fabulous for words "Fondue for Two."
Santana’s love life becomes a big conversation piece and the frequently cheated on Finn enlists Rachel’s help with an undercover operation Also April Rhodes (Kristin Chenoweth) is back in town and wants Will’s help work-shopping her one-woman Broadway offering.  She’s got “Dreams,” and reminds Will that he does too.  The rumor of his departure before Nationals is the one that Sue wishes were true… even if she did start it herself.  
All of the speculation and miscommunication quickly leads our sweet little gleeks to dark places and a pretty big verbal gaffe from Artie effectively ends his relationship. Even though she was ‘born this way,’ no boyfriend of Brittany’s is gonna get away with calling her stupid. It’s such an uncool move that Puck is waiting in the wings with a guitar to accompany whatever rueful vocal is coming up. Incidentally, so is Sam, and the rest of the glee club guys… and even a few randoms. Everyone strums along to “Never Going Back Again” as Artie offers up his best Lindsey Buckingham.
Santana opts to serenade Brittany with another offering from the Fleetwood Mac songbook.  It seems like the lady-loving is more than just a left-over gimmick from Gwynnie’s guest appearance, and “Songbird” Brit offers to escort Santana out of the closet by way of the McKinley high school prom.
Meanwhile, Rachel and Finn are brought together for a romantic stakeout, where they have an opportunity to pontificate on relationships, and catch Kurt and Sam leaving a motel together. The possibility of Kurt ditching the Warbler King for a Trouty-Mouthed Prince gets tongues wagging until a knowing Lucy Caboose-y Quinn shuts it down and further fuels Finn’s insecurities. Kurt gets stuck being the vessel for sharing random Fleetwood facts while Rachel and Finn return to their post for another stakeout, this time catching Quinn and Sam’s motel exit and G-rated hug. Add Jacob Ben-Israel as a witness to the Finchel stake-out and tensions are running so high by the next day that both Finn and Quinn instinctively know what duet they’re going to perform at rehearsal. An angry “I Don’t Want To Know” kicks off the next round of in-fighting, and Quinn forbids Finn to sing any more duets with his former leading lady. Not a winning strategy for Nationals, but Schue will deal with that after some rehearsal time with April Rhodes.
Demonstrating how much Emma has already grown since deciding to confront her OCD head-on, she selflessly encourages Will to join April in her Broadway endeavors. Ridiculous as the show is, she thinks he needs to go and give it a try, and our dear Mr. Schue tearfully confesses how much he wants to. Emma thinks about how many meds she’d need to survive a minute in New York as her throat tightens and she instantly regrets not wiping down each of those individual grapes she just swallowed.
Over in the hyper-intense corner of mental instability is Rachel Berry with her own interpretation of “Go Your Own Way.” It’s explosive enough to blow the lid off of all the sneaking around and Sam confesses that he’s been living in a hotel room with his dad and little brother and sister – aka not hooking up with Kurt or Quinn. Rachel and Finn feel bad and with the rest of the glee club, buy back the guitar he must have sold just after accompanying Artie on his post-Brittany solo.
With a valuable lesson learned, Schue tells his students that he’s not hitting the road with April and Nationals is the dream he’s pursuing now. Sam brings his adorable siblings to rehearsal and the group’s closing number, Fleetwood Mac’s hit/Bill Clinton campaign theme song, “Don’t Stop”, reveals the inspiration for the whole economic hardships storyline.  Only a close-up of Mr Schue reveals a bit of unfinished business in the dreams department. Maybe he and April can work something out when he’s in New York for Nationals in a few weeks.  But first… there’s a prom and a Rachel-Quinn catfight.
So any guesses on who wins Prom Queen? Will you be as annoyed as I will if the Warblers sing at prom? How’d you like the Fleetwood Mac theme this week? How much would you love to see more of Brittany’s “Fondue for Two” show? Let us know!