"Glee" creator Ryan Murphy attended the Television Critics Association fall press tour and gave fans a lot to think about in the upcoming season. Check out part one of the interview, and read what else he had to say:

Any plans for Emmy night? What are you wearing?

RM: You know, I have no idea what I’m wearing. I begged the other executive producers to all wear track suits and go Sue Sylvester. So far they’re like okay, we’ll think about that. I’m like wait, how did I get so brave. That’s my dream that we would walk in together dressed as Sue Sylvester.

If that doesn’t happen, do you have a tux?

RM: I think Mr. Tom Ford might whip something up for me I think.

Can you give any Sue Sylvester teasers?

RM: She’s meaner than ever and I love the soft moments we had with Jane but this year she’s on a bender, particularly in the first five. We’re doing a religion episode where the kids sing songs about spirituality and she has a real bee in her bonnet about the separation of church and state which I think is a fascinating, very logical and real thing for Jane’s character to talk about. We find out why she thinks that.

Have you had any moving encounter with teachers or kids?

RM: Well, they write me all the time. I love that. I call them up and say thank you. I got a letter the other day from a woman in Oregon who said, “Thanks to you, they didn’t shut down our music program when they cut every other arts program in our school.” I hear that a lot. The glee clubs are growing and starting on their own even without support from teachers, so that’s quite amazing to me.

Has anyone claimed to be the real Sue Sylvester?

RM: No, that would be me. Ian says when he gets stuck, he just thinks what would I say.

Would we see a political issue episode, maybe about gay marriage?

RM: Not currently but that’s a great idea. I think that I would love to tackle that in the future but I haven’t thought about how.

Are there other high profile directors like Joss Whedon you’d invite in?

RM: Well, I love that Adam Shankman is doing one. I think that’s great. I think he’s going to do episode eight or nine of the first 10. I haven’t thought about that. I’m just now getting a lot of calls from big movie directors who love the show and I can’t say who they are obviously. I have talked to Baz Luhrmann about it. I’d love him and he loves the show but his schedule’s so crazy. I would love for him to do one.

Are you adding new writers?

RM: We are going to add writers in January because I’m going to go off and do other shows. I think we’re going to add five or six writers.

What other shows are you going to?

RM: I’m hopefully doing a show with Kristin. I want to go back and do something like nip/tuck. I want to do something dark and procedural and then I want to do something for Kristin. I think I’ll do two.

What is Santana’s storyline this season?

RM: Well, we’re sort of coming into making Naya [Rivera] like the world’s meanest cheerleader ever. The Quinn character is back to being a cheerleader this year so those two are duking it out to see who will be the queen bee of the school. That’s their storyline.

What’s Brittany’s storyline this season besides her own episode?

RM: A lot more comedy, a lot more promiscuity, a lot more just typical Heather crazy one-liners funny.

Will she be promiscuous with a new man?

RM: And janitors, everyone.

What did you think of the cast being invited onto The Simpsons?

RM: Loved. They loved that particularly. They grew up with that show. I thought that was a great honor.

Did you have any stamp of approval over how they treat the characters?

RM: No. They called me, asked me and I said carte blanche, whatever you want. Write whatever you want, do whatever you want. I just said whatever you need.

Would you explore Bollywood music?

RM: That’s a good idea. I hadn’t thought of that. That’d be fun.

You did a lot of racy stuff on nip/tuck. Is there anything you haven’t been able to do with Glee?

RM: No, but that’s a different animal. I’m the one who censors that because I have a very young niece who wants to watch the show and I don’t want her to see things that her stepmother has to say, “Wait, what?” I feel a responsibility because young kids watch the show so I had wanted to do the opposite of nip/tuck. The show I’m going to do next is going to be kind of a return to that I think because I miss that. I do.

Different from the Kristin Chenoweth show?

RM: The Kristin Chenoweth will just be a musical comedy designed to make her the biggest musical comedy star in the history of the world. That’s what I want to do. I can’t really say too much about it yet. Because Kristin is so funny, I want her to be adult.